Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Equation......

...........out in the mainstream of mathematics..........

The x-factor is determined in the equation..the formula.

Heard an actor or actress say the situation is off the chain!! another storm for ya.

Mathematics were off....things didn't add up... what's the forecast?

Fanatics were going off!!! heard guns and bombs blast.

There's a cast of thousands.... no men were islands....there's just a lot of clones.

Moving targets are hard to hit.... but some stood still...easy targets for the drones.

Others relied on government loans....spoon corporations set up human genome projects.

Movement was detected by satellites...Hubble Telescope.. some moved to the suburbs.... after living in the projects.

The prosecution objects!!! the structure falls apart!! termites ate through the wood.

The persecution doesn't stop .....the apparatus know it's not all good.

X-Factor's not all blood and crips the swat team is after...drama goes down in The Swat Valley..

X-Factor determined...driving to the hoop..the shot I bank in...didn't want Dikembe Mutombo to foul me..

How was that actor working? blocking the shot then waving fingers..

In this world..many people are hurting..some are dipping like Sarah Palin..others make comebacks like R&B singers..

As we deal with drama bringers...playing the Truth gets ugly..

What it do? gets sick like swine the lab working on the antidote..that's where this brotha will be..

Finding the Transition...transforming energy...the X-Factor is determined..

The Sonic Assault; Random Thoughts From A Brotha; The O-Dog Podcast plus seminars are conducted..that's how we'll work it...

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