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6 Hour Soulful Deep Vocal House Music Mix - Non Stop Lounge, Relaxation, Smooth Chill Out Playlist

Digital Crate Digging Continues; check out this 6 Hour Soulful Deep Vocal House Music Mix - Non Stop Lounge, Relaxation, Smooth Chill Out Playlist by JaBig

A little something to chill out to on a Terrific / Terrible Tuesday!! or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix..

 Playlist Tracklisting:
Cascades Of Colour (Warmdue Black Remix) Ananda Project
Innerside Shazz
No Man (Alix Alvarez Mix) Hardsoul Feat. Shaun Escoffery
What I Mean (Mood Ii Swing Vocal Club Mix) Modjo
Crying For Love (Vocal Mix) Manoo & Francois A Ft Dyanna Fearon
Warning (Rhemi Main Mix) Rhemi, Lynn Lockamy
Fallen (Reel Soul Main Mix) Campsoul Feat. Tanya Stephenson
Keep Your Mind On God Luke Dave & Brian Que Soul Feat. Matthew Yates
I Wonder Nathan Adams
Got To Be U 2 Solar House
Listen 4 It Markus Enochson Feat. Ingela Olso
(We Had) A Thing (Matty's Body & Soul Vocal Mix) Abstract Truth
Do What Feels Right (12" Extended Mix) Martino
Mood Ii Swing Club Mix Shuya Okino Feat Diviniti
Believe - Kenny Dope Full Mix Nathan Haines
Gimme That Music - Alix Alvarez Peter & Tyrone Ft Lady Alma
Life Ain't What It Seems(Quentin Remix) Sarah Devine
I'll Be Waitin' (Scott Wozniak Remix) Ayah
Love Is In The Air (12 Inch With Poem) Jada
Time & Time Again (Teddy Douglas Re-Edit) Sublevel Feat. Tracy Hamlin
I Wasn't Kidding (Scott Wozniak Remix) Angie Stone
About Love (Sean Mccabe Alt Vocal Dubbed) Groove Assassin, Kenny Bobien
Whatcha Gonna Do (Vox) Teddy Douglas Feat. Margaret Grace
It's Getting Late (DFA Vocal Remix( Floetry
Dawn Jon Cutler
You Give Good Love (Moulton Studios Dub) Kathy Brown
Walking (Pirahnahead Rmx) Mary Mary
Yes (Jamsteady Remix) Beyonce
My Heart Belongs To You (Distant Music Mix) Melba Moore
Fly Away (Audiowhores Mix) Joey Negro And The Sunburst Band
Wanna Be Loved (Jason B Rmx) Jill Scott
Still (Dfa Mix) Tamia
Closer Feat. Carol Sylvan Fred Everything Oliver Desmet Remix Mood Ii Swing
The Promise (Bigga Mix) Kerri Chandler
I Don't Know Why (I Love You) (Kenny Dope Remix) The Brand New Heavies F. N'dea Davenport
Fly Away Magic Number
Let The Wind Blow (Oneness Of Fertile Ground
Dreaming (Crystal Vision Mix) Miguel Migs
Lovely (Johnny Fiasco Mix) Soulstice
Believe (Fred Everything Vocal Soldiers Of Twilight
Desire (Kerri Chandler Mix) Ultra Nate
Grateful Dennis Ferrer & Kenny Bobien
Hideaway (Robbie Rivera Vocal Mix) De Lacy
Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) [Fly Away Club Mix] Mariah Carey
Where Love Lives (Frankie Knuckles & David Morales Remix) Dimitri From Paris Tribute Edit Alison Limerick
Finally Cece Peniston
Inner City Pennies From Heaven
Black Or White (The Clivilles & Cole House/Club Mix) Michael Jackson
I Want You [Monster Club Mix] Juliet Roberts
Never Forget Sara's Dance Trax
Never Forget (When You Touch Me) Hardrive: 2000
Children Of The World (Louie Vega Remix) (Roots Mix) Elements Of Life Feat. Josh Milan
When Can Our Love Begin (Richard Earnshaw Remixes) Kimara Lovelace
This Time (Frankie Knuckles Remix) Chanté Moore
Let’s Wait Awhile Janet Jackson


Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT. 5

I'm marinating; it's like sticking cornbread into the pot liquor!!  I'm soaking up game. 

Check the circumstances; being built or torn down per the economy or Ebola? some smoked the weed / pot and drank the liquor!! now they're geeked up!!  some were misled by  NSA type cloak and daggering up in the game. 

This veteran in the game now coaching wasn't staggering from the Ken Norton type knockout punch!!

Cloak of invisibility type low profiles are kept while I do the math up in this thing!!  numbers I crunch. 

Questioned the ability; I checked the styles!! others had a hunch;  I saw them waiting in the dark

Questioned the ability;  money was handed over to dude from Lexington to go get the beer; but peeps were left in Louisville  waiting in Shawnee Park.

He left town!! probably caught Greyhound back to Lexington!!  now it's hard to stay down with these wannabes. 

I see how they get down!! game was soaked up like some hot sauce on wings from Applebee's. 

I'm in these games like athletes that'll be scoring touchdowns and finishing fast breaks with dunks. 

Marinating!! soaking up game!!  soon releasing clearance rack epiphanies along with cuts, samples, and breaks;  check the funk

Checked these ATLiens as they call themselves getting crunk; but they'll get gaffled like Atlanta Falcons vs Baltimore Ravens!!

 Marinating!! soaking up game!! winning? failing? please!! you'll get cut like Percy Harvin for misbehaving!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The False Alarm PT.2 / They're Not Getting Off That Easy

Check out the concept combo!!  the false alarm goes off. 

Jokers aren't getting off that easy!! they'll get what's coming to them!!  O-Deezy will go off. 
O-Zone is off on another tangent damn it!!   some act squeamish!!  stomachs queasy!! now they're stuck in a rut. 

Danger zone business is hazardous to your health damn it!!  Ebola watch lists will have some stuck in a hut. 

..under quarantine;  meanwhile I come through listening to Serpentine Fire by Earth Wind and Fire.

...setting off the false alarm!!  the bass was booming in the Geo Storm but  the serpentine belt broke and then I got a flat tire. 

Genetically  modified food aka GMO food that's not the norm is flushed down the toilet. 

Social engineering is rebuked;  they're not getting off that easy!!  this breakbeat science will spoil it.
This brotha is not loathing and fearing!! I'll foil it!! what? the plot or scheme!! word from the Scorpion King per The Rock!! that Solar Eclipse on 10/ 23 will fall in my sign!!

Intuition is used like I was riding through Ferguson or St. Louis County; so I'll just have to read the sign!!!

What's the mission?? Get Our Minds Right!!!! please!! It's Gotta Be Good!! funky sounds will be dropped plus metaphysics and religion studied!!!

Plus I studied myself and others;  nobody is getting off that easy!! in the process? false alarms go off!!  it's rough out here!!  our egos get bruised and bloodied!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Its Time For Transition (Circulating)

Sunday Jazz Continues; my last episode? we were talking about Expansion!! now we're checking out this O-Dog mix Its Time For Transition (Circulating)  ..Let's Go!!


Get your mind right!! I'm trying to increase my territory per Donald Lawrence!!  it's all about expansion!!!

From the slums of Detroit to Atlanta!! home of the chemtrails!! it's also where you can buy a fake mansion!!

...and make an impression on someone who doesn't know better!!

Imagination stretching!!  they'll actually think your a a go getter!!!

A DON'T STOP GET IT GETTER!!! but reality will say whatever!!!

Now reality checks are cashed; If endeavors are not righteous?  repercussions are felt by the so called cunning and clever!!

As I collect scattered thoughts?   soon I unleash Sonic Assaults!! addictions to percussions are addressed!

O-DOG won't check into re-hab!!  even though he stands accused like Isaac Hayes and he even confessed!!!!

**** O-ZONE WAS ONCE STRESSED***** But I let it go!
I did the knowledge!!  many things are just out of my control!! so check out how I roll!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta rocking Pro Keds or Converse All-Stars as I conversed with y'all!!

*living in Georgia too long; picking up the accent* .... yes yes y'all  / yes yes y'all

To the beat y'all !!  O-Dizzle will rock it while O-Zone is about expansion!! from the last to the first; but not trying to go from first to last!!!

What's up y'all? what's the dizzle? the reign began with a drizzle now it's falling!! somebody said something about expansion!! per ISIS in Kobane the guns blast!!