Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two Sides To The Game Like Gemini..

Two sides to the game like a Gemini..the truth is in the middle.

A brotha slides to the A-Town from Kentucky...playing a violin or a fiddle?

What's up with me? had to figure the cipher out....that's just the way it Tupac, Bruce Hornsby & The Range and Walter Cronkite..

Corrupting me? Whodini...freaks and cons come out at night..

Getting lucky like the Google search page or feeling the rage?

What's up with me? A brotha hasn't thawed out from the Ice age.

Trying to find somebody that's on the same's hard to do...ending up in the heartbreak hotel...but not like Jakarta..

Too many pages and chapters I'd have to go I act like I knew...not just working harder but smarter..

Last page? first page? or in the middle? what chapter? some act brand new.

Two sides to the game like Gemini....Moon, Venus and Mars occupy the spot..told you...some act brand new...

Two sides to the game like Gemini....for those wondering why I act like I do.

Your side...the truth is in the middle though..act like you knew...

As I get back with you; just got from the International Space Station the Mothership is rolling...but some think it's fake..

It's like were on I-20 in the A-Town up in the candy painted Grand Prix rolling..haters say pump your brakes..

O-Dog is controlling the beat..using the breaks......the Good Word is provided by O-Zone..two sides to the game like Gemini.

The truth is in the middle of the ingredients...can't front and cant lie.

Can't Let Up ...why try? We continue to move forward.

Rocking South Pole demin...not determining are True Religion.. with God we stay on one accord.

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