Friday, October 28, 2016

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.9

I was caught out there, but I suddenly felt like a giant even though I'm only 5-8.

I'm standing alone against the world, this concept has unfurled but they didn't hear me!!  no need to have a debate. 

...Like Trump or Clinton,  when corporate interests will be hindering progress. 

Beats thump and this good word is dropped!!  not pimping like Trump or Clinton foundations!!  please!! not even like Chevron clocking profits while my people stress..

Vagrants / street prophets  stand in front of the Chevron over on Glenwood Road in Decatur humming and bumming

.. back in the Wild Wild West days?  the stagecoach got robbed,  now Wells Fargo is robbing consumers, acting brand new with us!! that's why we're good word dropping and funky drumming!!

Listening to Wild Wild West by Kool Moe Dee while riding down I-20 in Atlanta!!  sounds pumped by baby boomers, while new school ATLiens listen to ABC raps..

ATL? it's like the Wild Wild West, please!! loot pursuits led to Fourth of July fireworks / gun claps....

Out there, standing alone against the world but these are not trivial pursuits, there's spiritual significance in this operation..

Out there!! O-Zone is in conflict with this world as jokers play the truth game!! thought and fashion police / evil spirits won't me to abort my operation... 

Out there where the system is vote flipping!! contradicting let freedom ring?  

Out there!! the boat is flipping like the Titanic but we had life jackets, suddenly feeling like a giant!! against the world we're standing...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 126 (Varien Takeover)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! for the latest in electro, trap music, house music and other flavors we're checking out The Monstercat Podcast Ep. 126 (Varien Takeover). Check out the playlist and the mix..

▼ Tracklist
00:00:41 Going Quantum x Psychic Type - Rare [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:04:58 Aero Chord - Kid’s Play
00:07:55 Muzzy - Children of Hell
00:12:55 Feint - Words (ft. Laura Brehm)
00:16:34 Tut Tut Child - The Evidence
00:19:45 7 Minutes Dead - Sidewinder [Monstercat Throwback]

00:26:18 Karma Fields - Sweat [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:31:28 Karma Fields - Sweat (Soulji Remix)
00:33:40 Karma Fields - Sweat (Bixel Boys Remix)

[Varien’s Takeover]
00:36:20 Varien - Lest We Resign to Oblivion
00:38:32 Varien - Dawn Will Bring Us Death
00:42:02 Varien - TEVA833
00:46:16 Varien - My Prayers Have Become Ghosts
00:50:40 Varien - The Pink Killing Floor
00:57:24 Varien - Hear, Smith of Heavens

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.8

We're caught out there like it's ATL traffic!!  this is truth or reality as we know it.

Standing alone against the world, but performing magic after suddenly feeling like a giant; now going for it. 

Moving forward but it's easy to blow it!!   gatekeepers and naysayers collaborate!!  check the intricate plot or scheme. 

Hunger Games Peacekeepers sweep the perimeter!!  they're mad because you're not on the team. 

Your supposed to be with other clones monitored by drones and security cameras. 

The devil is opposed!!  O-Zone is putting work in showing earthlings what stamina is.

 Blue collar style!!  white collar criminals were foul,  as they loot the treasury like Wells Fargo types:  then damned us if we did or didn't. 

The daughter of chaos seduced the so called player / pimp; now in love, he was smitten.

She was chastised, like Newt Gingrich did Megyn Kelly: can you smell me? that's per E-40 or maybe can you smell what The Rock is cooking / Dwayne Johnson. 

Playing Scorpion King, ignored the grinch,  jokers can't tell me when to go per Scorpio Season

Doing my thing, in the midst of matrix glitches and technical difficulties!  standing alone against the world after suddenly feeling like a giant.

God is good!!  trying to stay on the one,  but Human like The Human League mentioned;  not always compliant.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Out There; Standing Alone Against The World PT. 7

 I was caught out there; but I suddenly feel like a giant, standing alone against the world!!

Now I'm ready to take it there!! it's Scorpio Season!! , but knowing in this sport there will be treason, that keeps me in conflict with this world...

The drama will unfurl as seasons / reasons change: some will change their minds like Colin Powell supporting Hillary Clinton...

The drama will unfurl as seasons / reasons change; San Francisco 49er fans abandon ship saying Colin Kaepernick is foul, meanwhile I turned the dial while rolling in the hooptie down I-20 in Atlanta looking for some George Clinton 

A brotha may have mentioned this before but that's how I'm working it bro!!  madness methods were developed while standing alone against this world!!

Your dude is actually intergalactic like the Cassini Spacecraft out by Saturn!!  playing Yamaha and Casio keyboards when I bring this math, recognize the pattern!!   but not spaced out  in a Dreamworld

Not falling off rides like in Australia, I ride for freedom but coping strategies will fail ya! had to tell some to stop trying to front on this mystic!! O-Zone?  a brotha is multi-dimensional.

They said I was falling off, just out there!! I had to tell them a brotha is ghetto, country , alley, plus a black urban professional.

Who's calling off the battle as good and evil clash at the confessional?  during the storm?  lightning struck the temple.

Light was shed on the Smoke and Mirrors show!! back in the day? old dude  in Louisville tried to correct a bro,  show me what a pimp will do.

Told to act like I knew, so I suddenly feel like a giant, standing alone against the world!! but you know the saga / struggle continues!! the simple was made complex by flagrant agents.

Everybody has a story to tell!!  the word is heard from Aleppo in Syria to word from Atlanta., with the Five Points Marta Station vagrants.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The B.B. & Q. Band - On The Beat

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! I was checking out Atlanta's  89.3 WRFG's Soul Rhapsody program / they played this cut by The Brooklyn Bronx and Queens Band...aka BB and Q Band / check out this classic cut On The Beat...

The Outback Chronicles (Scorpio Season Edition)

Once again it's on!!  seasons / reasons change!!  it's going down, as the wind blows leaves from the trees.

Outback raking,  others out of it faking the funk,  like Obama reading Donald Trump mean tweets?  sick like the Zika virus or some disease? 

Out of it?  please!!  Scorpio Season is here!! leaves are falling from trees as winds of change are blowing!!  I feel it in the air like Phil Collins. 

Doubts about it? reason for the treason? damn!  Scorpio King or the King of Pain per the Police?  I'm trying to block shots like Tree Rollins.

Back with it, knowing how the sport will go, not living outback  where the wild things are fighting for survival!! but sometimes I wonder as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta one step ahead of the police like brothas worldwide!! taking a look around?  parallel dimensions coincided..

Back with it!! not pimping like  squirrels outback hiding nuts as the weather cools off!! similar to Wells Fargo types snatching the money and trying to hide it?

A fanatic tried it....another gets bold...they tried to roll up on the spot.

Big white vans like Joey Greco from Cheaters? damn!  damn!  damn! like Florida from Good Times!!  Al Gore said it would get hot.

O-Dog will jam like Teddy Riley and Guy and them or Chic with Good Times!! all up in the spot with funk from the 70's or disco from the 80's.

Hip hop style from the 90's on up until today!! let the music play!! in the meantime and between time I'm raking these leaves outback!! the style is futuristic when we play these.

Check the style; I don't play around with these and those faking / deceiving the masses...

 Check the style; I play the sound and drop this good word; maybe somebody's receiving something from these funk seminars and classes..


Monday, October 24, 2016

C & C Music Factory feat Q-Unique & D.Cooper - Keep It Comin [C & C House Anthem]

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! what it do? damn!! Music Monday is the venue...

So we get with ya!! some are digging the sounds put down!! oh!! they relate, knowing the saga / struggle will continue...

Music is the weapon used to get through the madness!! I guess some can use it for Monday Motivation..

Lose it? what? the plan or methods to the madness created to bring stress!! I had to tell that to those hating...

Good word dropping and funky drumming!! C & C Music Factory feat Q-Unique & D.Cooper said Keep It Comin' [C & C House Anthem] 

 Good word dropping and funky drumming!! check us out, it's breakbeat science that we kick!! it's big world, somebody's understanding.. Let's Go!!