Saturday, June 26, 2010

Off Into Another Phase...It's Part Of A Bigger Plan!!

Off into another phase!! planets are in a lunar eclipse ..I move beyond the immediate.

These days? I accept the assignment!! what it do? it's all about progressive liberation!! check the situation..what we're facing?..It's Part Of A Bigger Plan...avoiding those impeding it.

These days? spotted signs of it!! soon flames of storms are headed to the Gulf of Mexico..whose feeding it fuel?

These days? it's all game!!word from the G-20!! ..but avoiding corruption..I'm not feeling a fool!

These days? Like Arizona immigration laws...I spotted justice obstruction!! not feeling a rule set up to hold me back.

O-Zone plays it like this!! dropping the good word..O-Dog will hold the track.

In this zone? It's Part Of A Bigger Plan..but matrix glitches have a knack for appearing out of nowhere.

Whose faking it? snitches and enemy collaboraters in spiritual warfare.

Breaking it down for the family!! as we go off in another phase.

Shaking it down!! the establishment!! This Is Part Of A Bigger Plan..breakbeat science a bruh plays.

Whose bashing it...the embellishment? like McCrystal disrespecting; ..society plays a bruh another way.

Clashing with it!! the system..a veteran now coaching like Phil Jackson..soon stepping down? please!! not like Edwin Jackson..I didn't get here the other day.

Wasn't cashing it!! the check from selling out..another way is how play it.

Wasn't crashing it!! the Mothership!! this is what they meant by funk!! dropped on earth O-Dog will play it.

O-Zone will pray about it!! so what's up? what's really going on? fuel is provided.

Off in another phase!! check these clearance rack epiphanies...I ignored advise that a fool provided.

All up in the spot!! where good and evil collided..what it do? there were clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right.

Off in another phase!! It's Part Of A Bigger Plan...the funk O-Dog plays..O-Zone drops insight.

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