Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Soultry Ft Rakim - I'll Get Mine Remix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! 

What's the perspective? in the meantime and between time I'm playing it like  Soultry Ft Rakim ; I'll Get Mine (Remix). Let's Go!!

The Messy Essay PT.7

It's going down!! damn!!  vibrations are still felt from the Total Solar Eclipse!! 

Plus,  it's a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; how will a brotha play?  out in the stream of consciousness a dude dips. 

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? this can go either way, it's discussed in this messy essay. 

Per the eclipse? O-Dog didn't bark at the Leo new moon,  but he's accused of barking up the wrong tree.

 In the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors?  don't get me wrong,  if I move in a different direction. 

It's no joke!! I heard the inside joke but the last time I heard per Psalms 18 :30,  only God deals with perfection. 

Jokers try to stress us in this or that section!!  per Matthew 22 ; 20-22 they say render onto Caesar what's his. 

Act like you knew!! God is already blessing us if we keep it righteous!!  that's Teena Marie square biz. 
O-Dizzle? sometimes zoning, they ask me what's up son?  per this Messy Essay I tell them to just look around.

Sometimes cloning..in the lab working with the drum!! now see where we took the sound.

Rezoning like jurisdictions with voter suppression?  naw!! but check the gentrification!!  where a crook was found? it was once a prime location.

O-Zone will bring this messy essay!! this is not pulp or pure fiction!! there's no fabrication, at my prime in this vocation.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Audiomontage - Flyin' High

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! we're also processing the the Total Solar Eclipse..

Intergalactic with it, magical / supernatural plays made after one prays; soon the fabric rips..

Fanatics used  it to wrap around us, soon found out the sound was used as a weapon..

Erratic was the  montage that was presented, found out some disrespected after meddling...

Now like Audiomontage we're Flyin' High  above the clouds like Gangstarr mentioned..

The audio managed to fuel the mothership!! above the clouds a brotha will get, like a star! the by product after I paid attention..

The Messy Essay PT.6

 What it do?  I'm visualizing the sequence!! per the Total Solar Eclipse;  I can see it's all part of a bigger plan.  

What it do? I keep wheeling  / dealing!!  five- eight the height / status,  but with the heart of a bigger man. 

Per this messy essay? I'm taking a bigger stand against the apparatus than the average man,  who's distracted. 

Systems of Survival were unlike Earth Wind and Fires as we bump heads with the empire!  they're flabbergasted by how we acted. 

Upon arrival on so called sacred grounds? I saw how others reacted!!  the gospel song had that DC / B-More go go sound,  plus dude was spitting lyrics / rapping. 

Satellites tracked it!  what?  in the Middle East a so called apostles movements!!  drones were soon applauding / clapping.
Insights dropped per this messy essay? the welcome mat was extended, so I'll take it even though it's not the red carpet.

..At least I wasn't unfriended;  fake ones are like the Hunt For Red October they'll try to start it. 

Word from an October / November baby? the whole game is shady but this Scorpion king kept doing his thing. 

..Like Feds rolling up on Trump concerning Russia  this good word is dropped and the beats will thump as we apply pressure!! the game is over for those acting like they know a brotha,  then they wannabe starting something. 

Wannabe starting something per Michael Jackson? or maybe like the Nat Turner Rebellion?

 Started on this day in history, the Total Solar Eclipse a reminder? who you telling?

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Airto Moreira - Communion

Sunday Jazz Continues; its not the First Sunday but lets do Communion per Airto Moreira!! 

This is  from his  The Killer Bees album! Check out the players and the track!

Acoustic Bass, Written-By – Stanley Clarke
       Drums, Written-By – Airto Moreira

       Piano, Written-By – Herbie Hancock
       Soprano Saxophone – Gary Meek

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Divide - A Deep Progressive House Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per what I like to call the Saturday Night Fever...

It's also Total Solar Eclipse Weekend, it's a bleak one for a non-believer..

Some will relapse; either they'll rock glasses not approved by NASA or they think it's the end of the world..

Regimes collapse like Steve Bannon and others leaving the Trump White House after the Charlottesville drama unfurled..

During the divide? peace will abandon ya! but beats thump as we get our minds right with this good house music..

Listening to The Divide - A Deep Progressive House Mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture ; check out the playlist and the mix as they drop this good music..

0:00 - German Brigante & Thomas Gandey - I Warned You
06:38 - David Lynch - Wishin' Well (Hot Since 82 Remix)
11:08 - Marc DePulse, Overnite, Hollis P Monroe- No Need To Worry (Freakme Remix)
17:15 - Noah Pred & Marc Deon - Your Signal
21:05 - Lokee - It's Not Right
25:03 - Flex Cop feat. Michael O. - Domino (Re-Flex)
29:49 - DJ Junior CNYTFK - Faith
33:31 - Andy Caldwell feat. David Poe - World Above
38:26 - Maceo Plex, Odd Parents - Learn To Fly (Maceo's Flight Home)
44:36 - Fur Coat-Fast Forward
49:18 - Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba - Brutus
54:08 - Tiga & Maya Jane Coles - Let's Go Dancing (Maya Jane Coles Dancing in the Dark Remix)
59:21 - Climbers - O.C.D. feat.Thomas Gandey (Original Mix)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Dario D’Attis - ‘Sunshine People’

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; plus, it's a time slot like to call Friday Night Fever!!

Digital? analog? both are manipulated in the lab!! as the music plays? don't say O-Dizzle is not an over achiever...

What it do? hated on by an under achiever? O-Zone sprays these breakbeat scientific principles based on 20 /20 hindsight...

Episodes replay due to Flashback Friday! a non-believer keeps doing the same thing over and over until they get their mind right...

Modes of transportation / transformation? vehicles are memories of the past or dreams of the future!! the limelight doesn't matter...

Listening to Dario D'Attis with‎ Sunshine People!  memories of the past? sampled from Brass Construction's Happy People!! get your shine right, ignore the dark matter..