Monday, October 1, 2012

We Kept On Running /Thats Whats Up!!

So whats the deal? a joker had a lot of conservation..what will the response be? sounding like a politician per Mitt Romney...he was trying to tell me whats up! 

So whats the deal? we kept it moving...we kept on running... based on my observations?  like American Express bilking customers?  I could see the whole deal was corrupt! 

So whats up? Americans are stressed..some jokers are accustomed to falling off like Dave FM; so whats happening? José Saramago  said chaos is order ready to be deciphered!

This breakbeat scientist blessed the masses...he worked this good word and the four track recorder;  in the midst of Total Chaos he was able to figure the cipher it! 

Public Enemy stated don't get hyped by it!! but they were talking about the system / matrix! 

Whats up?  this entity kept on running...even though it got lonely out there...but I wasn't the type to believe the rhetoric; were dealing with jokers who faked it!

Pump your brakes kid!! old girl was trying to tell them she was all up in the spot! 

Catching breaks!! Can't touch this...Hammer Time per MC Hammer;  then doing the wobble..dropping it like its hot!

Whats up with this? now spotted with the hobble; stumbling with a long cigarette in her mouth!

...That's whats up!! she also had scratch off lottery tickets..that's how they do it down south! 

...That's whats up!! I heard what was said...while I was out there running....but I suddenly feel like a giant....standing alone against the watch your mouth and watch your tone!

 That's whats up!!  the funk is dropped by O-Dizzle and this good word by O-Zone!



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