Monday, September 15, 2014

The Messy Essay PT.2

Somebody said damn!!  call the housekeepers!! they said it's because of this messy essay. 

Hunger Games peacekeepers / stormtroopers creep up on us!!  they said we're in the way. 

Hunger and thirst keeps me up at night!! there's no rest for the weary!!  then when I try to go in? ear shattering gunshots exploded!! the situation is out of control!! these hired guns / gatekeepers sweat the technique. 

Eric B and Rakim told them not to!!  but like the Anti-ISIS coalition we see what the scheme or plot will do!! for some?  the outlook is bleak.  

Now we're rocking them and those; O-Dog pulled out the drum and O-Zone typed this messy essay into the Apple iPhone 5!!  no need for the Apple iPhone 6 with 4 million others; who's dealing with these brothers? we're wreaking havoc with the Sonic Assault

Broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline based on lessons that were taught. 

....And we're still learning them;  bridges? like 100 homes in Northern California wildfires we're not burning them!! damn!!  that would be too messy. 

Wages?  we're earning them after doing the knowledge!!  now we drop this messy essay. 

Stages were critical during this development!! this messy essay reflects the highs and the lows...

Gauges were pitiful!! the devils were in it!! what? the details!! shadetree mechanics weren't on top of the situation!! plus the devil will oppose!! 

What it do? I had to compose this messy essay plus beats are manipulated..

These are weapons used in the ongoing spiritual warfare; we continue to bump heads with those that hated..

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Inside Jokers PT.3 (They're Out Of Their Mind)

So what's up? like the ISIS beheading I see these inside jokers were exercising due diligence!!

So what's up? like Otis Redding it's hard to try a little tenderness!! court jesters were spotted spitting that belligerence.

Who's knowing what the deal is?  pundits and so called experts were fronting after supposedly paying the price. 

Who's knowing what the deal is? jokers were out of their minds like   Danny Ferry mentioning the little African in us and Bruce Levinson for the Atlanta Hawks supposedly knew these constituents weren't paying the price.  
Carmelo Anthony said nobody wants to play for the Hawks!!  but that's how they work things in the corporate world!!  the blind led the blind!!  that's how it works son! 

It's going down!! understand me!!  that's why people are struggling in places like Missouri,  Ferguson.

That's the way corporate management thinks!! the system is playing a brotha like Ray Rice; cutting him. 

Actually?  inside jokers play themselves!!  it "ain't nothing nice"

It's going down!!  inside jokers called themselves being nice / benevolent!!  they even supposedly took a small step for mankind.

It's going down!! but these jokers talk sideways like Dick Cheney!!  they're out of their damn minds. 

It's going down!! jokers tried to play me sideways!!  you probably felt the pressure too!! 

This clearance rack epiphany will expose these inside jokers;  we let you know what it do.

Fertile Ground - Let The Wind Blow (Ian Pooley 's main mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out Fertile Ground - with Let The Wind Blow (Ian Pooley 's main mix)    

The Supreme Courage Mix (Sunday Jazz)

Sunday Jazz Continues; kicking things off with one of my mixes The Supreme Courage Mix...check us out y'all!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Agent K Feat. Carleen Anderson - Rideaway Getaway (DJ Spinna Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this classic house track from  Agent K Feat. Carleen Anderson - called Rideaway Getaway (DJ Spinna Remix) Let's Go!!  


All Up In The Spot: It's Getting Crazy Out Here

Once again it's on; we're just doing what we do!!  we're all up in the spot.

 I already told jokers it's getting crazy out here!! more than global warming is making it hot. 

That's a good barometer; as we get with ya!!  we spanned the globe brainstorming!!  we're not like ISIS out here plotting and scheming!! 

Check the parameter and interior / exterior;  we're caught in a storm and no were not dreaming.  

Simon Barsinister types clash with thought and fashion police;  but sometimes they're double teaming against the masses. 

Simon Says type commands were issued;  clones fall in line!! meanwhile I conduct these seminars and classes

Ghetto passes were issued to Danny Ferry types until they run off at the mouth!!  but some don't seem to care. 

Meanwhile!! up in the spot?  I was soon overwhelmed by the pungent odor out here

It smelled like popcorn mixed with salmon; like the Islamic State threat the situation is a foul one;  in more ways than one. 

Mother popcorn like James Brown principles are followed by O-Dizzle;  he's not the one.

O-Dog will fight back with the drum!! check the beat!! putting it down like Ray Rice in the elevator?

O-Zone is also not the one; I was all up in the spot minding and tending!!  I wasn't pimping slamming Cadillac doors per OutKast in Elevators!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Messy Essay

It's going down!!! even though I'm unworthy The Lord continues to bless me. 

So I continue to do what I do;  dropping this good word;  check out this messy essay. 

I bless the masses when I play the brand new funk too!!  as I act like I knew!!

The apparatus will stress me like the solar storms hitting the earth;  but I conduct these seminars and classes!! letting my peeps know what it do! 

Check the status;  I'm like  Roger Goodell concerning Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy; another test for me ? damn! the saga / struggle continues.  

Check this messy essay;  why did they start with me? they already called me messy when I prepare these menus. 

They said I was a hot mess;  just call me the hot messenger as this breakbeat science gets delivered. 

Check the messy essay as I break it down to this cold world!!  the masses shivered. 

...As I told them before it's going down!! when this messy essay is dropped next level business is conducted. 

It's going down!!  no need to check the database that the next devil corrupted. 

So what's up with it?  jokers are worried about Ray Rice's domestic disputes while Atlanta Hawk management talk the other way. 

Bruce Levinson sellings his interest and Danny Ferry take a leave of absence; so what's up?  the views expressed reflect the views from other corporate boardrooms as we get played another way.