Monday, July 31, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT. 7

We're in transition but spotted the staff meetings that were attended;  they were similar to a G20 Summit or a  cartel gathering.

Check the transformation!! math is dropped in these greetings!!! plus, per the drumkit  beats blended.; we also collected thoughts that were scattering.

Breakbeat science dropped straight from the institute!!! it's bruising and battering the opposition!! we told them we would get them one way or another.

The opposition will be dropped!!! they'll be fired like Anthony Scaramucci for trying to act brand new with me!! they were Shady Like Grady..they tried to play a brotha.

What can they say to a brotha? the conversation was toxic  like e-coli in the Chattahoochee!  all I heard was gossip, lies and innuendo.

Iceberg Slim calming down? please!! check the transition / transformation as  icebergs melt.!! we're dealing with the internal inferno and the external innuendo.

This Louisville /  Newburg alumnus is doing it!! check the transition / transformation per a message we send to you in the songs!  rights or wrongs? what were the karmic repercussions? 

We roll up with a small army, bringing the good word and the percussions.

Holding on like Jeff Sessions!! you heard? but this dude's persona in the total opposite..

Classic aggression is taking place, they'll say this dude and his people match the composite...

...sketches; but class is in session as we cosmic slop it, per being in transition / transformation...

Class is in session, we didn't quit and didn't stop!! excuse the overload of information..

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