Sunday, July 27, 2014

They Weren't Checking For Me; But I Was Cool With It

They weren't checking for me;  like Obama impeachment talk they were trying to play me the other way. 

Some were even disrespecting me;  like a brotha got here the other day. 

But I was cool with it;  like Lebron rocking number 23 I usually play things another way!!  I'm an outside the boxer

Like the Gaza Strip?  iron fists try to rule it;  what are they on? thought and fashion police enforce the doctrine "against ya" 

A brotha could flip but these Israeli Iron Dome types resist the madness!!  this brother is allergic to the B.A.S. 

Otherwise known as the "bitch ass sh@t"  plus the wise and otherwise talk a lot if BS. 

Trying to impress the next when nobody is flawless!!  so why bother? 

Folk are stressed from Chicago to the Gaza Strip;  jokers are rolling lawless!!  I told big homie I can't call this!!  I'm on some "other other" 

I'm cool like that!!  I'm different!!  I wasn't cloned or bar coded. 

Plus I wasn't  micro-chipped;  micro and macro economics hipped me!  the information wasn't overloaded.

 But I'm over it; so I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

 I'm cool with it; they weren't checking for me anyway!!  I just play things another way. 

It Seems Like I'm Standing Alone Against The World; Sunday Jazz Continues; Check The Mix Out!!

Hiram Bullock- Cactus

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out the late great guitarist   Hiram Bullock- with a track called Cactus

This is from his  From All Sides album released in 1986. Check out the players and the track..

 Hiram Bullock (Guitar), Will Lee (Bass), Charley Drayton (Drums), Clifford Carter (Keyboards), and Dr. Gibbs (Percussion), Kenny Kirkland (Keyboards)

Dedicated To The Truth Mix PT.2

Sunday Jazz Continues. As we deal with the truth, or reality as we know it!! Checking out O-Dog's hip hop jazz mix  called the Dedicated To The Truth Mix PT.2 ....once again it's on!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Charlie Hunter Trio / 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, Dead

Digital Crate Digging Continues; We're checking out the Charlie Hunter Trio  with a track called 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, Dead. Hmm..I guess that's somebody's lifespan. 

The Charlie Hunter Trio consists of  guitarist Charlie Hunter,  saxophonist  David Ellis, and drummer  Jay Lane

The Outback Chronicles / It's All Natural

It's all natural when we kick this!! check out these outback chronicles. 

We "holla atcha"  with this breakbeat scientific business!! it's the response to these and those. 

What?  similar to Russia in the Ukraine it's the response to these policies and procedures that hold us back!!  plus those flagrant agents that enforce them? they'll be dealt with.

What's up mane? that's what the ATLien asked me; may the force be with you!!  the architect of the matrix encouraged them!!  it seems the masses felt it.

Of course we spell it out like were in a spelling bee!! we couldn't fake it like Ted Cruz blaming Democrats for congressional dysfunction as we reflect on past episodes while sitting outback on the deck.

But we're intergalactic like a coronal mass ejection as we cruise through the galaxy!! we gaze into the future due to projects we have on deck. 

Call us retro / futuristic as we try not to go ballistic!! chilling out on the deck drinking cold Coronas on a hot July day!! we're trying not to flip.  

Word from this futuristic mystic!!  the drama can go down  from Tripoli to the Gaza Strip

We stay on top of it while were chilling out outback on the deck. 

Thinking of a master plan per Eric B and Rakim!!  yo!!  so what's next?

Trying to follow the master's plan knowing that the sport is complex!!! that's the only way I can play it!!

Chilling out outback on my deck; a few months ago it was cold out here out here due to the polar vortex; actually this world is still cold!! I have to pray about it!!

Inside Jokers

I was out there dipping!! I was running fast like an Olympian;  Usain Bolt style

I stumbled; tripping!! a hater put their foot out in the aisle!! I was tripped up by the insane!!  lightning bolts flash after the lie was told!! damn!!  the situation is foul. 

I was humbled by the experience; Jamal Bryant and Chris Brown tried to say "those hoes ain't loyal"  damn!! the situation was foul!!

I was humbled by the experience!! some are defiant when they get down!! but now I'm wise to the whole set up or hip to the style..

I stumbled across the program while turning the dial or supposedly moving forward!! now inside jokers laughed at episodes like it was a Nephew Tommy Style prank. 

The response? the bass rumbled during Sonic Assaults!!  broken beats and English were the essence of this discipline!!  I wasn't out here fronting like "Big Bank Hank" 

...the persona and not the rapper;  during ongoing episodes? I was broke but remained dapper!! the case?  I stumbled through it until I had an epiphany. 

Now I put them on the clearance rack like the gear I purchase at Target or Macy's.

But avoiding the shop and frisk per Macys and Barneys; I wasn't in the race...when I was I met interference from inside jokers who were cock blocking!!  you see?  I let the hustlers hustle and the players play. 

These inside jokers were rocking Steve Harvey and Stacy Adams suits with kicks to match!! plus they take Steve Harvey relationship advice!! that's how they play. 

Inside jokers were affilliated with armchair quarterbacks trying to run a play or shadetree mechanics trying to fix something...

Inside jokers made me real with it as I go there!! they provided material for these inside jokes I tell in this breakbeat science!  as I kick a little "something something" 


Friday, July 25, 2014

Genuine / Authentic PT.2

Some of these ATLiens are "Real Deal Holyfield" type of characters. 

I'm not playing!! they're certified!! they have those papers!! they're card carrying members. 

The machine doesn't care about them!! it folds mutilates and dismembers!! damn!! they're even dissing members of the secret society. 

So fresh and so clean were the suit wearers!! that's per crooked businessmen, lawyers, and preachers;  all of them said I needed to pay a tax, tithe,  or tribute to be blessed; why lie to me? 

We continue to clash with so called Titans; or is it the Clash of Clans?  as a brotha enlightens the masses. 

Were authentic with this!! when the mothership lands?  we're  genuine when we conduct these seminars and classes

Scientific when we kick this!! meanwhile the ongoing class warfare will get rationalized.. 

Fanatics are sick with this!! WTO and European Union types chop up game!! the money is "internationalized"

Fanatics are sick with this!! even Ukraine scenarios are on the agenda!! you didn't know? I'm not surprised!! 

What's up mane? that's what the rookie from New Orleans asked? as plots and schemes were devised....

.... while trying to run his weak game that us Louisvillians / Louisvillains already know about; please!! we've been pimping like Ken!! like I said  I already knew!!

We're humping like the middle of the week!! real dealings are going down from these genuine / authentic ones!! jokers need to act like they knew!!