Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Up In The Spot!! We're Still Here!!

All up in the spot!! the devil's workshop? I'm seeing what it do.

What's the deal? it's way too real!! facing blockades like the Gaza Strip!! folk try to have their cake and eat it to!!

What's the deal? the fiery lake awaits some of them!! word from Sir Nose

....Never learned to swim!...hope he's not trying to learn in the Gulf of Mexico..others acting fake!! that doo doo smell? it was a rose.

Now thats word from Andre 3000 the devil was opposed!! so I was Audi 5000!!

Down here in Atlanta....with the Midwest game!! I had to bring it down a thousand.

Stressed out in the game like Lebron in front of game seven fans!!

Any support? the team comes up short.. whose working with us? who really understands?

Last was first..then first was last in the sport..was it karmic repercussions?

The style? big unit like!! Randy Johnson whose pitching the burden of proof in these discussions?

The style? turned the page..the dial..pitching this to my people!! from the field of dreams?> but percussions are the vehicle.

All up in the spot!! might have told ya..a veteran now coaching...word from John Wooden!! a lot of things I see through.

I'm seeing what it do!! they'll blame a bruh for everything like they do Obama!! but I'm pulling the plug!! I got my mind made up like Instant Funk...they'll get it one way or another.

But greedy ones want it both ways!! they'll even try to play a brotha.

Shady like Grady ones!! but the play one runs was seen before.

All up in the spot!! the devil's workshop!! please like Large Professor and Main Source from back in the day..I'm looking at the front door.

What did they front for? it's not about all that.

All up in the spot!! whose going all out for that?

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