Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Live Broadcast PT. 3 (I-10 Meandering Recap)

Damn!!! the saga/struggle continues, so the Papermate pen hits up the loose leaf.

O-Dog kept drumming:  somebody said they saw /  felt it!! like an earthquake /  the ground shifted;  like ground zero shifted from Ferguson to #BatonRouge per Gavin Long or even Micah Xavier Johnson;  hit up by who's belief?

O-Dog is providing the relief, the O-Dog Podcast  has the sonic therapy: messages sent in the songs.

Who's the chief? per this Live Broadcast we let you know everybody is struggling!!  as I play the dollar and the dream theory / playing the lotto!! bearing witness to society's wrongs.

....But we're showing wannabe power brokers how strong we are!! while chilling out on Candler Road in Decatur encouragement was received from the homies.

Jokers are ego tripping in Georgia!! a police state? DeKalb Police set up roadblocks!! the hustle?  one knocks!! empires fall like Rome's did.

Jokers say Negroes are tripping!! full of hate? the by-product of  police brutality that spreads like the  Heat Dome 2016.. 

Broken beat and broken English flipping per this Live Broadcast!! Ready To Roll after observing the scene..

Broke north? naw, we were tripping down south, a different reality, we were Reading The TelePrompTer from Mobile to Houston.. 

Gulf Coast Escapades /  I-10 meandering, now prompt with the Live Broadcast, we weren't cruising for bruising...

Charades? maybe some are understanding after winning / losing during the ongoing episodes..

Charades? naw!! we weren't with them per this Live Broadcast!! they aren't information overloads..


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