Saturday, July 17, 2010

It'll Make You Say Woo!!!

They were mad at me!! summer of discontent? ...they said I made a spectacle of everything.

They were mad at me!! running test like BP at the well!!..but this dude is skeptical of everything.

Passion and compassion have left the building!! heard keys rattling locked the door.

But I kept slashing to the hoop like Lebron..but they're mad at me..I'm not yielding..ESPN rocked the score.

Or maybe it was CNN or Fox News..whose clashing with titans? struggles are I said...It'll Make You Say Wooo!! .but we go there.

Sound clashing!! sonic weapons were stashing..a sonic troop in the ongoing spiritual warfare.

Thunder and lightning during the storm!! had my share of inclement weather.

Al Roker up early in the morning to warn us!! even lending a hand..but some said whatever!

Foul jokers behavior was a warning!!even the Iran defector went home! ...cunning and clever was the manuever.

Ghetto stock brokers plus those from Wall Street? do what behooves ya!

Broken beats and english off the streets are remanufactured in the foundry.

Old school factory like Detroit or Pittsburgh!! but up in hells kitchen some get off on the heat!! but it's not where you found me.

Bodies fell!! gangsters ditching getaway vehicles and weapons!! but authorities surround me!

Who will caste a spell on a caste of thousands? using Inception? drama goes down in Jefferson County.

Up in Louisville..or down here in Dekalb County Georgia. from LA to NYC ...from Chicagoland to Afghanistan..what it do?

Representing Atlanta like Real Deal Holyfield!! told to act like knew!

Should be able to see what it do..especially if you recognize the pattern..

It'll Make You Say Woo!! it's going down from Newburg to Johannesburg from Pluto to Saturn.

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