Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sliding Through The Portal: Filling The Void (Part Eight)

On this Sunday morning? you just might catch us sliding through the portal!

Filling the void after feeling the void, based on how the sport will go!

I mentioned it’s all game previously, so called powers that be try to deceive you and me but we were wise to the whole set up!

Now some of y’all want to blame the people for voting irregularities per new rules aka voter suppression but there’s no second guessing we can see what’s up!

 Well, my people can spot the corrupt so they’re ready to get up! the well of silence soon overflowed!

They’re feeling the void, plus your dude felt the pressure! soon anger overtook me, it’s difficult to type this due to tears on the keyboard. The formidable task? sliding through the portal / filling the void, out here becoming a hero! But soon caught up in the system / matrix! bad taste led to foolish games, now considered a zero?

Tina Turner said we didn’t need another hero but we went there! but of course we found out the whole game is shady!! but not like old dude from Sanford and Son! not him, I told you the rules have changed!!

Who will truth or dare? going on with their bad selves!! soon having the big one like Fred Sanford others couldn’t understand it they even rolled up on this brotha; but I know those fools haven't changed!

Life is hectic!! things are chaotic plus theres still hatred; these fools haven't changed!

It’s expected that’s why we slide through the portal, filling the void realizing there’s  no justice and no peace in Babylon along with it's affiliates as we continue to be disrespected! I had to laugh when they told me the rules have changed!

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