Monday, August 13, 2018

Beat Therapy 23 - A Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Music Monday format; so what's up? we're on that!!

Check the movement; it's about mind, body and soul improvement; we're on that!!

Check the counter - movement due to the ongoing spiritual warfare; the devil and his advocates said they're on to that!! jokers were taping everything  like Omarosa..

Something about covering their behind; others like Paul Manafort saw the light so now they're blind, is the game over?

This dude had to man up in the sport or the game would be over; had to listen to Beat Therapy 23 - A Lofi Hip Hop Mix..

It's courtesy of  Confused Bi- Product of a Misinformed Culture, who knew therapy would be provided  the culture!! check out the playlist and the mix..

0:00 - nawhij - c l o s e 02:05 - a l e x - missing my ntpp 04:20 - rainlord. - throughout. 06:33 - Jazzinuf - Dreaming About You 09:40 - chilly - moondance 11:26 - BLVK. - withu 13:05 - prima - june gloom. 15:20 - chuckee. - i've done this beat way too many times 17:40 - driver - u could miss it 18:23 - potsu - lovesick 20:51 - dosii - lovememore. 24:44 - Prima - Autumn Leaves. 26:33 - Ninjoi. - Misty 28:24 - Dominant - Wisdom 31:14 - The Deli - 532 PM 33:21 - Jack CC - Air Trails 33:53 - outdoors - tired 35:35 - Emapea - Jazzy 38:26 - Jószomszéd - Csak az olvassa (Suhov Instrumental) 41:55 - Ahwlee - 86. 43:33 - Skinny Atlas - all day dreaming 45:31 - saib. - Together 47:53 - Sun Yehoshua - heartbreaker 49:49 - Sweetbn - Row Flip 50:57 - Oui Lele - chilmilk 54:26 - Marlon Knight - A New Romance 55:06 - elijah who - first kiss 57:30 - Altitude. - lake.serene 1:00:38 - kavv - daydream

What's The Business PT.8

What's the business? revelations led to innovations of this construction / corruption site,  broadcasting live from Atlanta...

What's the business? we put it down from Mars to Venus to the ATL.!!  what's up son? this is part of a bigger plan, understand a bruh?

What's the business? we remove bars, see what the deal is? this is frontline spiritual warfare business!! we're trying to fight that and this!! damn!! life is rough...

Trying to make do like the old Judge Mathis intro;  but we're like Roger, "so rough so tough"

Who'll fake you? the path is like Atlanta or Dekalb County streets, full of potholes!! we're dealing with setbacks / obstacles!! like I told you, it's rough!!

Who'll fake you? the math, who'll understand it? you found me doing the knowledge, now I spotted devil's advocates fighting like the Jets vs the Redskins fronting like they're tough...

...saying brothas won't work it out like Willie Hutch; I'm dipping like Barry Sanders rocking his throwback jersey, who'll work with me? who's blocking?

What's the business? we're trying to work this thing out, who understands us? like Trump vs Omarosa all I see is hustle knocking!!

What's the business? we'll keep rocking, beats will thump!! the game is not over we'll keep doing what we do...

What's the business? jokers keep mocking you like Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel!!  they want to see you in the dumps, trying to act like you never knew!!

Alternative arguments are presented by Rudy Giuliani types but we're blessed we didn't believe the hypes!!

We're working it out, those that started the madness were no where to found; stressed!! we knew they were those types..

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Inverse Cinematics - Detroit Jazzin' (Dublex Inc. Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! the saga / struggle continues!! what's up? we'll keep bringing  it...

That good jazz music plays on a hot sunny day in Atlanta!! earlier today? the praise and worship team was singing it..

In the hood jokers spaz, brawling like the Jets vs the Redskins at their joint practice; or maybe like ANTIFA vs White Nationalists up in Washington...

In the hood? jokers were balling, until haters started meddling because they weren't anointed!! what's your point I was asked they said I was irrational with this!! they asked me what's up son?

What's good? they said I was falling but I was like Inverse Cinematics,  Detroit Jazzin' (Dublex Inc. Remix)

What's good? we're falling through with this sound and a verse or two rebuking fanatics as we get breakbeat scientific..

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Mind Expansions (Blaze Shelter)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! the Saturday Night Fever edition is underway..

What it do? we're all in!  jazz, funk , hip hop, house music and soul music play..

What else is supposed to play on this Saturday Night?  "sho you right"  was the answer..

How else are you supposed to "holla at me" I was asked? I had something mellow and something for a dancer..

Listening to Kyoto Jazz Massive with Mind Expansions (Blaze Shelter) ; Maiya James had the vocals locked down!!

The movement? it's massive with room for expansion!! intergalactic, international national and local is where we rocked the sound!!

Sound Of Silence | 2018 Deep Progressive House Set | By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! I usually have an Afternoon Jazz thing going but at the moment we're rolling with the O-Dog Day Party..

The saga / struggle continues as I keep telling you but  jokers keep scrolling and trolling; why did the they start with me?

Like Michael Avenatti schooling Democrats we'll fight fire with fire; usually not fooling with these fanatics that call themselves running the empire..

From Cincinnati on Ezzard Charles street to down here on Candler Road in Decatur I know how hard it is, but some of these ATLiens act like they're important!!  YoungBlood on KISS 104 said they act like they're rich and famous!! soon the shot clock will expire.. 

Then there will be sounds of silence; meanwhile we're listening to Sound Of Silence | 2018 Deep Progressive House Set | By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast..

We're rocking the palace per this O-Dog Day Party! check out the playlist and the mix!! this good house music will blast..

Tracklist: 01. CJ Art - Ancient Artifact (Original Mix) 00:00 02. Cyberx & Miguel Do Reis - Skin (Original Mix) 08:11 03. Adamant - Elsewhere (Original Mix) 13:18 04. Julian Wassermann - Drang (Original Mix) 18:33 05. Tali Muss - Ganesa (Matan Caspi Remix) 23:56 06. Russlan Jaafreh - Pomegranate (Manu Riga Remix) 29:34 07. Ezek - No Filter (Original Mix) 35:12 08. Moxis - Mogambo (SNYL Remix) 42:37 09. Dizharmonia - Epsilon (Original Mix) 50:10 10. Martin Kremser - Zama Zamas (Arude Remix) 57:23

Friday, August 10, 2018

Joakim Lone Octet - Twice Thinking (Dego's 2000 Black Remix)

Flashback Friday is here!! it's reflected in this edition of Digital Crate Digging that continues..

Back in the day type of music will play, but something futuristic is also on  these menus..

Back in the way in these venues, throwing shade like Omarosa about Trump throwing around the N Word? 

What did you expect karma to render, but the game is not over; beats will thump and we'll drop this good word..

You heard? karma will make some Think Twice like Donald Byrd; Joakim Lone Octet mentioned Twice Thinking (Dego's 2000 Black Remix)

Broken beat / jazz funk for Flashback Friday; you heard? Dego and 4 Hero contributed to the mix..

What's The Business PT. 8 ( We're Working It Out)

What's the business? we're working it out!!  I'm down here in the ATL,  where per Flashback Friday?  Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz told us to get crunk.

Who you wit? that was the question asked by them and Bernie Mac!! but check the O-Dog track as he got intergalactic after consulting with aliens; this is what they meant by funk...

Peaceful before Trump sent his Space Force, but pardon me as I stay on course; as these earthlings talk junk, per the old school cliche? who's popping the trunk?

What's the business? we come through with force, on the strength!! popping the rim like a Chocolate Thunder dunk!! 

What's the business? I'm up on Buford Highway in Doraville avoiding the thunder truck driven by the padres with automatic weapons stashed like cartels and with the 808 thumping!!

What's the business? working it out, doing it my way with this good word and we let the music play!! that's word from the maestro Barry White, who's starting something?

What's the business? we're  working it out, "Wannabe starting something"  like Michael Jackson the King of Pop.

...Inspired by the Godfather of soul James Brown;  can we get down? it's like drama per the NFL and the National Anthem; it doesn't quit and it doesn't stop..

But haters conspired!!  they didn't want to see Congressman Jim Jordan take a fall, they're getting down like that!!

What transpired? over here in Decatur we moved from John Hardy's to Ed Hardy's, to a fresh pair of Jordan's that could be fake;  it's like this and like that!!

What's the business!! at the Sonic Assault Hard Times was mentioned but we're working it out!!

What's the business? you might have caught me rocking this blue collar style, going hard for mine!! Lord willing, things will eventually work out..