Monday, April 26, 2010

They Know They're Wrong!!!

Now those jokers know they're wrong!!! but they act like its nothing.

Injuries inflicted upon the masses..causing destruction.

Weapons of mass destruction and distraction were deployed.

Thought they had answers..others waiting on them...the devil won't quit and he won't stop!! until the earth is destroyed.

Others enjoyed seeing us fail!! because we joined them!! misery loves company.

Board of directors were punishment gluttons!! in the the right..and in front of me.

UN weapons inspectors try to front on me!! like I'm Chemical Ali.

Microphone checkers and big beat droppers!! knock them or stick and move like Muhammed Ali.

Up in the hooptie!! rolling down Muhammed Ali Boulevard up in Louisville.

Truth we be told? using a sword!! funk dropped!! the motherlode!! real deal like Holyfield.

Trying to build in Atlanta!! branched out to Oakland and to Las Vegas.

Then back to Venus, Mars and Pluto..where will the Mothership take us?

Haters on earth raising bars..was the truth told ?...Information Overload?..supplying false information..divide and conquer...fronting on us!! but needed to break us off properly!

Told them you owe me homie!! like Kirk Franklin said, were God's Property.

Meanwhile down here in Georgia..homie was in the Stankin Lankin..posted up at Candler & McAfee in Decatur.

Meanwhile on Wall Street dude was making a killing!! big banking with JP Morgan Chase!! ultimate paper chase!! making deals with Goldman Sachs!! he's a big hater!

Rich get richer!! poor get poorer!! it's the haves vs have nots.

What it do? you know these new type gangsters will have schemes and plots.

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