Friday, February 23, 2018

Luka Ft Maya Spector - We Had Freedom (IndySoul Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday / New Music Friday, plus the Friday Night Fever is in affect..

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! the music will play, naysayers will have to show respect..

Players needed a check like college basketball players used by the system; major funds clocked per March Madness? 

Prayers after wrecking the train of thought? they worked, now I'm back to work!! dealing with the madness..

Per Luka  Ft Maya Spector,  We Had Freedom (IndySoul Remix) but we were trying to do too much..

Sounds are dropped courtesy of We Go Deep Music, we can use it!! show the sound selector respect!! freedom? we're still fighting for it!! coming through in the clutch..

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Roland Bautista - Manifestation

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday!! We're listening to some jazz funk / jazz rock from Roland Bautista with a track called  Manifestation!! Check out the players and the track..

  • BassDonald Beck
  • CongasChip Steen
  • DrumsSteve Gutierrez
  • Guitar, Lead VocalsRoland Bautista
  • Keyboards, SynthesizerBobby Lyle
  • PercussionVictor Feldman
  • ProducerWayne Henderson
  • Bill Withers ‎– Lovely Day (LNTG Remix)

    Digital Crate Digging Continues per a Throwback Thursday time frame..

    The saga / struggle continues!! I go back to the future, some say I play a mind game...

    My kind are caught up in the game / system / matrix; the apparatus normalized it..

    Sonic assaults are unleashed on the mainframe!! the beat? I compressed , boosted and normalized..

    Similar to the Late Night Tuff Guy, when he worked on this classic track by Bill Withers called Lovely Day..

    I posted the Sunshine Mix at my satellite station, check that out; on many occasions you've probably heard me say "let the music play"

    Wednesday, February 21, 2018

    The Transition PT.3

    We're moving forward never backwards, even though Katina Powell types will bring down the whole city, like Louisville having to vacate their 2013 championship..

    I wasn't feeling their energy, jokers are foul plus there's no pity from the street committee!! I had to dip down I-75 to Atlanta in the Buick Regal aka the mothership!!

    What's up with it? I'm in transition, I wasn' t feeling their energy! it conflicted with the energy I'm putting out.

    Kinetic /  electric? nuclear? not acting brand new with ya, like  Trump bump stock bans but no no Florida AR-15 bans?  I'm back with it rocking some Mecca jeans and a pair of black Vans rolling like a fireman!! hot spots?  I'm putting out.

    Beats will bump, O-Dog will rock!! plus the Random Thoughts?  I'm putting out into the universe!!  I'm still down for the cause.

    Getting over the hump per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! using Diplomatic Immunity.!!  God is blessing us, so we keep it moving, in transiton!!  we won't stop,  quit or pause.

    In Transition! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta from Douglasville to Conyers, check the response as no applause is heard!! nobody' s checking for a brotha, unless they send negative energy.

    What's the deal with the negative energy?  a brotha will intercept it like a cornerback before it reachs my entity.

    Like John Conyers retiring up in Michigan we didn't feel the energy brought forth!!  haters were pushing the wrong dials and buttons.

    Check the response;  during the ongoing crisis? they thought I would get off on the malice,  like I was a punishment glutton.

    Now in Transition during Pisces season,  I bring the Sonic Assault for a reason!!  pushing dials and buttons on the beat box.

    This brotha is in Transition!! during the ongoing crisis? we're showing you that O-Dog rocks.

    Monday, February 19, 2018

    Retro Futuristic Mystic Going Ballistic PT. 10

    This retro- futuristic mystic is going ballistic! the break / hiatus  is over, it's back to business as usual!  like PE?  we fight the power.

    We know what the deal is, some might act like they knew a bro but they'll still hate on us!! check the clock, as we approach the final hour.

    They should know what the deal is! we exercise power unlike Trump with his Tweets;  it's based on diplomatic immunity.

    Rolling like a Black Panther down I-20 in Atlanta aka Wakanda with the bumping beats in the hooptie!! we weren't fronting on the eastside like the Jeffersons!!  when haters started stressing we dipped back to the community.

    Now we're on the Eastside of Atlanta!!  not acting brand new, wandering through the streets of Babylon aka the danger zone!!  O-Zone? I'm still the same old me.

    Colder than a polar bear due to the environment,  but thawing out due to global warming?  I span the globe brainstorming but I don't know, sometimes still the cold me..

    The old me comes out due to Louisville / Newburg default settings!! this retro-futuristic mystic is going ballistic!! was it because the climate has changed in more ways than one? 

    The climate has changed in more ways than one? I even felt the pressure but I was like Mystikal and  Silkk The Shocker? it ain't my fault / "I ain't the one"

    Like Russian election tampering? crooks we're lamping, just  New Birth type Dream Merchants selling bogus goods?  this retro- futuristic mystic is going ballistic telling you everybody's struggling!  we're all in Transition!!

    We're cold crushing though, off the books with this like these Decatur / Atlanta convenience / corner store merchants with the slot machines in the back of the store taking peoples money!! how were we living? 

    Those pressuring were rubber stamping victories,  but God will hold me and you down!!  he's got us covered!! he knows things aren't perfect, far from it!!  without a doubt...

    This is the word from a retro-futuristic mystic going ballistic!! "The Saga /Struggle Continues"  we'll work it out..

    Isaac 'Redd' Holt – Do It Baby

    Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! 

    We're checking out Issac 'Redd' Holt aka The Redd Holt Unlimited with their instrumental version of the Miracles's Do It Baby

    ... Check it out / Let's Go!!

    DJ Paulo Arruda - Afterhours 10 | Feb 2018

    Another Music Monday has rolled around, so you know this dude is digital crate digging...

    President's Day Holiday? I mentioned earlier no benevolence was coming our way!! the system? those that hate will keep rigging!!

    I keep gigging / work is put in blue collar style, a dollar was offered so I could change my style but that's not happening..

    Broadcasting live from a remote outpost out in the woods / suburbs of Atlanta; some even referred to it as Wakanda, an alternative universe where it's all happening!!

    After strapping in the seat belt of the mothership this is where it landed after lights started blinking on the instrument panel..

    After hours work is put in, similar to this mix by  DJ Paulo Arruda with  Afterhours 10 | Feb 2018;  after checking the playlist and the mix somebody might understand a brotha!!


    01 Mirko Worz - Uprising (Original Mix)

    02 Frankyeffe - Regeneration 

    03 Stanny Abram - Top of the Mountain (Original Mix) 

    04 DJ Tonio - Queen (ANNA Remix)

    05 Max Coseglia - Gram (Mr. Bizz Remix)

    06 Caravaca - Ekfa (Original Mix)

    07 Deetech - In the Jungle (Original Mix) 

    08 David Ortega - Jack (Original Mix)

    09 Svenj - Lost in the Desert (Original Mix)

    10 Alex Dittrich - Euphoric (Original Mix) 

    11 DJ Tonio - Floods (Original Mix)