Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pete Rock Gives Details Of Police Brutality At Album Release [VIDEO]

....drama unfolds during the release party for Pete Rock's..Smif & Wesson's Monumental CD in New York..

Pete Rock Gives Details Of Police Brutality At Album Release [VIDEO] | News One

Summer Breeze by The Isley's...Live...

...summer madness continues...feeling the winds of change blowing...could they be the summer breeze mentioned by the Isleys?....check this live video from the homies..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Whatcha Trying To Do Mix

Summer Madness Continues...Observing The Scene...Seeing Folk Go To and Fro...Seeing What It Do....I Even Took Plutonian Intergalactic Journeys...How We're Some Trying To Work Those or These? Whatcha Trying To Do? Check This Mix...

Whatcha Trying To Do Mix

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers PT.3 ......

They left for a minute; I saw them out there while I was taking Plutonian Intergalactic journeys.. then they came back thinking they could get the same spot they had!

Plutonium or uranium stockpiled by a fanatic?...Stuxnet will render the supply useless? some said they're in it to win it;  but soon they became a target ...seeing how hot it can get!

Yellow caking...wannabe good fellas were like Sara Lee...cake baking;...what's up with it? ..soon seeing how hot the spot can get; now like the Herbie Hancock song they'll come running to me!

....looking for answers...even waiting for I drop this good word on them; while O-Dizzle is drumming for me!

Justice and peace running from me? I chased it through the galaxy...damn!! it got away just as I was about to catch it!

Whats up with us? I guess if its something fresh I'll batch it!

Can't blame it on them some respect!!..please!! .it was these shadetree mechanics that made the vehicle retched or my people call it!t

Ratchets, screwdrivers and wrenches used to make adjustments; some people will fall for it!

Some will now call for it!! The Messenger  like Ramsey Lewis!

Others said they're all of it and then some!! rolling like Michele Bachmann!!  but the word from this hot messenger?  we found out they're clueless!

Not acting brand new with this; they said I was a hot mess with wonders how a brotha copes!!!  so joints get cased!

A hater acting like they knew this hits alt shift delete; so dreams and hopes are erased!

Plots and schemes were exposed after known issues were raised to the so called powers that be!

PE said Fight The Power or face the fire shower; who knows when the last hour will be?

A coward said they epitomized what real would be; but at the end of the day we found out otherwise!

....Said he was posted up like Dwight Howard but really out there with the wise and otherwise; so intergalactic journeys were to the occasion these brothas had to rise!

Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers PT.2 How To Be A Super Hero..

......while out there on my intergalactic travels I found these steps on how to be a super hero...check them out...

<a href=';rel=msn&amp;from=en-us_msnhp&amp;form=MSNRLL&amp;gt1=42010' target='_new' title='How to Be a Superhero' >Video: How to Be a Superhero</a>

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers

What it do a bruh? is making Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers; doing what behooves us..we're even stomping through lunar paths!

.....tripping on these earthlings...please..we might be on Mars or Earth rocking Nike Boots; exposing Undisputed Truths about Smiling Faces ...a lunatic with this math?

Who else is on this path due to the deception?  it caused some to drive reckless..running into Amtrak with eighteen wheelers..told you Summer Madness is ongoing..they had us caught out there!

Who else is on this math? jumped to this conclusion due to untruths during the reception; word is born!! during the conception? we find out in love or war  nothing was fair!

Who else provided proof during the math class?....soon last to first and first to last? if we keep living we'll see role reversal...what it do? act like you knew!! those on top need to go to the rehearsal..what will the dirty work do? during the inception?  they'll be like residents from Missouri the show me state; soon providing evidence..

......Uncouth behavior is what we get from...rolling like jokers from LulzSec?  much respect..skills shown..but from others... from them? no benevolence!!

....Truth provided by the Decatur Georgia resident? the devil is a liar was the word old girl gave us!

Gluttons for punishment were happy!! they said they love what enslaves us!

Another runs from it...scrappy..misbehaving with us when we bombard the enemy position!

Now roofs are on fire from the disco inferno;  fires are fully involved using fireman lingo; so how you living?

The time frame for burdens of proof expire; whose forgiving a gringo for trespassing?

Mind games some are playing; working it!!! the scan sheet multiple choice test is given;  whose failing or passing?

The O-Dog Podcast is blasting!!  Summer Madness had us dipping out to were back...check out our response to all of this; what did they expect?

We clashed with so called Titans all over the galaxy...why did they disrespect?

We slashed our way through the Babylon wilderness on the mothership with a sonic machete!

We cashed our reality checks; knowing what the deal is knowing what the real is;  knowing the deally!

Plutonian Intergalactic Funk

.......Summer Madness continues..just got back from Pluto...Intergalactic funk is dropped...

Plutonian Intergalactic Funk

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keep That Same Old Feeling....The Crusaders....Live

........summer madness continues...while I'm on the Crusaders per my last episode..found Keep That Same Old Feeling....check this out...

The Fresh Vision Mix by the Brotha O

...summer madness continues.....this mix started this breakbeat science method that I's talking about having a fresh view..a fresh vision every every way...check it out....

Update: Buju Banton sentenced to 10 years

Update: Buju Banton sentenced to 10 years - News - Go-Jamaica

Out Here On The Fringe...Going On A Binge..

                                 .....summer madness continues.....

Partners in crime were stepping out on faith; damn!! were they sliding into the abyss together? 

Swimming in deep waters that were still like the Four Tops talked about; but some say whatever!

Oil companies skimming profits...cunning and clever ones pulled out all stops!! so streams could flow!

Running with mothers and fathers of chaos and confusion; even their daughter went for what she know!

I can see how it go!! the Buick Roadmaster was backed into the spot; Dekalb County authorities peep game...its hotter over here in Decatur not just greater!

.....Over here on Glenwood Rd...been in the hood; know the street code!!  but dude thought I was a hater!

I wasn't buying contraband!! not that man ....I even returned bogus merchandise from these corporations to the service desk!

The drama goes down due to rations being low..from Syria to Yemen...whose at your service with this?

As we work this; observing the scene..I even spotted the blind leaving the blind!

As we work this; blood was thicker than the Spinners the love was one of a kind!

Didn't know? you better find it said old girl over on Candler Rd....please!!  the thought and fashion police are posted up!

Questions answered themselves while I played it like Dwight Howard; I was posted up!

Slackers coasted up in this piece!! some say they can't find the structure is falling apart; the machine runs sluggish, lethargic!

Hackers posted up messages about latest conquests like Sony PlayStation; cyber thuggish roguish showing how things out on the margin can get!

This descendant of ancestors who took middles passages realized its on me!! I'm through playing games...out on the fringe!

Haters won't get the best of is put in; summer madness is underway...we go on a breakbeat science binge!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elzhi.....It Ain't Hard To Tell

...Elzhi..A Slum Village alumni has a mixtape out called Elmatc....saluting the Nas's his take on It Ain't Hard To Tell..

You Heard? The Random Thoughts Edition..

Heard the mockingbird sing; but then I heard gunfire like it was Syria...somebody tried to kill it!

Whats the word ? O-Dizzle is rocking this thing!! the empire tried to strike back but O-Zone is real with it!

The drama in this zone? even though its like Libya I deal with it; it got rough though..I left for a minute ; but came right back...putting it down like this!

....In it to win it; we fight back...bringing the funky sound like this!

Hanging around this and that one; from the hood mafioso to the old school clergy!

Chilled up in corporate and government environments nobody would work with me!

You heard me? I don't know..might not have been checking for me!

Told ya the caper went down in the hood ; a bruh wheeled and dealed.. even Spiderman got killed.. I spotted Al Qaeda militants in Yemen dipping...whose trying to Getaway like Earth Wind and Fire..  whose wrecking the vehicle for me? .

What was the vehicle used? was it a wide track Pontiac or maybe the deuce and a quarter?

One step ahead of Pontius Pilate and his agents;  saying dude is out of order!

I kept it on automatic pilot;  the mothership didn't move through the universe randomly!

A fanatic will get foul with it!! like Rose Royce will abandon me!

But thoughts are selected randomly; soon these epiphanies end up on the clearance rack!

Some might understand me....others dip like Newt Gingrich's finance team.. others won't give me clearance for that!

Some interfere with that or this;  but referees didn't throw the flag!

Loathing and fearing are part of that  or this..Robert Palmer said soon you'll be put in a trick bag!

You heard me? O-Zone drops this good check it....what's the deal.. whose all up on ya?

You heard me? meanwhile in this danger zone the Brotha O-Dizzle drops this funk on ya!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Al Up In The Spot...The Block Is Still Hot...It's Smoking!!

All up in the spot!! who'll understand a bruh? damn!! I'm back at the scene of the crime!

Out here in Hotlanta aka Niglanta per the bigots; please!! not a damn thing has should know how it gets....especially when I'm seen with mine!

Who'll understand a bruh? as we all deal with the deception...will there be an Immaculate Conception? please!! all up in the spot? we couldn't be at ease!! damn!! it seems like The Adjustment Bureau is running things!!

What's up with a brotha? all up in the spot..the block is hot....laying in the cut..some thought I was done with things!!

What's up with another? what was the reception? chilling down here in Atlanta ..a bruh spotted the thought and fashion police..

What's up with another? the saga / struggle continues..chefs in hell kitchen were preparing meals that lacked seems the morale is low..we couldn't be at ease!!

What's up with a brotha? please!! your homie wasn't fresh and clean with mine...wasn't rolling  like OutKast..slamming Cadillac doors; please!!  I'm up in the hooptie or I  might have to catch the 86 Lithonia like they mentioned!

During the ongoing Inception The Sonic Assault will blast on the podcast!! Summer Madness Project is underway!! some are broke put need to pay attention to it!

Rules of engagement? they were supposedly what the Geneva Convention established; you might get prosecuted in Hague!

My mind was engaged; the train of thought is rolling!! now married to the game..the wisdom is unconventional; McGruff the crime dog  already showed us what crime prevention will do..did he take a bite out of it or was he barking up the wrong tree? meanwhile was  O-Zone's insight out of it? please!! some say this breakbeat science is vague!

...While others acted like they had jet lag  we're parking this mothership on was put in....due to the plague was it a crime that O-Dog  Raged Against The Machine? see what it the twisted logic was full of jewels!

Similar to word from caged prisoners; Aretha Franklin mentioned chain of fools!

Inclement weather caused it to rain on fools plus the winds of change are blowing!

A demented one said whatever!! but its strange I saw them in Atlanta; Creative Loafing! 

It'll put a dent in one; spotted white socks and penny loafer wearing like Michael Jackson back in the day!

Spotted the First Light like Freddie Hubbard; all up in the spot..left the darkness; all up in the action..was I back in the way?

Sho you right said the Barry White type!! bringing the hype on Glenwood Rd over in Decatur Ga......true player for real like Jerome on the Martin Show!

Heard dude say I know dats right!! a street deacon all up in the amen corner..confirmed that in love or war nothing is fair....all in the spot...we go insight is dropped as we roam the galaxies; exposing fallacies.. going for what we know!

Acting like we know...holding  peace talks like the Taliban and US;  or maybe even have a round of golf with the opposition like Obama and Boehner... 

Acting like we know...all up in the spot..but the block is hot..the pitcher pitch he threw? the batter hit a homer!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

DJ Just Dizle and All Hip Hop .Com present the Gun Show Mixtape..

..nice mixtape...check the bottom for the track list

  @justdizle & @allhiphopcom present The Gun Show #1 by justdizle

DJ Just Dizle & present The Gun Show
1. Apollo Brown - Bridge Through Time
2. Tyler, The Creator - Goblin
3. Rasheed Chappell - 1 2 3 ft DJ Scratch
4. Kendrick Lamar - Hiii Power
5. Cutlass Reid - Eviction Notice feat. 9thMAtic (9th Wonder)
6. Termanology - Another Level ft Sean Price and Ghetto
7. Reks - The Wonder Years
8. Castle - Protostar
9. Bad Meets Evil - I'm On Everything
10. Curren$y - Jets Go
11. Pharoahe Monch - Haile Salassie Karate ft Mr. Porter
12. Saigon - What The Lovers Do ft Devin The Dude
13. Casual - Mic Memorial
14. E-40 - Lookin' Back ft Devin The Dude
15. Krs-One & Bumpy Knuckles - Hip Hop We Love You
16. Khaleel - Hot Flames
17. Skyzoo - Atypical
18. Wale, Meek Mill, Pill, Teedra Moses - Self Made
19. MC Eiht - Where U Goin 2
20. DJ JS - Reppin NY ft Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz and Bumpy Knuckles
21. Ketch P - My Detroit ft Trick Trick and Elzhi
22. Chiddy Bang - Heatwave ft Mac Miller, Trae Tha Truth, Casey Veggies
23. Rah Digga - You Got It (Remix) ft Torae and Styles P
24. Kohndo - Soul Inside
25. Madlib - Stargeridin
26. Erick Sermon - Dodge This ft Sheek Louch
27. Nametag - S.I.N. ft Quest MCODY and Buff 1
28. J-Live - Home or Away
29. Big K.R.I.T. - Get Right
30. Pete Rock & Smif n Wessun - That's Hard ft Sean P and Styles P
31. Kool G Rap - $ Ova Bitches
32. Canibus And Keith Murray - The Guilty Will Pay ft Crooked I and Erick Sermon
33. Tef - Married 2 The Game ft Styles P

Do It Fluid...The Blackbyrds

summer madness....talking about do have to watch me...I might post any kind of jazz,funk,hip hop or whatever track!! check it out!!

All Up In The Spot....The Block Is Hot....Concepts Are Revisited..

                              al roker didn't have to tell us about the weather....

All up in the spot!! it's like Tripoli in Libya...they had my folk under siege!

Hows the weather? no need to check with Al's hot like Hotlanta; the Lord some will besiege!

Some say whatever...but even though your homie is beige he rolls like a Black Panther!

...Affected by empty crack viles; smack syringes...empty Salem's in the green pack!!  jokers on drinking and smoke binges; whose waiting on an answer?

...At the disco inferno waiting on a dancer; but some have the story twisted!

Who will work with a bro? the streets were calling me  ..word from Woodie; they knew my number even though its unlisted!

Drama is visited and revisited like it was the Mideast ;  during the ongoing spiritual warfare; playa playas get injured in the hoods!

Retail calls it shrinkage; warriors call it collateral damage...just injured or damaged goods!

R.I.P Clarence Clemons..what's happening? we managed to survive in these hoods ..from the Nashville to Louisville / Newburg.

Chilling with amigos and senoritas at Plaza Fiesta on Buford Highway in Atlanta; to chilling with the playas on Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte / Mecklenburg.

Didn't merge with gringos!! they're rolling with the thought and fashion police!

Al Roker didn't have to tell us the block was hot!! when will the madness cease?

A foul joker had the reign of terror going like Gaddafi  in the spot where reason gave way to madness!

The reign began with a drizzle; but the beat broker O-Dizzle handled his business..he came back with this!

Doing It Fluid like the he came back with that!!  phat and all that was the prognosis!

Whose acting like a druid?...all up in the spot...meanwhile we came with the antidote for lethal doses!

Who poses after the hot style makeover? ...hooked up on the Oprah show before she went off the air!!

Who opposes the hostile takeover?  all up in the spot..time for the fake is over..a bruh hooked up hook lines and his own beats..O-Dizzle had to go there!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Game featuring Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross..Bottles & Rocking J's

...........check out this new Game..

50 Cent ....Outlaw single from 50 Cent...

In Danger Zones

I was peeping game; damn!!! a mentalist..spritualist.. life is hectic!! I could see all the loopholes were closed!

Blame it on Saturn In Libra?  what's up? I see ya!! others were sleeping in the game!! didn't realize that the devil was opposed!

So what were they supposed to do? some were waiting...but  questions will answer themselves!

Strobe lights blink at the disco inferno; some will dance with themselves!

Go on with you bad selves!!  encouragement was given by cheerleaders!

In danger zones? ourselves we had to encourage; we couldn't wait on our fearless leader!

In danger zones? it's like Syria..fear will greet ya like a long lost pal!! plus it takes no prisoners!

In danger zones? designated areas were restricted; you cant even have visitors!

The only visitor you'll have is drama...the IMF said the US and Europe would get it if  they didn't get their money right..

Like TJ Hooker  talked about...down here in the ATL broke jokers stalked ain't right..

Spotted another visitor..a crooked one..the perfect stranger was down with the clones that already reside here! 

Who you working with?  friends or strangers per Ronnie Laws?   halt!! who gos there?

Who you know out there? on the front lines of spiritual warfare..the so called laws of the land took them under!

...Like the hood per Compton's Most Wanted; flaws and imperfections will cause the blunder!

...Even Stevie Wonder can see whats going on!! answering Marvin Gaye's question!

The wonders of the world should remind us that the Lord blessed one!

Not on one accord with this world; they stressed one that didn't go along with the program!

O-Dizzle blasted the brand new funk  up in the Honda Accord he wasn't checking for the slow jam!

Whose checking for him or us? in these danger zones they would be able to see what it do!

Soon realizing that its a hood thing; shouldn't be strange to one..needing to act like they knew!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I See Them Wouldn't Want To Be Them....Concepts Revisited..

I see them but wouldn't want to be them!!  they were in pursuit of super stardom!

Now black holes penetrate the star; gamma rays are produced.. now who'll try to free them before the situation becomes martyrdom?

Not trying to start with them!! I'm a freedom rider....either out on I-75 in Tampa Bay like Rays or  rolling up on I-77 in Charlotte up in the hooptie!

Not trying to start with them!! damn!! I hate the games they play!!  they were lying like Rep. Anthony resigning...but once said they're residing where the truth will be! 

But proof will be lacking!!! like Casey Anthony  I just see them digging a deeper whole for themselves!

Yellow tape surrounds the construction site; the corrupt provide insight;  told some to go on with their bad selves!

Good and bad elves were under the wizards influence after they went off to see him!

Whats good? thought I told you...I see them but wouldn't want to be them!

Who'll free them? while I was peeping game questions answer themselves!

During the disco inferno some were like Gaddafi..they will dance with themselves!

.....Or get them a Private Dancer like Tina Turner or maybe the updated version; Beyonce!

Consultations with the doctor in private about the cancer; what will the response be?

Consultations with the financial advisor?   the ponzi scheme is in full effect!

Confusion and frustration is the norm in this world!! whose team are you on; what did a fool expect?

As I collect these thoughts that were scattered like the crowd after they heard gunfire!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded..damn!!  somebody was chasing the umpire!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Check The Menu...BreakBeat Science Is Dropped..

As we proceed and continue...check the menu..breakbeat science is dropped...this bruh will start his own traditions.

Didn't like how it was going down; like the Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law..whose with me as I start my own petitions?

Who'll sign them? it's like Freddie Hubbard's First Light....but they were waiting in the dark...the light might blind them!! until things get shady like when the sun goes down!

....Or when it gets cloudy; now the crowd gets rowdy... they saw their son go down!

Runs scored in the goes down!!  boisterous ones like Michele Bachmann run their mouth about it!

I was bored by the Louisville back in the day talk!!  homie said he ran Southwick!

Knockout punches floored a rumble in the jungle participant!!  except they were down here in the A-Town..bearing witness to how the south can get!

Now humble; that mouth got them in trouble like Casey Anthony..that's how it usually works!

Thoughts were jumbled; scattered....if not collected someone usually gets hurt!

Random thoughts expressed in this post..the bass rumbled on the O-Dog Podcast..

Landing this mothership back down on Al you the weather forecast..

Came through the door fast...bum rushing the show like Public Enemy..they were trying to exclude us..

More or less? either way plans for crushing us were exposed..whose getting rude with us?

Shrewd..cunning..clever...arrogant....they wanted to see us crash and burn like Lebron..

Soul food is provided for the masses..check the menu...breakbeat science is dropped..that's what we're on!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Were They Rolling? Please!! Life Is Hectic!!

Jokers said they're rolling like Al Qaeda or the Taliban; until the Navy Seals roll spots get blown up!

So what's the deal? brokers speculated on commodities..said the market is sown up!

A jokers oddities and imperfections are accented like Rep. Anthony Weiner's;  by those rolling with the fashion and thought police; they  had the spot staked out!

Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell were called back into the game; countries said they were yellow caked out! 

Anarchists Cookbooks contain cupcake recipes; please!! so what's up? what's the deal with those and these? Rick James mentioned breaking out of L-7 square; said he got the hell out of there!

Slick games were supposedly good; but umpires called some out of there!

Others were like Jamie Hood with it; turned themselves in on television!

Others like me are corporate;  and street or hood; parallel dimension dwellas...check the stories I tell;  I had a vision!

.....It was a fresh one; from a funky fresh in the flesh one...check out this batch were coming with!

Was I on one? regardless...God will bless tell me who your running with?

O-Dog had the funky drummer drumming;  part of the tools of the trade!

Didn't believe the shade tree mechanics; I've seen too many fools get played!

Whose deceived during the charade? one playa told another playa pimping ain't easy!

Please!! whats played? jazz, funk, hip hop and house by the brotha O-Deezy!

Please believe me its on!!  we didn't stop..even though Life Is Hectic..we dealt with it; the bad breaks, setbacks, and obstacles!

Please believe me its on!! O-Deezy has the breaks and O-Zone the good word; theres no stopping these bros!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Buju Banton Asks For Reduction In Minimum 15-Year Sentence

Buju Banton Asks For Reduction In Minimum 15-Year Sentence | TheBoxHouston - KBXX 97.9 Houston's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Sly and The Family Stone .....thank u fallettinme be myself again...

......borrowed sly's song to say thanks for checking me out!!

Life Is Hectic....The Random Thoughts Version

Jockeying for position; Life Is Hectic....whose trying to get prime territory; the prime spot?

Whose knocking hustles? Rep Anthony Weiner was until everything fell apart; some were trying to shine up in the time slot!

....Mine our hot they said; shaking their hands rolling the dice!

But life is hectic...the Dow Average drops..allotments come up short; now some are owing the price.

But life is hectic..paying the price to be free on credit with high interest rates!

What's up with it? life is the knowledge..recognize the pattern.....predatory lending is what it is; so who really believed the empty promises? the end of the day they see its hard to make escapes!

What's up with it? is hectic..who felt it?  who dealt with it? please!! ...whose at ease? ...........of course some souls are mortgaged, bankrupted or get foreclosed on ; please!! we're residing in a danger zone..

What's up with it? is hectic...recognized it....your homie felt it..even I dealt with it.up in Louisville I was real with it......of course I learned at an early age that the devil opposed the Brotha O-Zone!

What's up with it? is hectic...recognized it...your homie felt it..of course I learned at an early age that danger zones are the City Country City like that group War!

Clones said they're done with me; weren't checking for me because I didn't jump over the bar!

....Said I wouldn't go far if I didn't jump through hoops or hurdles that they placed in front of me!

These sonic troops were deployed to the front lines like it's over in Libya  because haters tried to front on me!

Like Nowitzki coughing spell per Lebron and D Wade; haters were in back and in front of me trying to stress; but I refuse to let them do it!

....Came back with the Sonic Assault...the steady bombardment; so they can act like they knew it!

As we go through it;  incognito!! its a lost cause trying to make contact!;

I heard they tricked a fly negro; thought it was funny to make anti gay jokes like Tracy Morgan... lost because of a clause in his contract?

...As we come back; sticking to the original plan...refusing to be a victim of circumstances!

I didn't go along with the program; whatcha know man?  now a hater says I hurt my chances!

But a bruh is making advances; please!! check out the brand new funk that's heard!

Rebuking the ongoing madness..dances with devils occurred.

Nowitzki calls spoof by LeBron and Wade childish

.........after Sunday's game Nowitzki might get the last laugh...

Nowitzki calls spoof by LeBron and Wade childish | Reuters

Friday, June 10, 2011

......Over Here In Decatur...

Whats the deal? I'm over here in Decatur Georgia; I noticed Negroes were Cavalier like when Cleveland had Lebron!

But we all know homie  was doing damage with the D Wade and the Heat; ...whats up? Rashard Lewis soon eliminated by the Dallas now what are they on?

Whats up in this zone? defense played like the Mavericks?  it's going down over on Glenwood Rd where anything might jump off!

Intergalactic like the Starship Enterprise.. spotted a cyborg or clone that rolls through the hood...competition they bump off!

What's up? a fanatic will jump off the Candler Rd bridge that runs off of I-20.

...Those boys were looking for him they say was running off  at the mouth like Tracy Morgan. he owed money to G-Money!

....Its all related to the G-8 and G-20; but on a smaller scale without a doubt!

They were having meetings; coming up with millions of dollars and euros..finding a corporation to bail out!

Meanwhile Jamal was acting ill again; Big Mama would have to bail him out!!

....of Dekalb County Jail...Hosea Williams Bonding company used; but  some are confused; thought his folk were trying to feed the hungry ...but that's another tale!

....Meanwhile I was bonding with earthlings; I had a tale about mind over matter! 

Scientific like the Hadron Collider..but Po Po was rolling; responding to the drama..when they roll up the crowd will scatter!

Egos get bruised and battered;  little homie was a rider..up in the Chevy Impala..smoked a cut up and altered cognac flavored Swisher to calm his nerves!

....Plus Virginia Slimswere replaced by Black and Milds little sister said she swerves!

O-Zone observes the scene; he was rolling through; sliding through the's easy to get played like Osama Bin Laden.

In this zone? check the Navy seals that flexed muscle; they finished what your starting!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Golden State Warriors Hire Mark Jackson

Golden State Warriors Hire Mark Jackson | News One

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!

Yeah yeah yeah was heard!! like you were Rep Anthony Weiner.. like the story was hard to believe!

But some are out here cashing reality checks;  after they found out how hard it is to achieve!

It was hard to deceive the masses; actually it wasn't..even Casey Anthony tried...but some will try to work through it.

Reality conducts seminars and classes; even relocation won't work...word from Carmelo Anthony...but if God took you to it he'll see you through it!

Actually I already knew it...impressing the masses!! I see you trying to do it along with your groupies and roadies aka road dogs!

...Rolling 30 deep like the homies in Atlanta with valid ghetto passes..the mode is dangerous!!  enhanced by smoke mirrors or fogs!,

Discrete modes are used when these Captain Kirk type captain's logs are composed, coded and encrypted!

Street modes are still in full affect!! hip to how Tales of the Crypt will get!

A disciple, blood or crip will cut up; East and West Coast...Midwest and Dirty South..south of the border cartels have some under a spell..rolling in tanks!!..meanwhile  in Pakistan  it's Al Qaeda or the Taliban.

Who thought the cycle would be ongoing?  so whatcha knowing? please!! who sweats the technique  like Eric B and Rakim?

..didn't realize O-Dizzle was rocking them..hustles? a hater keeps knocking them

..that's what they do...some are even wondering what I'm on!

A brotha broke it down...I told them I'm on one  like DJ Khaled and Drake and them...

...especially after wonders are performed like the creation; but peeped game at what we're facing..seeing what it do...soon realizing that the whole process wasn't close to being smooth!

...Wanders through the galaxy studying the dark mystery of time and space revealed no justice no peace; believe me that's the truth!

They usually weren't checking for me unless they're trying to stress; arrogant and aloof were accusations that were faced!

But we proceed and continue; I dipped like Terrelle Pryor..joints are cased!

Others raced out ahead; but I chilled out like Tiger Woods..I let the hustlers hustle and the players play!

A brotha was spaced out beyond Pluto and Mars; home planets for a Scorpio...yeah yeah yeah whatever...I heard some say!!!!

Don't Sweat The Technique.......Eric B and Rakim

.....The Summer Madness Project Continues....classic material from Eric B & Rakim

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Out There; We Kept On Running Mix we proceed and continue....O-Dizzle is getting busy..putting work got lonely out there..but we kept on running...handling business before it handles...Summer Madness is in full effect...we kept on running..check it out!!

The Out There; We Kept On Running Mix

Business As Usual..Putting It Down Like This!!! PT.2

I can see its business as no peace in The Middle East...while we were putting down like this somebody lied about it.

...Said they were rolling in a muscle car but its just a hybrid!

Hustles get knocked!! like John Edwards somebody lied about it so they could profit!

Whats up with us? breakbeat science is dropped but they weren't checking...not knowing your homie could be a prophet!

Who didn't quit and didn't stop it?  I heard what they said..some said he's lost as he rolls!

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta watching platoons and brigades of Dekalb County authorities gaffle lost souls!

...Racists call this they seem jealous of progress made!

Some left other hostile territories similar to Yemen to come to this so called promised land; but find its all a charade!

Peeped game...saw how its played..soon realized there's no justice or peace for a brotha!

I creeped in the game on some Ice Cube Lench Mob guerrillas in the mist type of other other!

Others were sleep in the game or distracted by socio-economic issues or some other type of new world order manipulation!

....They interacted with the dramatics introduced by caught up in an unpleasant situation.

The Dramatics kicked them off the mountain; told them to get off my mountain...get off my cloud!! meanwhile were up in that sound again with the digital vs analog instigation!

From the mountains of Afghanistan to the streets of Abbottabad ; Navy Seals made the penetration.

What's up with them? Gibbs and NCIS conducted investigations so they could find the culprit!

What's up with them? it's business as usual...bad investments were made by Bernie Madoff types; what's up with it? please!! you know they're corrupt with it!

What's up with them? O-Dizzle and O-Zone conducted business as's of the breakbeat scientist type...

What's up with them? please!! they're putting it down like this...we weren't caught up in the hype..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Minding and Tending PT.2

Chilling out; laying in the cut; minding and tending..they said I was being anti social with it!

Wasn't through dealing!! actually I'm going all out..I just know how social engineering can get!

Dealing with socio-economic problems; some are loathing and fearing...soon down to Plan Z!

Whatcha know? I fight back with this mechanical engineering aka breakbeat science; somebody might understand me!

Whatcha know? heard the jam from Today; asking was it Him or Me?

Word from this man? I see whats going down; damn!! I wonder is it them or me?

O-Dizzle hooked up a blend for me; while I bring this good word!

Bear witness to what the biz will do!! as we put in this good work!

We found a portal to slide through...seeing what the deal is!!  we're partying until the Break Of Dawn..its sizzling!! hot..even smoking!

Seeing what the deal is!! others are Breaking Dawn...some are on the sidelines snoking and joking!

Seeing what the deal is...others had the choking kind; word from Joe Simon!

Others were brokering shady deals; forget about finding a warm heart a kind one!

Didn't know? you better find one and do it as quickly as possible!

Whose choosing to take the assignment? even though the mission is impossible?

Whats stopping a bro; whats the prognosis? I paid visits to the depths of my mind!

Whats stopping a bro? climbed out of the abyss..the love is one of a kind.

....Like the Spinners; now I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; the hooptie didn't have spinners on it; but that's cool!

That style has played out anyway!! but just as soon as I say that I see somebody rolling on them; damn!!  that fool!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Inspiration Was Provided..

They said I was a hater; rolling like dude out in Arizona mad about the divorce?  I tried not to be; giving folk the benefit of the doubt!

....But then the next episode went down....some were misled..that caused a bruh to have his doubts!

Were like Rampage Jackson....all up in championship bouts!! similar to the rumble in the jungle!

The situation is far from sublime; the saga / struggle continues! through Babylon the hooptie rumbles..

Found a portal to slide sub prime mortgage on my soul!! its not how I roll ; like Roy Ayers says everybody loves the sunshine!

All up in the game...played like a sub..a scrub.....any respect for mine?

Trying to run mine!! but facing opposition like Obama because of the economy..handling my business before it handles me!

Chilling out  in the backyard on my deck... in my compound;  moves are soon made...rolling into Summer Madness like Kool and The Gang..if I do or don't somebody damns me!

Chilling is where you found me; in the background I hear traffic running up and down I-20.

The mothership strands me on earth; dealing with these earthlings calling themselves trying to run me!

Realizing that its on me; spotted the First Light per Freddie Hubbard and Joe Henderson!

Dealing with the madness; rolling incognito...the woodwork I blend in!

Soon emerging with the good word; while O-Dizzle is blending the brand new funk!

Putting in good work blue collar style in the ATL;  they say were getting crunk!

Up in Louisville? brothas were behind the liquor store getting drunk; plus backwoods was in the atmosphere.

Whats the score? brothas gonna work it out like Willie Hutch... from the backwoods of Kentucky to the red clay of Georgia to the sands of the Mideast; we see that life is not fair!

Toil and strife; here and looks like we can't escape it!

Inspiration for this breakbeat science; O-Dizzle will tape it!

Billy Paul .......Let The Dollar Circulate..

.....this is where 9th Wonder & J Dilla got the sample from ..Billy Paul....this is an old joint but the lyrics are relative to today's business!!

Let The Dollar Circulate-(Prod by 9th Wonder & J Dilla)-Instrumental

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Business As Usual..Putting It Down Like This!!!

Its the usual routine; observing the scene....a bruh is back in the ATL with the wannabe macks and divas.

Just left Charlotte on the I-85 Chronicle tip;  in the heart of it; what's up with it? reality smacks non believers!

Who started it? acting up like the House GOP;  this Sonic Assault will jack deceivers of the masses; please!! were putting it down like this!!! who faces retribution?

Big homie from Philly has dearly departed; but passed the torch!! secret knowledge revealed about this or that institution!

The Philly Connection!! but not a sub or cheese steak sandwich; not hated on like Donovan McNabb is; word from Jared!! whose losing weight instead of getting it up?

Like the Time and Morris Day talked about;  please!!  avoiding  lunatics like Jared Loughner..gimme a break like Nell Carter!! but a fire starter is not letting up!

Knowing how those boys play!! Gimme Shelter like Rolling Stones until there's Satisfaction!

Knowing how those boys play!! whose rolling with clones talking about they're all up in the action?

But actions for those factions were determined by those pressing buttons and turning dials!

Self inflicted wounds by collaborations with punishment gluttons were some styles!

Whats up with some? files were deleted!! they were caught up in the food chain!

But I knew how the street would get; checked the chain of command knowing that a fool would bring the pain!

Who'll understand the school of thought that's dysfunctional? please!! this train of thought is coming through!

As we unleash this Sonic Assault on the Babylon wilderness that were running through!

We found a portal to slide through..rolling in a Chevy Sonic or a hooptie?   dipping through Portal 1 or 2? ...please !! at this point it doesn't even matter..

Knowing how this sport will go..taking our time..taking it slow..not greedy like a Sonic Hedgehog..barking like a junkyard dog up the wrong tree? the Sonic Assault unleashed by O-Dog will make evil forces scatter!!

The Time......Get It Up

...classic soul/funk....the extended version.....