Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Vibrations PT.8 (Full Moon Illumination)

I'm feeling the vibrations / illuminations;  my intuition is working overtime. 

Blue collar style!!  dark uniform with my name stitched on the front,  going for mine!!

Whose dollar bought me out? please!! I'm  unbought and unbossed,  mentioned by Hosea Williams.

...also referenced by Shirley Chisholm so how are we living?  down in Atlanta,  spotted rolling down Hosea Williams. 

...Drive that is; all the way live is the business!!  illuminating like the Libra Full Moon

I-85 bridge collapses related to relapses?  reflections take place while soaking up Aries sun rays watching as a fool swerves /  swoons.

...rocking Young Jeezy tunes while riding through the South Dekalb Mall parking lot,  meanwhile I took the Atlanta Braves hat off to let the sun rays hit my bald head.

..Downloading cosmic information for the transformation, slow cooking like a crockpot!!  revolutionary like some called the dread. 

...Per Bob Marley;  plus Jesse Ventura said don't start the revolution without me!!  so what's the deally? threats were received like dealing with North Koreans.

.. In the midst of Holy Week,  but for some the outlook was bleak!!  did they do the knowledge like Bereans?

Feeling the vibrations! any approval from Judge Neil Gorsuch? Newt Gingrich gave his stamp of approval on the Sean Hannity show..

...approval also received from AJ in Houston, meanwhile I keep moving bro!!  just left I-10 down in Houston!! rolled through Baton Rouge where the vibrations weren't right!! some might understand me, if not? act like you know!!

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