Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's Up With Him?

They saw me bouncing through the ATL with the number 20 Barry Sanders throwback; they asked others; whats up with him?

I'm down here in the ATL;  home of the number 7 Mike Vick Falcons or Eagles jersey..who will work with me? others talk about me..they ask..has the hood corrupted him?

Its going down!!  they might be right about that notion..a victim of circumstances; did ecological ignorance alter the fate? 

Its going down!!  the environment is messed up; but some say the God Particle is discovered...theologians and evolution or intelligent design scientists continue to debate! 

Doesn't it seem odd to you...what it do? the Trojan busted!! now the daughter of chaos is impregnated in a cheap hotel on Independence Blvd in Charlotte! 

Spartans and Trojans battle...but it's not Michigan State and USC..what will the math do? it's coming from the House of Prayer with Sweet Daddy Grace to the Billy Graham Library; this is ground zero..the Bible Belt..were in the heart of it! 

Who played a part in it?  dude in the suit and bow tie sold the Final Call and bean pies around on West Blvd; please believe me..times are hard!! somebody asked whats up with him? 

I dipped back down I-85 to the ATL...where it's not hard to fail...letting the truth be told..rolled up in the hooptie..peeps asked what's up with him? 

They played me like Dick Cheney...talking about Obama asking Iran to give the drone back.. please!! even I know that's not happening..

Whose talking about the Brotha O-Zone?..apparently they saw that once again its on!! but they want to know..did the hood corrupt him?

What's up with him? I had answers for them...let them know he's not a clone...winning games like Tim Tebow..

What's up with him? the brotha is still chilling..life is hectic..it's hard to be a fly Negro.. 

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