Saturday, July 10, 2021

Sliding Through The Portal: Filling The Void (Part Seven)

Astral traveling per Pharoah Sanders maybe somebody will understand us as we slide through the portal!

Mystery unraveling, filling the void between truth and fabrication rebuking a Big Lie like Trumps? some should know how the sport will go!

Check the flow as we come through on a Saturday morning but per a Flashback Friday or  Throwback Thursday? some lurked in yesterday’s shadows.

Going for what they know / doing what they do, but reason gave way to madness / unsavory moves were made some barbarous. O-Zone mentioned some were Flipping Out earlier, so what’s up with this silent hope? it wasn’t accidental, more intentional. Danger zones are explored but it’s painstaking, the past? shaking off, we’ve got work to do!

Sliding through the portal as we go there!!  trying not to get caught in the vortex!

How were others feeling? smoked out, drunk, popping pills, or addicted to hardcore sex!

How were we dealing with it? O-Dizzle will rock with ya!!  he's busting out /  broke out of L-7 square like Rick James dropping this funk!! a veteran now coaching in these games coming with the hardcore style!  the simple is not made complex..

How were some feeling? in love or war? nothing is fair now some are asking, so what's next?

Check out how we're dealing as we move on to the next /  as we slide through the portal...

Filling the void / filling the vacuum dropping this good word plus coming back with beats that boom!! this sis how the sport will go!!

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