Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sarah Vaughan / Summertime (UFO Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; trying to recover after the Labor Day Holiday Weekend; Might as well say the Summer of 2014 is over!! 

The theme for the Summer of 2014? checking out Sarah Vaughan  with the classic Summertime (UFO Remix). So, if UFO aka United Future Organization remixes it? it's not going be anywhere near the original!! Check it out !!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Virgo Four / It's A Crime (Caribou Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues: checking out some of this classic house music from the Virgo Four  with It's A Crime (Caribou Mix)


DRUM AND BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.17} (by faXcooL) [2014]

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this  DRUM AND BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.17} (by faXcooL) [2014]  I hadn't posted one of their mixes in a while, so I need to catch up on my pimping!! check out the playlist and the mix. You've got to love the screensaver; Drop Beats and Not Bombs!! Let's Go!!

01. Clint Busy - Gorillaz Paul (DJ Delta RMX)
02. Alborosie - Sound Killa (Dani DK RMX)
03. Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The Hotstepper (STP RMX)
04. Dani DK ft. Blackout Ja & Daddy Freddy - Kill Dem Sound
05. Krinjah - Who Say
06. Krinjah - Original Nuttah
07. DJ Oder - Start Seen
08. Mooncat - Small World
09. Erbman Hustlin - Blackboard Jungle
10. 2D & Stalefish - Night Nurse (Remix)
11. Dub Zero - Ragga Vibes
12. Deekline - Alibaba
13. Rootsraid ft Shanti D - Don't Love My Style (U.Stone RMX)
14. Gunmen - Chant Down Babylon
15. Dreadsquad - Boom Sound (Kafra RMX)
16. Dubtime - Unity
17. Gunmen - Another Hit Song
18. Safary Beats - Embaissador
19. Stevens Kbosh feat. Triba - Killing Machine (Betabass Special)
20. Norbi, MC Ben & MC Gabou - War of Sound (ePeak RMX)
21. T.Kay - Find & Kill
22. Tribe of Issachar - Junglist (Serial Killaz VIP MiX)
23. Steppa Style & ePeak - Nice UP
24. Neoh feat. MC Mood - Humanimals (Mooncat RMX)
25. Neoh feat. MC Mood - Humanimals (Original Mix)
26. Kursiva feat. Isaac Maya - Aztec Spree
27. Stylo G - Bad (Substainless Remix)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rae and Christian / Swimming Pool

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out Rae and Christian  with a track called Swimming Pool. 

DJ Rodriguez - Maestro's Theme

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're checking out some hip hop jazz from  DJ Rodriguez - with a track called Maestro's Theme.  


Broken Beats and English PT.4

Check out these broken beats and English!! after getting real scientific?  formulas were discovered!!  please!!  I wasn't stuck on stupid!!!!

The brotha O-Dog is serious!! like the NASA Spitzer telescope breakbeat scientific studies are conducted!! he'll take a beat and loop it!!!

What it do? I wasn't pimping like Eliot Spitzer!! I ran that fool Cupid away!!  jokers were playing games like the college football season  just started!! I  blasted off rounds after ear shattering gunshots exploded!! I realized it wasn't all love!!!

What it do? The Brotha O-Zone will blast sounds that the house music, funk, jazz and  hip-hop heads love!!!

What it do? we're recognizing all blessings come from above; God is in control!!

It's going down!! had to admit I'm cursing plus I stay praying!!  you know what I'm saying?  I'm still trying to protect my soul!!

It's going down!! society keeps playing games; restrictive laws  were introduced!!

It's going down!! priorities exposed flaws after the daughter of chaos was seduced!!

Due to regular scheduled programming the youth were introduced to to ill vices; subliminal messages leaked through the media!!

Religious or secular? whatcha knowing? now some think sex, money and drugs is normal and that  it wont impede you!!

Per the ISIS in Iraq other purposes will defeat you when you thought it was the other way around!!

In the midst of chaos and confusion? check these broken beats and English;  we come through with the sound!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Broken Beats and English PT.3 Dangerous Minds?

Not new to things;  or Spaces and Places like Donald Byrd!!

Acting like I knew things; while Ferguson Missouri types  plot and scheme on erasing the people we fight back; we were fascinated by broken beats and the spoken word!!

You heard!!! that's the Hip Hop cliche used, it's part of this Breakbeat Science!!

Stereotypical; mainstream?  critical!! like Putin warning enemies of Russia they said we have dangerous minds!!

It's all political; crimes are legal if you know how to write the laws!!

It's pitiful!! like Ted Cruz and government shutdowns who's Friends or Strangers per Ronnie Laws?

Sharpening claws; refusing to lose!! I'm trying to get out of the box that I'm in!!!

Hustles getting knocked!! Just when I was just trying to win!!

Check the hustle!! O-Dog rocked plus the good word is dropped!! part of the broken beats and English strategy but I'm too busy!!  losing sleep like Sleepy Floyd; eyes drooping!!

Check the hustle; clocked by Nathan Shady Dealing type Georgia authorites up in the Sloppy Floyd building down by the Capitol!! they said I was radical!! but instead, I'm in the lab!! it's drums I'm looping!!

Check the percussions!! now like Capitol in the Hunger Games so called powers that be catch karmic repercussions; it's way too real!!!

I heard the discussions; so called pundits and  experts tell us the way to feel so they can capitalize on the situation

I heard the discussions!! I wasn't asleep or distracted; I see corporate CEO'S steal; now the rank and file have no pension!!!

Politicians accept bribes, payoffs and kickbacks; for legislation!!

In the midst of all this?  check the broken beats and English as we bring you this Breakbeat Science!!

.....And they try to say were the ones with the dangerous minds!!!