Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lou Rawls "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" (DJ Spivey's 4am Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! We're listening to Lou Rawls with  "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" (DJ Spivey's 4am Edit). 

DJ Spivey did a nice job!! I posted the original in a previous episode!! Check both of them out!! Let's Go!!

MONEE MOVEMENT MIX #2 (Classic House DJ Set)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon!! We're into  this Saturday Night Fever vibe early!!

We're checking out the MONEE MOVEMENT MIX #2 (Classic House DJ Set)  courtesy of eXogroove.  

The tracks were  selected by Mandee Monee and Mixed by eXo. Check out the playlist and the mix. 

The Boss (Dimitri from Paris Remix)

Inaya Day - Hold Your Head Up High (Soul Avengerz Vocal)

Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Chuck Love's Mute Force Mix)

Lil' Louis - New Dance Beat (D'extended Edit)

Masters At Work feat. Xaviera Gold - Gonna Get Back To You (Kenlou 12'' Mix)

Warren Clarke feat. Kathy Brown - Over You (Atfc Club Mix)

Silicone Soul - Right On, Right On

Mr. Fingers - What About This Love ? (Kenlou mix)

Jazzanova with V. Duplaix - That Night (Wahoo Mix)

Crystal Waters - Makin' Happy (Hurley's Insane House Mix)


Friday, January 20, 2017

Mop Mop - Spaceship: Earth

Digital Crate Digging Continues per what I call Friday Night Fever!! This proceedings might frighten a non-believer..

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues per this over achiever!! per Inauguration Day some we're conned by a deceiver...

O-Dog? preparing menus in soul's kitchen!! an insurrection will occur per the Sonic Assault!!

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors have some catching hell!! in a net like an El Chapo? they're caught!!

No joke!!  lessons taught!! horrors / terrors manufactured by these earthlings? what's it all worth?

Some are ready to roll out!! space is the place? listening to this future jazz per Anthony Joseph with Mop Mop; they mention Spaceship: Earth


Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Music - The Coldcut Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! it's going down on this Flashback Friday!!

What it do? I'm down here chilling out in the ATL!! you know these ATLiens are talking about a Falcons Friday!!

What it do? up in DC they're talking about Inauguration Day, but I'm playing things another way!! 

Acting like I knew per the maetro's philosophy!! Barry White said Let The Music Play!!

 Acting like I knew!! you'll spot me checking out soul music, house music, drum and bass,  plus jazz y'all..

At the moment?  I'm listening to classic hip hop cousin!! checking out Eric B. & Rakim Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Music - The Coldcut Remix)'s on y'all!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 137

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but in this episode we're moving forward!

Retro-futuristic is what you can call it; I go back then it's back to the future!! moving forward!!

Going ballistic with this sonic assault!! check out the steady bombardment of the enemy position!!

Going ballistic with this sonic assault!! dropping jazz, funk, hip hop and house music!! that's what we're giving!!

This episode? we're in electro mode along with house music, drum and bass and other elements per Monstercat Podcast Ep. 137 

Check out the playlist and the mix, it's going down like this!! so how you feeling!!

🎹 Tracklist
00:01:05 Snails & Pegboard Nerds - Deep In The Night
00:05:36 Dirty Audio & Max Styler - Roller Coaster
00:08:51 San Holo - New Sky
00:12:58 Pegboard Nerds - Talk About It (ft. Desirée Dawson)
00:17:01 Protostar & Draper - Chrysalis
00:20:43 Falcon Funk - Pounce [Monstercat Throwback]
00:24:18 Rogue - Drive Away
00:28:50 Slips & Slurs - Restless (ft. Anna Yvette)
00:32:51 Soupandreas - Melatonin
00:36:51 Stonebank - Never Looking Back
00:40:30 Aero Chord - Resistance [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:43:33 Pegboard Nerds - Hero (ft. Elizaveta) (Stonebank Remix)
00:49:03 KUURO - Savage [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:51:31 Unlike Pluto - Searching For You (ft. Karra & Eric Zayne)
00:54:39 Trivecta - Evaporate (ft. Aloma Steele)

Doing The Knowledge; But That's Business As Usual PT.4

Business is conducted as usual!! what it do? a dude is peeping game doing the knowledge!!

Business is corrupted as usual!! some say it's like the GOP vs Obamacare!! who goes there? Pence said they'll do the knowledge..

As I mentioned before, the mothership has landed due to good mileage!! were we  traveling like Russell Westbrook?

The vehicle? it stranded me on earth but NASA will try to track it like they do space debris!! plus I see Dekalb County police rolling so there's no rest for a crook..

I see you!! trying to rest reading a book but safe havens / safe harbors will get raided per North Korea missiles placed on mobile launchers; they're rolling!!

The apparatus will test you!! from Afghanistan to Georgia / Iraq to Florida!!  so what's up man? how are you rolling?

We're doing the knowledge but that's business as usual!! we noticed that The Donald Trump New World Order will soon be soul controlling!! clones are told to get in where they fit in.

We're doing the knowledge but that's business as usual!! this world music we bring has no border!! were rolling through checkpoints!! going in / getting it in!!

...Use it or lose it I was told!!  if not? out of order signs will be put up and the door locked.

We're doing the knowledge but that's business as usual!! down I-20 in Atlanta we cruised with it like Smokey Robinson with funky sounds up in the hooptie!! per Throwback Thursday O-Dog rocked.

We're doing the knowledge but that's business as usual!! confused about it? the joke will be on you!!  in corporate boardrooms?  CEOs are laughing.

English and beats are broken..they're causing collsions, due to this math we bring.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lounge Lizard - Living Lounge Mix (Full Mix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! as I mentioned earlier, we're chilling!!

Cooling out!! we're usually humping like the middle of the week!! outlook bleak due to shady dealing?

Ruling out negativity!! I'm all about the positive!! Terrible / Terrific Tuesday outlooks discussed yesterday!!

Get with me!! your dude is rocking it!! following the Barry White doctrine; Let The Music Play!!

I'm like a lounge lizard listening to the Lounge Lizard - Living Lounge Mix (Full Mix) courtesy of DJ Disma!!

Avoiding the blizzard / polar vortex due to the sport being complex!! check the playlist and the mix as we get with ya!!

1 00:00 Blue Six - Woman Of The Sea
02 03:40 eDeep - Afrika (BitterSuite Remix)
03 10:00 Sinister Concepts feat. Wayne Gardiner - La Melodia (Ambient Noizes)
04 15:20 Aqua Bassino - Dancing Thru The Night
05 20:30 Soda Inc - While She Was Sleeping
06 24:35 Aya - uptown (dub)
07 30:30 Helena - M'en aller (Montmartre Remix)
08 34:25 Lanoiraude - Givin My All
09 38:55 Vincenzo - We Wait Right Here Vincenzo And Simone Greys Latenight Dub
10 44:05 Inlakech - Hash Maker
11 49:35 Muchacho - As Bad As She Wants To Be (Fever Mix)
12 54:10 plaza - plazasstore
13 56:55 Pascal Mancino - The Moon Lovers