Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pockets - Come Go With Me (Joey Negro Found A Place Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We're checking out some disco soul / house music from Pockets with a track called Come Go With Me (Joey Negro Found A Place Mix). Check it out!! 

The Test PT.4 (The Natural Process)

Mentioned previously, about this test that wasn't just multiple choice or essay. 

...Not just fill in the blank; The Lord? for the blessings we thank, so we can bless you with the funk or stank,  plus this essay!!

....It's part of our breakbeat scientific process similar to the natural process of facing tests and challenges. 

Down here in the ATL? jokers make a break for it after the caper is pulled!!  authorities wonder where the Dodge Charger or Challenger is. 

Processes fail, but we didn't pump brakes for it!!  we blast off like Challenger spacecraft facing disaster:   spaced out with the math? 

Donald Trump like rants and raves?  naw!!  but a dude misbehaves,  I took another path.

Another will feel the wrath during this test!! I bear witness when I saw the cat jump up in the tree and snatch the bird. 

Another will feel the wrath:  caught in the spider's web or caught like that roach on the wrong path ate by the ants?  you heard? 

They didn't study the math!! this freedom rider was trying to coach them during the test, but soon they're caught up in system / matrix or the food chain /  natural process.

They didn't study the path they were on; soon dropping out of the race like Ted Cruz or maybe John Kasich, a fool with feel the pain / stop the press! 

Soon, stop the madness is heard from the constituents!! I was even in the amen corner like an old church deacon....

Soon? they're back with this!! what? another test, act like you knew it!! but for some? the outlook is a bleak one....

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Outback Chronicles (The May Day Edition)

Once again it's on!!  on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!!  check out these outback chronicles. 

This is the May Day edition!! yeah, I know I'm a couple of days late due to spring cleaning / spring training!!  this is the response to these and those. 

How did I play? I express these #TuesdayThoughts, selected at random!! of course the devil will oppose,  that's the word from the old school Baptist preacher.

 *Let the church say amen,  and then say amen again*  per Andrae Crouch, please!!  this old dude was just trying to reach ya. 

I keep playing, I'm not a couch potato!!  I was outback putting work in, planting flowers!!  natural principles will reach ya!!  it's all about peace bro! 

I keep playing, outback putting work in!!  taking for granted these last hours?  per Donald Lawrence some of us are a *spiritual beings undergoing a natural experience*   so whatcha know? 

Opposition / interference when we put this work in?  of course!!  some said this is hazardous material.

Banned from Blogster and Facebook!!  face to face with a crook?  naw man!!  what we have is spiritual! 

Branded like Chuck Connors? any honors as this Captain's Log gets updated!! naw man!! still hated but we get with ya!!  we're outback raking, sweeping and mopping away debris!! cosmic and physical.

As we get with ya through these ATL scattered showers / Texas storms;  some of them spiritual / metaphysical. 

Outback planting flowers and other plants!! per Olivia Newton-John  lets get physical,  per the spring cleaning / spring training!!

Out of that?  naw man!! once again it's on!!  after the mothership landed we set up shop:  we're maintaining. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

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Friday, April 29, 2016

DJ Rodriguez - Mad Atari

Digital Crate Digging Continues per #JazzAppreciationMonth. We're checking out some electrojazz / Latin jazz from DJ Rodriguez  with a track called Mad Atari. Let's Go!!