Thursday, August 28, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 024

Once again it's on!! we're checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 24 for the latest in electro, dubstep and drum and bass. Check out the playlist and the mix. 

00:31 Droptek - Boundaries
06:16 Astronaut & Eyes - Pinball (The McMash Clan Remix) [Unreleased]
07:57 Nitro Fun - New Game
11:50 Insan3Lik3 - Bad Pitched
15:20 Mystery Track
17:27 TwoThirds - Tonight (feat. Holly Drummond)
23:31 Favright - Green Storm
28:27 Mr FijiWiji - Insomnia
31:16 Au5 - Snowblind (feat. Tasha Baxter) [Unreleased]
34:43 Pegboard Nerds - Close Encounter
38:16 Stephen Walking - Claptrap
41:39 Pegboard Nerds - Hero
45:06 Rameses B - Dream Catcher (feat. Charlotte Haining) [Monstercat Spotlight]
48:25 Astronaut - Rain (Rootkit Remix)
53:57 Au5 & Fractal - Blue

Black Tiger Sex Machine - Futuristic Thriller Mix Part VII

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this  Black Tiger Sex Machine  Futuristic Thriller Mix Part VII...and that what it is!! 

Futuristic, "apolcalyptic" , next level, "cosmic storm trooperish", "space agiish"  and otherworldly type of descriptions. Check out the playlist and the mix. 

[00:30] Danger - 1h30 (F.O.O.L Remix) [Free Download]
[02:03] Pryda - Power Drive [Pryda Recordings]
[04:55] Trumpdisco - Outworld [Forthcoming No Tomorrow Recs]
[06:09] Black Tiger Sex Machine - REVOLT [Forthcoming Kannibalen Records]
[08:10] Snails x heRobust - Pump This [OWSLA]
[09:09] M4SONIC - Virus [Ultra]
[10:20] TC - Get Down Low (Silverback Remix) [OWSLA]
[11:36] Dabin x Black Tiger Sex Machine - Jack Dat Body [Kannibalen Records]
[13:05] Black Tiger Sex Machine - Afterworld ft. Panther [Kannibalen Recs]
[14:21] Peace Treaty - Titus [Dim Mak]
[16:06] OVERWERK - Matter [Free Download]
[18:55] Owl Vision - Kill 'em, Fuck 'em, Eat 'em [Comorbid Records]
[20:17] RVBRA - Come Back [Main Course]
[21:56] LeKtriQue - Stormtroopers [Kannibalen Records]
[23:49] Black Tiger Sex Machine - Moonlight [Kannibalen Records]
[25:03] Snails x Antiserum - Wild (Far Too Loud Edit) [Unreleased]
[26:19] Ravolution Ft. The Unique Yagark - Annihilation (Your Ol' Lady Remix) [Electro News Records]
[27:51] Black Tiger Sex Machine x Apashe - ID [Forthcoming Kannibalen Recs]
[31:20] The Gulf Gate Project - Spanish Montana [Toast & JAM Recordings]
[33:03] Twine - Killing Machine (I AM ROBOT Remix) [Unreleased]
[33:47] LeKtriQue x Seek N Destroy - Atomic (LeKtriQue VIP) [Kannibalen]
[35:15] Brodinski - Dance Like Machines (Freak Slaughter Remix) [Free DL]
[36:38] Moonbootica - Work Your Body [Four Music]
[38:02] Moby x Darth & Vader - Death Star (Tom Piper & Rob Pix Remix) [Dim Mak]
[39:33] Kayzo x Seek N Destroy - Crank [Forthcoming Kannibalen Records]
[40:49] Black Tiger Sex Machine - ID [Forthcoming Kannibalen Records]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific / Next Level Business Is Conducted

Once again it's on! next level business is still conducted!!  as we proceed and continue; continue!!

While the masses were corrupted on both sides per either oath keepers in Ferguson, Mo or American Jihadists per Douglas McCain were up in soul's kitchen; cooking this delicious meal!! this is for those who ask what's next on the menu?

What's up with it? while Russia invades Ukraine others talk a good game but gossip and innuendo is avoided; it's similar to poison!! 

Breakbeat Science is in full effect; we felt the pressure but now we bring the noise cousin!!

.. dealing with the hot mess we're in like the Gaza Strip or over in Iraq avoiding suicide bombers or roadside bombs!!

Check this word from the hot messenger as I sprinkle spoken word over broken beats and O-Dog's drums!!!

I was confused with bums on the street; I was rocking an old Phat Farm shirt and non descript jeans from Value City before they closed in Atlanta; O-Zone is dressed bummy;

I'm a Louisvillian / Louisvillain in the ATL but not fresh and clean per OutKast ; but not to be confused with a dummy!!!!

You'll get a Nathan Shady Deal in Georgia; in Dekalb County you can catch a case if you don't fall in line; that's per  county profit margins or budget lines!!  charges will get trumped up!!

Please!!! this brotha knew the deal!! so I'm up in the lab with O-Dog ; beats are drummed up!!

Consequences are summed up!! now like Panem in the Hunger Games demonstraters rush up on the these Capitols

Immigrants demand rights; but these folks "ain't right" in the ongoing festival of capitalists....

Meanwhile; I keep coming back with this!! check out this Breakbeat Science!!!

As Next Level Dramatics escalate; as some lose their minds! as Next Level Fanatics impose fees, penalties and fines!!!!

Bernard Purdie - Theme from Shaft

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some soul-jazz from  drummer Bernard Purdie - with his version of the Theme from Shaft. Check out the players and the track.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Broken Beats and Broken English PT.2

We were redirected when we clicked on the link to the website. 

We were re-inspected by thought and fashion police during brink of disaster scenarios;  these folk  "ain't right"  

That's per ten shot Michael Brown Ferguson Missouri scenarios!!  or maybe Jordan Davis on Southside and Baymeadows in Jacksonville Florida type of  situations!! or even in your jurisdiction. 

How's that working son? check how  Darren Wilson was fired from the Jennings Missouri jurisdiction!! 

How's that working son?  like American Jihadists in Syria spirits are broken and souls are shattered. 

How's that working son?  pain and anguish is felt;  check out the cards dealt!!  now play that hand!! so what really mattered? 

Work is put in son!! broken beats and broken English are used to deal with this. 

That's the essence of this discipline;  as we come real with this. 

Had to admit;  everybody won't feel this!!  Babylon has them distracted.

They're focused on the glamour and glitz per VMA's 2014 or even the 2014 Emmy Awards in this danger zone; or checking out how these ATL reality shows interacted. 

...Or so called reality shows;  as reality shows me a different picture. 

Broken beats and broken English are the weapons used in this spiritual warfare;  this is a different mixture / scripture

Monday, August 25, 2014

Broken Beats and Broken English

Lifes are shattered; where's AWB? I can see all the pieces that are broken..

Pieces were scattered due to winds of change blowing per Hurricane Cristobal; what really mattered? check the English that's written and spoken....

It's even broken!! somebody at Blogster said it's sick like Ebola!! similar to the beats that O-Dog will use...

This is the essence of this discipline / breakbeat science!!  we're just Doing What We Do!!  you can't lose with the stuff we use!!!

That's per Reverend Ike; but this is what it do!! check out the signals / signs!! they're not meant to confuse; or even frighten; we choose to enlighten.

Next Level business is handled as we do what we like per Digital Underground but there are no next level dramatics!! plus we're not shadetree mechanics!  no screws do we tighten!!

Due to hostile takeovers and terroristic threats we're in a state of heightened security; no purity; waters are stagnant.

Who had the hot style? so called master plans and agendas attract trouble like a magnet!!

Fouls are flagrant committed by these  DHS type agents and provocteurs; they're intentional;  plus referees look the other way!!!

Who's caught up in the system / matrix? I couldn't take it!! they act like this  Malcolm X / Detroit Red type of brotha  just got here the other day!!!!

Disrespected; they tried to play me the other way!!  I came through listening to Roy Ayer's Virgo Red when the mothership landed!! with  the earth's downtrodden?   I connected!!

Planets were retrograde;  now moving forward!! check the New Moon in Virgo!!  some we're misled / waiting in the dark!! now the universe corrects it!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Sa Ra Creative Partners / Spacefruit featuring Debi Nova

Sunday Jazz Continues; We're checking out the Sa Ra Creative Partners with Spacefruit featuring Debi Nova.  Check out the players and the track.
Backing Vocals [Featuring] – Debi Nova  / Bass – Stephen Bruner  / Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Brother Luke  / Guitar, Flute – Om'Mas Keith  / Lead Vocals – Om'Mas Keith / Percussion – Scott King  / Programmed By – Shafiq Husayn  / Written-By – D. Nova, O. Keith , S. Husayn