Monday, May 22, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Four)

 Another Monday morning has rolled up on us it’s a bonus / blessing even though naysayers are stressing as we enter the fray.. 

..otherwise known as attack zones as artificial intelligence influenced deep fakes aka drones try to influence how we play!

We slide through these portals  / conduits blasting off from our runway to the universe from out here off of I-20 in Atlanta like its SpaceX in Cape Canaveral on deep space missions, we reign supreme shining like an aurora borealis!

Entering attack zones with supreme courage and maximum strength going the length! me and the team left the spiraling darkness!

Entering attack zones, fired on by perpetrators of American gun violence that's spiraling out of control! who's for or against us as we're moving from Taurus to Gemini season?

Some school us with the behavior exhibited, they said its all love but we didn't feel it after frozen embraces revealed treason.

Now I hear Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire playing in these attack zones letting us know what's up!

Plus science / reasons were dropped by Wendell Pierce over on Twitter letting us know why the vibe is bitter  / letting us know what's up!

God laughs as plans are made for outlining a life in these attack zones! fate? like its Las Vegas we'll gamble with it!

Others caste their fate to the wind like George Benson while we're out here in these attack zones where dreams collide with reality!  

Kool and The Gang asked who's gonna take the weight? I see veiled weight is carried while we're out here in transit!

Veiled hate is felt, the readings are off the charts! normalized by perpetrators acting casually!

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