Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Ten)

 Catch us out here trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza! due to circumstances beyond our control we may have to enter attack zones!

This is how it's going down! being built or torn down in debatable circumstances being vigilant out here like I'm in Ukraine dodging Iranian drones...

...or this these artificial intelligence generated deepfakes / clones! but life goes on as we enter these attack zones; we're moving forward with our history beside us.

The sound is used as transportation along with the good word as these scattered thoughts are collected; we're taking a gamble with this random ramble! ride with us!

Opposition is met in these attack zones from gamblers out for a fast buck plus thought and fashion police grimaced aloud; heard saying not again!

This music and poetry comes in drowning waves, blowing in like hurricanes! not blowing in like Canadian Wildfire smoke this is no joke, it's on, once again!

Those elements are also weaponized as we fight this spiritual warfare per entering these attack zones!

Spotted the devil in it; what? the details, they even had Brotha O stressed out! the train of thought derailed like the one in India, Lord Help! your dude prevailed so once again it's on!

We go on with our bad selves!!  as we enter these attack zones we remember who we are;  constituents of the wilderness, and it's an urban one.

It's going down from Atlanta to Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg! from Pluto to Mars!! the reality? heartlessly cruel, a hurting one.

It's going down in these attack aones!! the reality? it'll blow your mind! I was told to stay vigilant.

Broken people per Israel and New Breed featuring Doe? we'll get it together go for what we know /  do our due diligence!

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