Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.2

Seventy degrees in Atlanta in February...damn!!  a brotha had to fire the grill up!

360 degrees is how universal concepts are flowing; what goes around comes around..Qaddafi finds out.. but the time for the real is not up!

Whats the deal up in this piece? no peace in the Middle East.. whats really going on?

Asking when will the madness cease? I'm trying to slide through the portal..the crease...residing in the danger zone!

Once again its on!!! they ask me what it do?  told them I'm cashing reality checks..O-Dizzle is making sound effects; no reality show like Ted Williams!! I'm trying to make it do what it do!

Once again its on!! cashing reality checks and making sound effects..it's breakbeat science..I couldn't front had to act like I knew!

Told them I already flew through the sky like Blake Griffin!! the choir from Compton was singing while I'm jumping over cars!

Finishing the fast break with a dunk!! didn't break due to bad breaks, setbacks, obstacles, fences, and bars!

Dealing with the fake in debatable circumstances!! scars from either being built or torn down!

A lot is at stake!! so highlanders didn't turn the level of scorn down!

Jokers were even talking about shutting the government down...dials are adjusted; buttons are pressed gluttons loved it!

Some attempt to shut down sites down like they're the Iranian Cyber Army...they re in the low post like Shaq and Dwight Howard pushing and shoving for it!

Meanwhile I'm rising above it...didn't go to the pity party...trying to play this hand the Lord blessed me with!

Meanwhile I'm rising above it..like the prices of oil will be..ignored haters and the issues they stressed me with!

A mean style? getting elected like Rahm Emauel? no not hardly a bruh is not playing around with these Philistines!>

A mean style is what some have!! but they'll get convicted like Buju Banton.I peeped game while observing these scenes!

Funk in my genes; Louisville / Newburg brotha that chilled up in Ohio with the Players! 

Winds of change blow; the smoke clears after we said prayers!

Play on players!! keep it pimping is what they say down here in Atlanta..told homie I heard ya!!

We're just cashing reality checks and making sound effects...this is how we gonna work with ya...

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