Saturday, August 1, 2009

How Did They Try To Act?

we're they acting brand new with me?

They act like they're cool with a brotha.... but I don't like how they play the family.

I'm not a too cool fool... but some play me like they don't understand me.

Please!! old school from the hood drama! like Iraq or Afghanistan.. some know what the deal will be.

Next level dramatics!! Mothership is on automatic pilot... where will it land me?
The next devil or fanatic will brand me.... based on my appearance.

Nautica polo shirt... blue jeans.... Adidas... no security clearance?

Back with ya... rolling solo...reappear..then my disappearance is a mystery.

The steelo is Intergalactic... in space studying the Dark Mystery.

Studied the dark history... peeped others steelo... misery loves company....for the job? I didn't apply.

No application filled out!! to me that process doesn't apply.

During the Healing Process... breakbeat science is we get scientific.

Natural process? evolution? intelligent design? what's up with it?

Didn't stop this...stayed on the grind... not done with it... it don't stop.

The saga / struggle continues.... minding..tending.. soon the beats drop.

Up in the lab....blending broken beats.... and broken English dealing with the pain and anguish..

In Atlanta...carjacking plus smash and grab capitol? they ask me what's up with ya? coming with this William Shatner deal language...

Understand a brotha? beats bang on the seminars are conducted...

How did they try to act...a brothas style is organic..but in this world..during the's easy to get contaminated..corrupted..

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