Thursday, December 29, 2022

Taking It Off The Top : The Train Of Thought Is Rolling (Part Three)


Coming through on this last Thankful Thursday of 2022, your dude is feeling some kind of way!

Taking these thoughts off the top of my head like I'm shaving the baldy!!  the Train Of Thought Is Rolling like it just left the Five Points MARTA Station in Atlanta; we're ready to roll / we're our way!

Sonic assaults are unleashed after our constituents beseeched us plus Brotha O has something to say, taking it off the top of the head! check this good word!

Scattered thoughts are collected like this consumer debt accumulated soon in collection activity per Christmas spending!  y'all should know what the deal is, you heard?

Y'all should see what occurred, peep game!! some were asleep in the game, soon making confetti wishes at New Year's celebrations? 

That Throwback Thursday knowledge? per Bobby McFerrin don't worry be happy was the advice / order but I spot insubordination. 

That  Thankful Thursday knowledge? it's a blessing to be here but it seems reality isn't playing fair! words of sorrow compete with hopes for tomorrow vigorously. 

Plus the arch nemesis is on the premises as thirsty passions are clashing with complacency!

 I see what the deal is while taking these thoughts off the top of my head; oh yeah, that train of thought is rolling, now thirsty passions made some of us take a leap of faith. 

 Taking these thoughts off the top of my head; oh yeah, that train of thought is rolling!! satisfying an exigency? will we come out unscathed? 

Per Throwback Thursday reflections on that Louisville life my mind said it's a spot where we once played, revisited. 

 Per Throwback Thursday reflections? naysayers claim earlier,  it's a spot where we  misbehaved!  but while caught up in a moment of time? it was a moment of bliss.

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