Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thrown Under The Bus....Or Thrown To The Wolves?

They'll either throw you under the bus or throw you to wolves..

What's up with us? please!! I spotted folks in sheep's know they were wolves!!

No justice no peace is the cry from Rev. Al!! meanwhile across town Glenn Beck disrespects..meanwhile O-Zone checks them all out..some wearing Timberland's.. ..Rockport's ...Stacy Adams..honeys had on stilettos..

What's the deal? whose stalking us from Afghanistan to Chicago Land? please!! check the drama from Caucasians...Asians..Latinos and even Fly Negroes..

Peeping the steelo of Arabs and Africans..soon realizing that it's one world..

Whose sleeping in the lab? or in rehab? soon out leaving vapor trails like Paris Hilton in Las Vegas... meanwhile I was chilling at The Hilton down here in Orlando....some had the story the drama will unfurl...

What occurred? the drama is revisited..but Lady Gaga told Alejandro to let it go!! he played it like it was a family reunion...

I checked the steelo...jackers wanted some to break bread like it was a baptist church..first of the month communion..

That's the style!! the state of the union..whatcha knowing? wolves were at the front door!!

That's foul!! drama was brought to your doorstep..Atlanta Braves respond by winning..The AJC will give you the score..

Dramatics sing whatcha see is what you get..but now some don't want it..

Some will take it and then some..blowing up like Hurricane Earl..they fronted and flaunted..

Soon authorities hunted..there's an all point bulletin..Dragnet..One Adam Twelves..

O-Zone? telling these stories after I hunted and gathered..brought back more math for O-Dog pulled funk off the shelves..

Who made wishes..consulted with elves, leprechauns, warlocks and witches? old girl said you can't trust to luck...

What it do? please!! I was hip to plots,schemes, ploys and cons implemented by gamblers out for a fast buck..

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