Saturday, December 30, 2023

We Kept On Running / Dats Whatsup!!

Check us out as we come through on this last Saturday of 2023 but the science dropped is appropriate for any time frame, dats whatsup!

Throughout the year we were stressed, it got lonely out there  but we kept on running! still getting breakbeat scientific coming up with new and approved ways and means for fighting the corrupt! 

This breakbeat scientist blessed the masses per Brotha O conducting funk seminars and classes, he was going all out!  

He worked with tools of the trade to fight fools with that charade! using this good word and the four track recorder check out the byproduct at the O-Dog Podcast!  in the midst of Total Chaos he was able to work it all out! 

Brotha O just had to fight these fools with that charade! Public Enemy warned us / stated don't get hyped by it!!  they were also talking about the system / matrix! 

What's up?  this entity kept on running even though it got lonely out there!!  like I said earlier but I wasn't the type to believe the rhetoric; we're dealing with jokers who faked it!

Pump your brakes kid!! old girl, an elder in the community said show respect! she was trying to tell them she was all up in the spot! 

Catching breaks up in the New Years Eve party!! Can't touch this like it was Hammer Time per MC Hammer!   then doing the "wobble wobble"  dropping it like its hot!

What's up with this? now spotted with the hobble; stumbling with a long cigarette in her mouth!

That's what's up!! she also had scratch off lottery tickets from the Shell Station on Candler Road in Decatur! that's how they do it down south! 

That's what's up!!  she also told me I missed my calling I should have been a preacher! I heard what was said while I was out there running but I suddenly feel like a giant standing alone against the world so I'll try to teach ya!! so watch your mouth and watch your tone!

That's what's up!!  the funk is dropped by O-Dizzle and this good word by O-Zone!


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