Thursday, August 27, 2020

I See Everything That's Moving..(Part Nine)

Per Throwback Thursday? earlier O-Zone mentioned Reading The TelePrompter; he sees everything that's moving...

As we go back to the future we've got our eyes on Hurricane Laura, so what's up with ya? that's what they asked O-Dog aka O-Dizzle! he said he would keep grooving!!

We'll keep it moving / showing / proving; it's groovy man!! per Throwback Thursday?  sayings used by 90's hip hoppers and  60's hippies as we dip through these digital landscapes...

...based on old school analog principles, but moves will be made by the so called invincible on these digital battlegrounds, plotting victories but facing defeats / exits or escapes..

An old dog / old fool learning new tricks?  then they'll holla if they're hit? exposed by DNC 2020 or RNC 2020?

O-Dog? old school / new school no school rules, other than that everything is cool? per Throwback Thursday a line from Doug E Fresh with Keep Risin To The Top!! even next level business was conducted by your dude but the madness didn't stop; it's been rough in 2020!!

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors didn't make me slow my roll, I see everything thats moving; discrete modes are used when these Captain Kirk type captain's logs are composed, coded and encrypted!

I see everything thats moving, horrors / terrors  didn't make me slow my roll, street modes are still in full affect!! hip to how Tales From The  Crypt will get!

I see everything thats moving; a disciple, blood or crip will cut up!!  East and West Coast /  Midwest and Dirty South!!  now we have Proud Boys vs Antifia while overseas  jokers will blame Hezbollah or the Taliban.

Who thought the cycle would be ongoing?  so whatcha knowing? please!! who sweats the technique  like Eric B and Rakim?

I see everything thats moving, like I said showing and proving!! some didn't realize O-Dizzle was rocking them....hustles? a hater keeps knocking them

I see everything thats moving, like I said showing and proving!!  that's what it do!! some are even wondering what I'm on! they even say I'm acting brand new / acting like I knew; hustles? a hater keeps knocking them 

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