Sunday, July 2, 2023

Walking In The Dark , But Not Waiting In The Dark (Part Nine)

 Even though it's a Sunday morning full of sunshine and blue skies some will feel like they're walking in the dark!

Instead of following the advice of Winston Churchill of when you're going through hell keep going some are waiting in the dark!

Supposedly following a hunch thinking things would get better per the PJ Morton song and things will but they'll need to keep moving; but a harsh reality was too much! it made some even cry a dream.

Still walking in the dark but supposedly in an environment full of magic, or so it seems.

But while there out there they pulled up to that intersection or interchange of reality and fantasy;  it was like the Baltimore block party shooting it all became a nightmare.

Class is in session, reality is a good teacher! at the end of the day? they're realizing nothing was fair.

Some will proceed and continue with their journey as they continue to walk in the dark; some even mentioned post racism / post affirmative action but soon nighttime approaches in more ways than one as time encroached.

Reconciliation done while waiting in the dark, some said we're out here bedecking our ghosts.

Waiting in the dark signing peace treaties with ghosts and demons but reality is  revealed per the Book of Exodus Chapter 23;  it's  doing a good job as it coaches us up  / teaching us on these summer nights.

I don't know if some will get with the program; we're warned to bypass so called love's arsenic and its other poisons or lose our lives.

Brotha O-Zone is one who continues to strive, keeping his poise while walking through the dark but it's usually towards the light... the end of the tunnel; it got lonely out there but we kept on running! check out how we do coming through with this drumkit and the drumroll plus this good word  / insight! 

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