Monday, December 25, 2023

Time / Natural Processes PT. 8( Concepts Are Revisited)

 Check us out as we come through on this Monday morning  that's also Christmas Day; Happy Holidays to you and yours!

The science dropped is appropriate for any time frame I mentioned earlier that it's all game check the scores!

It's all game, we even had to take time to do the math / check the scores; as natural processes play out some wonder could the polar vortex coagulate that behavior that led to the  lake of fire?

It's all game, some will take the time to do the crime but per both aspects /  natural processes  mentioned?  in some conditions both are considered ominous, so who'll keep it moving trying to aspire?

Out here trying to find out;  out here like Ludacris trying to roll out /  ride out! so what's their heart made of?

Or their spirit? after being caught up in the system / matrix madness they'll need to surrender to the higher power up above.

Demerits issued to those who waste time not following the Christmas catch phrase /  natural process; peace on earth and good will towards men!

From here in Atlanta to the Gaza Strip jokers will flip plus these Trump insurrectionists are still shady dealing!  

 Peeping game per taking time to analyze the natural process; jokers were out here contributing to the confusion / ongoing madness! they transmitted sinful thoughts with whispers in the wind.

 Peeping game per taking time to analyze the natural process conflicting with prevailing conditions;  was it contradicting angels we have heard on high?

Time and natural processes had us going intergalactic, brothers out here talking to the stars, or maybe conversation with the wind?

Peeping game, I could see the vibe wasn't right / the energy wasn't right, some made a tearful goodbye.

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