Monday, March 27, 2017

Ronnie Laws - Friends and Strangers...

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday. We're listening to this classic / smooth track from Ronnie Laws called Friends and Strangers!! Check out the players and the track!!

 Bass – Donnie Beck  

Cello – Nat Gershman , Paul Bergstrom 

Guitar – Melvin Robinson 

Piano – Bobby Lyle 

Soprano Saxophone, Flute [Alto] – Ronnie Laws 

Synthesizer [Arp, Moog] – Larry Dunn 

Viola – Barbara Simons, Leonard Selic 

Violin – Barbara Durant, Carroll Stephens, Elliott Fisher, Hyman Goodman, Jerry Reisler, Paul Shure, Polly Sweeney, Bill Nuttycombe

It's Time To Get Down PT.4 (The Relocation)

 It's time to get down!! check out the relocation, I moved things around!! this concept usually goes down  per the Sonic Assaults!!

It's time to get down!! vibrations were felt over there, while I get down over here at Random Thoughts... 

It's all in the family like Trump and  Jared Kushner as I move on to the next like Trump and tax reform,  knowing the sport is complex, so what's the norm?  there's no rest for you. 

Conflicts aren't final,  in the lab? O-Dizzle will dig through the vinyl!! call him Doctor Polyester. 

Conflicts aren't final!! digital crate digging was the method to the madness!! contests aren't over until the fat lady sings. the opera; but some hear footsteps in the dark per the Isley Brothers or was it the Phantom of the opera?  drama?  one brings. 

Oh yes!!  drama one brings!! like shooting up Cameo Club in Cincinnati.

...Or maybe Club Cedar in Louisville,  I see ya trying to keep it real!!  holla back at me. 

..Especially after plots and schemes fall apart like the GOP Health Plan. 

...Or maybe the Muslim immigration ban, so what's up man?  somebody might understand. 

I kept hustling man!! it's time to get down!! there's spiritual significance in this operation!! O-Dog aka O-Dizzle aka Uncle Polyester will keep crate digging.

It's time to get down!!  sounds are used as a weapon as those that hate keep bid rigging.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cleveland Eaton - Cleve's Jam

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're listening to some jazz funk from Ramsey Lewis protege, bass player Cleveland Eaton with a track called  Cleve's Jam!! These cats are playing!! Check out the players and the track...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bushwacka! - Let It Play (feat. E.Q.)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! We're listening to some  electro / hip hop from Bushwacka! with a track called  Let It Play (feat. E.Q.)

Southside Reverb - Reverberation (Northside Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We're listening to some hip hop /  electro / breaks from  Southside Reverb  with a track called Reverberation (Northside Mix). Check this out!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

'The Tony Tapes" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Friday Night Fever!! We're listening to 'The Tony Tapes" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey!!

...From the sound selector DJ Spivey;   .... This "Pop Up" Mix was inspired by my meeting DJ Tony Humphries the other day at this years Winter Music Conference here in Miami. 

As you probably know Tony has been in the House Music game since the early 1980's in NYC. Tony's DJ style is smooth and funky, with touches of Techno, Deep, Old School but mostly its just plain Soulful. 

This Set (Vol. 1) features tunes that Tony either wrote, produced, remixed or featured on his incredible label simply titled: "Tony Records." Just a slight warning, the first 30 minutes of this Mix are Super High Energy! :-) So Pace Yourself & Enjoy... 

Check out the playlist and the mix!

 The Tony Tapes:

00:00 Sick by Rame & Bonara feat. Zoe Xenia

06:38 Hot, Hot, Hot by Tony Vee

10:54 Oh Adam by Tony Humphries

15:58 Charlie Sez by Tony Humphries

22:08 You and I (Tony Humphries Guitar Instrumental Mix) by Nina Lares

29:22 Wonder Why by Tony Humphries & Junior White feat. Aaron K. Gray

36:20 Hostile Takeover (Tony Humphries & Junior White Vocal Mix) by Soulful Session & Lynn Lockamy

44:12 Sumthin' Good by Sol Brown feat. Sacha Williamson

50:54 Turn Me On (Tony Humphries Full Vocal Mix) by Nina Simone

58:00 Work is Work (Her Wet Shoes) by Tony Humphries 

Vibrations PT. 4 (Outback Chronicle Edition)

Feeling the vibrations!! concepts comebine  per the Outback Chronicles,  I'm still handling business in my backyard!  the earth is scarred,  in need of refinement. 

Feeling the vibrations!! per the Keystone XL pipeline, I'm  not handling business like those disturbing the earth due to oil refinement.

 I have a different assignment,  I'll leave the oil business to Rex Tillerson and the Russians!! deals set up by Paul Manafort? 

Ukraine the introduction to Black Sea corruption?  so what's up son?  somebody said get your hustle on!! your damned if you do or don't in the sport!!

Maintaining!! trying to man the fort / trying to stay on point!!  it's easy to get upset in the sport like Xavier did to Arizona

Maintaining!! trying to man the fort / trying to stay on point!! spring cleaning / spring training is going down due to meals ate at steakhouses like Outback and Arizona!! 

Maintaining!! trying to man the fort / trying to stay on point!! per Outback Chronicle type of business I was outside feeling the natural vibrations..

Maintaining!! trying to man the fort / trying to stay on point!! not out of it!! a dude peeping game like I was at  Neil Gorsuch confirmations..

Learning new school lessons even though it's Flashback Friday? checking out  Gorillaz new music video for their song “Saturnz Barz...

Learning new fools aka millenials are stressing due to Flashback Friday  / old school principles!!  soon undergoing the healing process to erase the scars..

Learning new tools while I was outback trimming tree limbs, bushes and weeds..

Learning new rules due to the vibrations I was feeling? adjustments are made so I'm not through dealing!!  per Aries Season and the Spring Equinox I'm planting seeds...