Monday, February 21, 2011

Putting It Down...

It's going down...but I'm surrounded by these Atlanta players wearing Stacy Adams and gators!

Its going down....I'm out here on Candler Road in Decatur..I hear the homies snapping like Florida Gators!

Whose snapping on these haters?  as we deal with crooks...blaming Libya so they can raise oil are shady; benefiting companies.

Guns are clapping...jets are attacking..due to some transactions!! but I'm acting brand new....usually found where the drums will be!

IEDs blew up Humvies in the sands of Iraq; others were trying to fall on the sword for the emperor!

Please!! some are at the plate but not swinging..called out on strikes by the umpire!

Who will strike back against the empire? but end up catching a beatdown like Anderson Cooper.

Punishment gluttons not liking themselves!!! wounds are self inflicted that contribute to what others are trying to do to ya!

Sacred tombs and grounds are raided by Lara Croft < and them!! they were acting like they knew ya!! soon there's a trail of tears like Cherokees.

Who succumbs to the madness? now dipping like Trevor Bayne in Daytona..out in the wilderness crashing Jeep Cherokees!

Back with this one!! who peeps the steez? can see that breakbeat science is being dropped.

Dealing with the inclement weather; on the ground a foot of snow like Detroit; whose null and void? big dummies like Lamont Sanford flip flopped!

O-Dizzle hip hopped...jazzed it up; plus he rocked out.

....Plus he dropped funk....meanwhile O-Zone grabs rebounds like Dwight Howard after he blocked out!

Who was in Atlanta getting crunk..but actually a player thats locked out of the league....or playing it like John Boehner...having the government shutdown..

Dude I don't understand ya I was told!!...but  truth be told..I'm not caught up in the drama and intrigue...please..breakbeat science is being put down..

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