Saturday, June 4, 2011

Minding and Tending PT.2

Chilling out; laying in the cut; minding and tending..they said I was being anti social with it!

Wasn't through dealing!! actually I'm going all out..I just know how social engineering can get!

Dealing with socio-economic problems; some are loathing and fearing...soon down to Plan Z!

Whatcha know? I fight back with this mechanical engineering aka breakbeat science; somebody might understand me!

Whatcha know? heard the jam from Today; asking was it Him or Me?< Word from this man? I see whats going down; damn!! I wonder is it them or me?

O-Dizzle hooked up a blend for me; while I bring this good word!

Bear witness to what the biz will do!! as we put in this good work!

We found a portal to slide through...seeing what the deal is!!  we're partying until the < Seeing what the deal is!! others are Breaking Dawn...some are on the sidelines snoking and joking!

Seeing what the deal is...others had the choking kind; word from Joe Simon! Others were brokering shady deals; forget about finding a warm heart a kind one!

Didn't know? you better find one and do it as quickly as possible!

Whose choosing to take the assignment? even though the mission is impossible?

Whats stopping a bro; whats the prognosis? I paid visits to the depths of my mind!

Whats stopping a bro? climbed out of the abyss..the love is one of a kind.

....Like the Spinners; now I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; the hooptie didn't have spinners on it; but that's cool!

That style has played out anyway!! but just as soon as I say that I see somebody rolling on them; damn!!  that fool!

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