Saturday, May 16, 2020

Blaxploited Orchestra - Realized

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday evening, but this kind of vibe exhibited is good for any time..

The Afternoon Jazz / O-Dog Day Party morphs into my Saturday Night Fever segment, can you dig it? it's right on time... these trying times, as the sport gets complex per the coronavirus pandemic; your dude was masked up,  out in those streets for minute getting provisions..

Dangerous times inspired by dangerous minds? from DC per the  tepid Trump Administration response to the coronavirus to these Dodge Charger riders down here in Decatur Georgia  at the Shell Station without masks on buying beer and cigars, then at the counter acting like they left their money at home so their other homies that were balling can pay for it?  yeah!!  that's how they're living..

Dangerous times inspired by dangerous minds? this is not hazard material what we have is spiritual!! dropping this good word plus beats that bump are playing!! listening to Simon Garcia aka the Blaxploited Orchestra with a track called  Realized ....

This is courtesy of Superfly Grooves, excuse us as we make these moves!! mind expansions led to a brotha jumping to conclusions / recognizing patterns; reflections / contemplations per these smooth blaxploitation sounds? it's all game, that's what a brotha realized!! 

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