Monday, April 17, 2017

Vibrations PT. 10 (Still Feeling Them)

Feeling the vibrations, what were the indications?  please!!  life is hectic. 

Feeling the vibrations, this is the concept finale but not the conclusion due to right or wrong situations;  jokers seek vindication after being disrespected. 

In their feelings like Donald Trump on a cryptic tweet binge?  we expected the nonsense. 

Shady dealing rebuked as beats thump?  heat singes per good word dropping?  thought and fashion police said it didn't make sense. 

Shady dealing like North Korea nuclear proliferation?  or is it like  crack vials and heroin syringes littering the streets?

Shady dealing like matrix architects, plotting / scheming with the alt shift deletes? 

Still dealing with those that fake it out in these streets; I feel their vibrations a million miles away, no need to be face to face with a crook..

Still chilling, no need to make a break for it like  Steve Stephens killing Robert Godwin on Facebook... 

A-Town resident, where some will fake it like Facebook Fake News but O-Zone has clues; aware of crunk, snap, and trap tendencies that are exhibited.

Lay down your weapons that are formed!! they won't work!!  potency is limited.

Feeling the vibrations, intuition working overtime!! wannabe pundits / experts said we're paranoid or projecting..

..or blame shifting, but we're in the game lifting the veil, working it all out!! not what some we're expecting...

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