Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life Is Hectic....The Random Thoughts Version

Jockeying for position; Life Is Hectic....whose trying to get prime territory; the prime spot?

Whose knocking hustles? Rep Anthony Weiner was until everything fell apart; some were trying to shine up in the time slot!

....Mine our hot they said; shaking their hands rolling the dice!

But life is hectic...the Dow Average drops..allotments come up short; now some are owing the price.

But life is hectic..paying the price to be free on credit with high interest rates!

What's up with it? life is the knowledge..recognize the pattern.....predatory lending is what it is; so who really believed the empty promises? the end of the day they see its hard to make escapes!

What's up with it? is hectic..who felt it?  who dealt with it? please!! ...whose at ease? ...........of course some souls are mortgaged, bankrupted or get foreclosed on ; please!! we're residing in a danger zone..

What's up with it? is hectic...recognized it....your homie felt it..even I dealt with it.up in Louisville I was real with it......of course I learned at an early age that the devil opposed the Brotha O-Zone!

What's up with it? is hectic...recognized it...your homie felt it..of course I learned at an early age that danger zones are the City Country City like that group War!

Clones said they're done with me; weren't checking for me because I didn't jump over the bar!

....Said I wouldn't go far if I didn't jump through hoops or hurdles that they placed in front of me!

These sonic troops were deployed to the front lines like it's over in Libya  because haters tried to front on me!

Like Nowitzki coughing spell per Lebron and D Wade; haters were in back and in front of me trying to stress; but I refuse to let them do it!

....Came back with the Sonic Assault...the steady bombardment; so they can act like they knew it!

As we go through it;  incognito!! its a lost cause trying to make contact!;

I heard they tricked a fly negro; thought it was funny to make anti gay jokes like Tracy Morgan... lost because of a clause in his contract?

...As we come back; sticking to the original plan...refusing to be a victim of circumstances!

I didn't go along with the program; whatcha know man?  now a hater says I hurt my chances!

But a bruh is making advances; please!! check out the brand new funk that's heard!

Rebuking the ongoing madness..dances with devils occurred.

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