Saturday, February 28, 2015

François K - Awakening (Needs Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out François K  with a track called Awakening. This is the Needs remix.   Barbara Mendes is featured on the vocals.  Check it out!!


It Just Got Real (Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position)

As we proceed and continue to do the knowledge; we realize things are serious!! *it just got real*

 Oh the mothership gets good mileage!!  we were out there on the Starship Enterprise with Leonard Nimoy, #RIPSpock; told to #livelongandprosper; now that's the deal!!

A brotha gets scientific with it, this is no ploy; *Outside The Box*   now that's what I'm saying!! even though *I'm All Up In The House* 

O-Dog rocks; but he will hit you up with jazz, funk, hip-hop and house...

I arouse revolutionary feelings when there's *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position* 

Swinging the Sonic Blackjack like I was making a jack move!! *Seeing The World And Our Place In It Realistically* by using a Fresh Vision!!  so how was you living?

Barely surviving jack!!  check out the hunger and thirst in this game!! going ballistic was an option!! hustles?  the system is knocking!! I thought I told you it was rough!!

....out here; in the hooptie? I'm barely arriving!! but  surprising storm troopers and Hunger Game Peacekeepers; they tried to call a brothas bluff..

Shucking and Jiving? naw!! selling out like Lee Daniels? naw!! still  So Ruff, So Tuff like Roger and Zapp; man did they put it down..

Shocking and Awing?  naw!! who's Going In Circles like the Gap Band?  going around and around..

Rocking it y'all!! O-Dizzle is doing his thing in response to the ongoing madness!! things just got real!!!

Knocking it y'all!! the hustle, that's the dizzle!! some fake it; did they take the matrix red or blue pill? 


Friday, February 27, 2015

Doing What We Do Due To Business As Usual

What?  no federal charges for violation of civil rights charges against George Zimmerman?

Please!!  that's business as usual!!  you see there were no charges against Darren Wilson

That's the type of business we're dealing with!!  but the earth  keeps on spinning. 

Breakbeat scientific business is still conducted; sometimes losing,  sometimes winning. 

Will we get another chance like Adrian Peterson? we took a break from the usual life is hectic type of business!! now we're back on the street again!!  check out how we roll!!

Saints were sometimes sinning!!  these earthlings didn't want to act right!! please!!  they're out of control. 

New Orleans Saints type bounties will influence some!! please!!  jokers have mortgage payments and car notes. 

Mutiny on the bounty type shenanigans go down from Nigeria to Ferguson!! how you working it son?  O-Dog has the beats and O-Zone had these quotes. 

Oh!!  a brotha totes a whole sack full!!  it's in response to the business as usual!!   that's what he does. 

This is business as usual from our perspective as we get breakbeat scientific!!  this is what it do / what it does.  

Once again it's on as I bring it back!!  I'm just doing what I do

Rolling up with a small army riding the Siberian Express acting like I knew. 

God is laughing due to the plans per Psalm 2:4!!  but my soul is up in this thing per the math I bring!!  its going down like this! 

It's not odd;  check the last laughing due to some epiosodes / circumstances!!  meanwhile O-Dog will put the sound down like this!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 047

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! checking out some electro, drum and bass, trap music , dubstep and other genres from the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 047. Check out the playlist and the podcast.

00:31 Favright - Greenstorm
04:25 Eminence - Shapes & Shifts
08:11 PIXL - Rat Twist
11:28 Astronaut & Far Too Loud - War (Teddy Killerz Remix)
15:57 Droptek - Jukebox Nightmares
20:35 7 Minutes Dead - The Divide [Monstercat Spotlight]
24:34 WRLD & Richard Caddock - See You
26:23 PYLOT - After Dark
30:28 Rogue - This Is It [Monstercat Throwback]
35:34 Aero Chord - Break Them (feat. Anna Yvette)
39:38 Excision & Pegboard Nerds - Bring The Madness (Noisestorm Remix)
41:23 Bustre - Don’t Forget (feat. LaMeduza)
45:24 Muzzy - The Destroyer (TwoThirds Remix)
49:25 Muzzy - Get Crazy
52:31 Muzzy - Draining Atlantic
56:12 Rootkit - Do It


Do The Knowledge / Act Like You Knew That!!

Act like you knew that; do the knowledge!! so how you riding? what's up with it?

The mothership gets good mileage!!! we're sliding through portals like they were massive black holes!!  away from these earthlings!!  some fools are gluttons for punishment!!

What's up with it? watch what you ask for you just might get it!! it's a Hot Message from the *Hot Messenger*

O-Dog Podcast; check the Funk Seminar; Random Thoughts From A Brotha; a hot mess for ya? 

What's up with ya? please!!! folks are struggling!! we're all in the hole!!!

But we fight back; *All Up In The House*  bringing hip-hop; funk; house; jazz and soul..

Outside The Box; might roll up on clowns with The Small Army;  we come equipped..

O-Dog rocks; meanwhile I'm Droppin Knowledge; it was gained by peeping game!! watching as fools like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson at CPAC  tripped!!

Out There; Outside The Box!!  homie said nothing's fair in love and war...

Told them this is true; that's why I bring The Funk Seminar... 

Haters were raising the bar!! they tried to act brand new with me!! something about net neutrality!!  

Do the knowledge!! act like you knew that!! this brotha will exercise diplomatic immunity!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Orlando Julius - Selma to Soweto - (Walkner Hintenaus Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some of this jazz / world beat / afrobeat music with historical significance. How about  Orlando Julius - talking about Selma to Soweto?   (Walkner Hintenaus Remix)  Right on time for a recap of Black History Month. Let's Go!!


Prefuse 73 - "Robot Snares Got No Cadence or Balance"

Afternoon Jazz Continues! we're checking out  Prefuse 73 - with a track called "Robot Snares Got No Cadence or Balance" ..Let's Go!!