Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reading The TelePrompter PT 9 (Ghetto Editorials)

I'm Reading The TelePrompter trying to open the door for ya!!  Others tell you to close it like Teddy Pendergrass.

Prompt when the Mothership landed back on earth?  oh yes!! check the Planetary Invasion like Midnight Star!! please!! You know there's no justice no peace when you deal with the Federation / the apparatus.

Lord have mercy!! Lord Help!! Lord Help!! that's The Battle Cry
as the apparatus falls apart; the home team will lose like Georgia to Alabama  / or even Georgia Tech to North Carolina...

Lord have mercy!!    Lord Help!! Lord Help!! that's heard after rain from Hurricane Joaquin hits South Carolina...

Reading The TelePrompter, error messages were sent or was it my perception? what's up?  out in space? check the junk / debris..

Who'll work with me? Intergalactic!! sliding through portals / black holes;  now coming back with funk influenced by the cosmic debris..

Reading The TelePrompter, breakbeat science along with the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space was studied....

Reading The TelePrompter as the fake have some waiting in the dark; history will repeat, so who studied? 

Check the status;  Intergalactic like I just got back from Mars; check the liquid I brought back as it's poured;  straight from the ice box  / the refrigerator per this sonic elaborater!! I've got a full pitcher.

Check the status; fanatics inflict scars on batters with fastballs and sliders!! I didn't fool with the pitcher...

Let the healing process begin!! scars from bruising and battering will undergo a transformation,  Katina Powell type snitchers will write a book about it.. 

Louisville Cardinals are in damage control; shady? that's how Louisvillians / Louisvillains roll!! any need to write a book about it? 

For real though!! damned if you do or don't!! that's word dropped in these ghetto editorials...

Reading The TelePrompter!! putting it down, prompt for ya!! we get breakbeat scientific with these and those...

London Elektricity - Are We There Yet? - MiniMix

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're checking out some drum and bass with a jazzy feel to it provided by  London Elektricity - with the Are We There Yet? - MiniMix. Check out the playlist and the mix...


London Elektricity - Tone Poem
London Elektricity - Tape Loops (feat. Hugh Hardie)

London Elektricity - Why Are We Here (feat. Liane Carrol)

London Elektricity - Seven Days To Live (feat. Emer Dineen)

London Elektricity - Singing Ringing Tree

London Elektricity - Drop Ship

London Elektricity - Parallax

London Elektricity - That Thing You Did

London Elektricity - Impossible To Say

London Elektricity - Swivel

London Elektricity - Tenderless (feat. Emer Dineen)

London Elektricity - Telefunken Lizard Filter

London Elektricity - Phase Us (feat. Emer Dineen)

London Elektricity - Artificial Skin (feat. Emer Dineen & Keeno)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bernie Worrell - Flex

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we're checking out some P Funk / hip hop / jazzhop from  P Funk proteg Bernie Worrell with a track called Flex. 

He's got an all star cast playing with him!!   James Sumbi from Freestyle Fellowship, Mike G from the Jungle Brothers provide the vocals. Check out the other players and the track..

Alto Saxophone – Maceo Parker / Guitar – Bootsy Collins / Organ [Hammond B-3], Synthesizer [Mini Moog] – Bernie Worrell / Programmed By [Beats] – Darryl Mack / Programmed By [Beats], Loops – Bill Laswell / Trombone – Fred Wesley / Vocals – Bootsy Collins, Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, George Clinton, James Sumbi,
Mike G

Friday, October 2, 2015

Reading The TelePrompter PT.8 (Ghetto Editorials)

Work is put in!! I'm reading the TelePrompter like it's CNN or Fox News but of course a brotha has different views..

Check out these ghetto editorials per these fresh views / fresh visions due to hostile territorials; what? disputes! like ISIS in the Mideast a fanatic pillages and loots with wannabe get fresh crews...

Unlike Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick as corporarions like Volkswagen get slick with it: I didn't make this stuff up. all up in this piece!!

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! hell some will catch / some folk are getting what's coming to them, now heard saying it's rough up in this piece!!
Of course no justice no peace is the catch phrase revived by the Ferguson / Baltimore / Charleston shenanigans so what's up with this? we're flowing down *The Stream Of Consciousness* polluted  similar to The Nile / The Euphrates?

Who's waiting in the dark? soon gaffled by officials as they get slick with it per overflow catch basins in Shawnee Park!! now it's like Louisville and the Ohio! they polluted it!! along with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati..

Stagnant waters down the *Stream Of Consciousness*  influencing the Reading Of The TelePrompter? bear witness when I come with this; on the information highway we travel

Water found on Mars will make jurisdictions raise bars!! they're prompt with it!! what? the space travel...

Let the healing process begin due to scars from these jusridictions!! we fight back with this good word plus we're bringing the drum with this;  it's our mode of transportation, soon the mystery will unravel...

Flowing down The Stream Of Consciousness / it's our mode for public transportation / transformation as the TelePrompter is read; a crooked judge will strike the gavel...

People don't know half of the story, but it was like Reading The TelePrompter while observing the scene; now I'm ready to roll....

The masses will get hit up with these ghetto editorials as issues continue to be teritorial; on sacred grounds we try to protect our soul...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 076

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we're checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 076 for the latest in electro, house music, trap music dubstep, drum and bass and ther flavors. Check out the playlist and the mix..

00:31 Fractal - Amor (feat. Syrin)
06:07 Mr FijiWiji - Yours Truly (feat Danyka Nadeau) (JIKES Remix)
10:37 Razihel - Legends (feat. TeamMate) (Hyper Potions Remix)
13:50 Feint - Lonesong
17:31 Priority One & TwoThirds - Hunted (feat. Jonny Rose)
20:43 Muzzy - Lost Metropolis
24:13 Protostar - Genesis
28:11 Rogue - This Is It [Monstercat Throwback]
33:37 Astronaut - Apollo (SLDGHMR Remix)
37:08 Nigel Good - No Way Back Up (feat. Illuminor) [Monstercat Spotlight]
43:45 Au5 & Fractal - Dreaming
48:45 Stephen Walking - One Man Moon Band [Monstercat Exclusive]
52:01 Soulero - Break Away
56:00 Rogue - Through The Dark

Let's Get It Started / Let's Get It Together PT.2

Let's get it started!! we're flowing upstream / down stream Louisville / Newburg  Ohio River style or maybe down The Nile, or maybe the Euphrates....

Let's get it together!! but the team is in disarray!! I couldn't chill plus I didn't merge with those Philistines!! like the GOP they'll just debate those and these!!

Damn! Damn! Damn! it's like Florida Evans from Good Times; dealing with JJ and the rest of the family.

From the ATL to Jax on the First Coast in Florida to NYC we knew the deally!! they're about to get hit up by Hurricane Joaquin, but we kept hustling like Noah, Joakim:  somebody might understand me.

Let's Get It Started!! we're dipping like Joaquin El Chapo Guzman  rolling on Highway 101 or I-80 in The Bay Area!!  then to the Midwest on  I-65 in Chicago / to I-75 in Detroit.

Let's Get It Together!! what's up Holmes? Russian airstrikes hit Homs in Syria now check the mass hysteria!! already discussed by Obama and Putin so why the confusion?  winning / losing?  its hard to avoid.

O-Dizzle? he's not devoid of funk!! after consultations with extraterrestrials out by Mars while drinking a fresh cup of water the Intergalactic type of funk is dropped by this universal traveler..

What's the dizzle? I'm back down on earth avoiding punishment gluttons that keep hitting the dial, like in Dekalb County Georgia with Lee May trusting Mike Bowers

What's the dizzle? you know misery loves company now corporations are started, but check out how we start it!! like Lee May the MLB player we hit home runs out of the park...

Let's Get It Started!! but  plans fizzled now Let's Get It Together is heard!! we kept it moving, vehicles weren't in park!!

Let's Get It Started!! some were waiting in the dark, they said they were following hunches..

Let's Get It Together!! due to the hating you know the devil is opposed, so there are no free lunches!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Digable Planets -- Flyin' High In The Brooklyn Sky

Digital Crate Digging Continues: we're checking out some jazzhop / hiphopjazz from Digable Planets  with Flyin' High In The Brooklyn Sky. 

This is from the album  Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool released in 1994. It's right at the intersection where hip hop lyrics meet live jazz instrumentation. Check out the players and the track..
Bass Guitar – Carl Carter  / Drums – Steve Williams   /  Guitar – Wah Wah Watson  / Percussion – Danny Sadownick  / Producer – Lester Bowie, Wah Wah Watson  / Trumpet – Lester Bowie  / Written-By – Digable Planets, Lester Bowie, Wah Wah Watson