Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tone Jonez - Angel ( Instrumental )

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Afternoon Jazz vibe!! this is how we do it...

Cruising through Atlanta on I-20 earlier; trying not to spaz, acting like we knew it...

My constituents were going through it!! dude with the Mike Vick number 7 Atlanta Falcon jersey tried to run across four lanes of traffic on Glenwood Road...

...Plus that cat over on Candler Road was still rocking the number 5 FUBU jersey; who'll work with me? I see they're in hood mode...

Truth be told? they must be smoked out, but 420 Day was yesterday!! I guess they're still feeling the buzz...

Others were laying low like Trump dodging the Bush family, understand me? in the meantime and between time O-Zone will drop this Tone Jonez  Angel ( Instrumental ); part of that 420  Buzz...

Friday, April 20, 2018

Roy Ayers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we conduct this Flashback Friday type of business...

The saga / struggle continues!! even though it's 420 take the weed and the cash back!! unbought and unbossed per Hosea Williams or Shirley Chisholm!! knowing what the deal is!! 

Providing this feedback / I lash back with the Sonic Assault!! molding / chiseling this structure!!

We bring it back!! freeing those caught up in the system / matrix!! they'll corrupt ya!!

So what's up with ya? that's what they asked a dude, so check the attitude!! chilling listening to this Roy Ayers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert!!

Check out the playlist and the  players rolling with him!! soul jazz they'll  bring!! this is how Flashback Friday is supposed to work!! 



 "Black Family" 

"Everybody Loves The Sunshine"

MUSICIANS Roy Ayers, Mark Adams (keyboards), Trevor Allen (bass), Christopher De Carmine (drums) 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Funky House & Disco Mix 2018 - Funky Vibes London Guest Mix - Chuggin Edits

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday!! that's the kind of vibe we're in..

Of course the saga / struggle continues!! per Starbucks in Philly? emphasized by the tribe we're in!!

Who's ready to ride with him? who? O-Dizzle aka O-Dog as he drops this soul / funk / disco on the masses!!

Who's ready to slide with him through the portal? O-Zone? a dude who's knowing how the sport goes, now conducting seminars and classes!!

It's going down from London to the ATL bro, per  Funky House & Disco Mix 2018 - Funky Vibes London Guest Mix - Chuggin Edits

It's courtesy of Funky Vibes UK, check out the playlist and the mix!! Throwback Thursday business!! get with it!!

Funky House Mix & Disco Mix 2018 - Funky Vibes London Mixtape Series #1 Tracklist 

 1. Guts - Man Funk (Deelicious Rework)

2. SR Edits - Just Us 

3. DS - Funk in a Bottle 

4. Underdog Edits - Just Fakin It 

5. Marcelo Dioni - Slo Calma 

6. William De Vaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got (FKJ Remix) 

7. Billy Paul - Let Em In (Ken At Work) 

8. Chevals - I Can Prove It 

9. Harold Vonghamerie - House Party

10. Le Visitieur - No Stoppin Us 

11. Chuggin Edits - Sat Feev 

12. Funky Jaws - Them & Us 

 Funky House & Disco Mix 2018 - Funky Vibes London Guest Mix - Chuggin Edits

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Global Communication - The Way

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza!!

We're checking out some of this good house music from Global Communications..with a track called The Way
...check it out y'all  / let's go!!

In The Meantime and Between Time PT.7

Live and direct from the ATL planet it's the Humpday Extravaganza!!  these breakbeat scientists roll up with another episode..

Any respect like senators vs the Trump policies on Syria? in the meantime and between time some are waiting on the truth to be told..

It's all about the resources, in the meantime and between time we're bold with it conducting these courses!! we're done with it!!  what? the chaos and confusion!!  we come to set it straight.

Reality divorces? in need of a lawyer like Michael Cohen, a fixer like Ray Donovan?  winning? losing? Sean Hannity mentioned no relevant issues will be heard in the debate.

Of course I've been here!!  some just heard of me like Donovan Mitchell should be rookie of the year!! winning? losing?  please!! it's rough out here, as we skate on thin ice with sharp skates on!!

Of course it's rough out there, we can't even go to Starbucks!! card carrying members,  part of the tribe that society hates on.

Of course it's rough out there!! even for old dudes with Members Only jackets on!! in the meantime and between time the clock moved fast, with too many dates on the calendar..

These dudes aren't in rackets, we checked the environment!!  Ecological Ignorance Didn't Alter The Fate!! O-Dog is still in the lab, hitting the button or dial for ya..

O-Zone?  using borderline belligerence upsetting La La Land residents!! letting you know per Facebook / Cambridge Analytica  they'll have a file on you;  maybe Mark Zuckerberg will make big promises...

Drones ready to take you out per the intelligence?  some didn't obey so called security!!  face to face with crooks up in Louisville / Newburg so I knew the deal! the apparatus will take you out  even if your on your own premises!! 

In the meantime and between time we're staying full of hope, but it diminishes for some!!  we fight back with the drum!! 

In the meantime and between time  check the ongoing  Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position!! Paul McCartney type of  band on the run? 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Derrick Hodge ‎– Live Today

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! It's been a good day, but I'm not fronting, I had my moments!

Old dude back at the old Checker Cab Company up in Louisville  told me you have to take the bitter with the sweet, plus the devil and his advocates are the opponents..

Rocking a red and black Louisville Cardinal hat, this dude will get down on it like that Kool and The Gang joint from back in the day!! 

The attitude? cool like that, but some might play me like I'm strange, just back in the way..

This smooth track from Derrick Hodge will play called  Live Today; Common and Robert Glasper were rolling with him..

That's the advice I take, plus I'll pass it on!! once again it's on!!  G-o-d? I'm rolling with him..

Monday, April 16, 2018

Chill Rob G - The Power

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! your dude is going in / getting it in...

Let the music play, menus are full of hip hop /  jazz / funk / house music! the knowledge? get in where you fit in..

It might be hard for some to see, damn!! the power is still out over in Puerto Rico? I guess Trump says charge it to the game..

Some might need to lawyer up,  understand me? Michael Cohen representing Trump and Sean Hannity? so what's up? abuse of power?   RICO charges on deck? charge it to the game? 

So what's up? we're getting open, listening to Power Jam featuring  Chill Rob G with The Power! it's all that!!

This is a more lyrical / political version of the Snap! song; Power Jam actually evolved into Snap!! check out the track