Sunday, June 5, 2016

How Did We Move? PT.3 (Spiritual Significance In This Operation)

 How did we move?  since I was a Louisvillian like Muhammad Ali, The Greatest hopefully we can do some good...

What did we prove? considered a Louisvillain, some will hate this, said it's a by-product of the hood..

What did they prove? a villain like Donald Trump check the conduct even though he gave an African American a shout out...

So how did we move? just trying to get over the hump!!   but society questions my conduct, they're full of doubt..

 But I was wise to the set was *Shady Like Grady*  but not dude from Sanford and Son..Whitman Mayo...

Another wasn't wise to the set up!!  I spotted another that took a drank and smoked a blunt: soon he caused the drama, now at Grady Hospital in Atlanta..

How did we move? who'll understand a brotha? please!! it's like giving Ramadan tips for non-Muslims...

How did we move? who'll understand a brotha? please!!  jokers said they had  that work hard and soft, at Motel Six and Ramada Inn hustling...

Otherwise? work is put in but the sport is complex son!!  the employees are disgruntled because the establishment was dysfunctional.

The wise and otherwise were tricked, now awake!! per North Korea they heard the missiles fired, so who bears the brunt of the drama?  then they try to tell O-Dog how the funk should go.

....But our operations are functional, check this conglomerate!!  this is the way we move..

*Spiritual Significance In This Operation*  per this #SundayMorning!! check the message from the drumkit...O-Dog will show and prove..

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