Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Going Down PT. 3

Like a debt ceiling deal about to be made you were told to prepare yourself; please!! its about to go down!

Some will play it like Loose Ends; saying they can't stand the heat!! slow down!

Its Going Down!!  my website by the same name...where retro-futuristic funk is played; recognize the pattern.. its all game!

...Knowing a lot of these fools wont act right; not a damn thing has changed..its all the same!

...Like I said its all game; I can even see the accident before it happens..before it'll transpire!

Chefs in hells kitchen had the recipe for disaster; now the kitchen is on fire!

Where's Chef Ramsey? if I do or don't somebody damns me..even the umpire tried to call us out on strikes; you know there's two sides to the game like Gemini!

....understand me? that's where the Moon was when I wrote this; why ask why?

Its going down...from Iraq to Yemen....what's up man?  questions answer themselves.. youse a damn lie is what they told the pundit!

Its going down; God is in control; that's what some find out at the end of the day..that's who really runs it!

It's going down..check this good word..we brought the drum with it..this is how we do business..

Its going the midst of battles like Cowboys and Aliens.. but facing opposition like Cowboys quarterbacks..but we still handle our business..

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