Friday, December 19, 2014

DRUM AND BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.18} (by faXcooL) [2014]

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this  DRUM AND BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.18} (by faXcooL) [2014]...check out the playlist and the mix...

▪ Tracklist :

01. (00:00) General Murvin - Make It Bun Dem
02. (03:02) Mooncat & Fak Scratch - Ready or Not
03. (04:40) Ed Solo - When I Was a Youth (feat. Dinda)
04. (06:50) MK BTR & Mista Brzee - Lonely Fight
05. (09:47) Papa Gee - Say Rewind (Soulculture RMX)
06. (11:57) Narcs & Blahz - Send Dem Home
07. (13:59) Jamie Bostron - Lady (RMX)
08. (16:43) Rewind Culture - Junglin
09. (18:08) JINX - Knock Out Ruffneck Ting
10. (20:12) Alborosie - Kingdom of Zion (DJ Doll RMX)
11. (22:17) Ganjah Burn Fyah - Light of Jah [Break Koast]
12. (24:08) Amhibean - Irie Man
13. (25:30) GreenVisionz - Redeye
14. (27:41) Isaac Maya feat. Biga Ranx - King Of Jungle
15. (29:43) Benny Page - Champion Sound (Serial Killaz RMX)
16. (31:52) Benny page - Champion Sound (Boombassbrothers RMX)
17. (33:42) Dirty Skank Beats feat. Suku - Step In Ya Face (Aries RMX)
18. (36:11) Braindread - General [Break Koast]
19. (38:10) Dazee & Jinx - Hustle
20. (39:58) Kursiva & Mooncat - Wissen
21. (41:46) Erb N Dub - Stand Off
22. (44:16) Micky Finn & Erb N Dub - Attention


Chilling Out / The Interlude

Chilling out for a minute or two!! what it do?  this is the interlude. 

Dealing with the madness out here!! like North Korean hackers it's  introduced by the so called cunning and clever;  the shrewd. 

Back with this!!  funky drumming is the business along with dropping this I-20 Chronicle type wisdom!!  you won't track us in a Tesla or DeLorean we're rolling in the hooptie trying to find where the truth will be!!

Back with is!! check the attittude!! even though it got lonely out there I kept on running!! The Sonic Assault and these Random Thoughts? that's where the proof will be!!

 Slack with this like the New York Knicks?  naw man!!  I'm not trying to get caught up in the system / matrix;  I sever ties with the rude and aloof / arrogant. 

They said I was like that!!  karma has us getting what's coming to us!! oh yeah!!  the universe will share it.

 Nobody's fair with it;  what?  love or war!! check the bylaws per the fine print of the contracts. 

Truth or dare it?  please O-Dog is intergalactic with extraterrestrial contacts.

 Bifocals!!  no contacts!!  but like the Kepler spacecraft spotting new super-earths the view and vision is still fresh.

 Local national international intergalactic? oh yeah!!  coming out with batches that are still fresh

Funky fresh in the flesh!! we're not getting traded like Rajon Rondo though!!  catch us on this interlude just chilling out. 

Funky fresh in the flesh!! not traded like Jason Heyward or Justin Upton as the Braves get rid of all the brothers before they move to Cobb County?  where have you found me? check the attitude as we put the real thing out. 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

M People - Angel Street (Joey Negro's Funky People Dub)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some house music from the  M People - with Angel Street (Joey Negro's Funky People Dub)..Let's Go!!

The Crash Landing (Entering Attack Zones)

We were flying high for a moment;  but now we're entering attack zones; the mothership has landed. 

Once trying a little tenderness per Otis Redding!! I wasn't trying to mack!!  but Ice Age residents didn't understand it. I wasn't trying to frack like money hungry corporations!! like New York putting a stop to that we ran into the wall!!  these new school vehicles are made of plastic. 

What's up y'all?  it's rough out here!!  old new and next school contestants take measures that are drastic. 

What's up y'all?  the money is messed up like Russia's ruble!!  Vladimir Putin said some are acting brand new with a brotha!! 

What's up y'all?  some are stressed up in this peace!! it's  like Sony hacked by North Korea due to The Interview!! now we're all on some other other!

What's up y'all? of course there's no justice or peace per NYC chokeholds and Ferguson shenanigans!!

#askacop? no!! I'm asking when will the madness stop? that's the question for Commissioner Flanagan!!

We didn't quit or didn't stop!! that's whats up man? the crash landing is just a temporary situation...

..even though we're in attack zones; hiphop, jazz, funk and house music will rectify the situation... 

...some will defy the situation like Boko Haram; so what's really going on per my satellite station... 

Crash landing down on earth entering attack zones; once again it's on!! we're not playing!! 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just Kicking It

Like immigrants in Clarkston Georgia with the soccer ball we're just kicking it. 

What's the deal with it? they're at ease due to Obama immigration reform, plus re-established relations with Cuba;  we're not acting brand new with ya!!  breakbeat science?  were kicking it.

Breakbeat scientific? oh yeah!!  word from these Mystics on a voyage through the Galaxy!! 

Kicking it like cologne from Abercrombie and Fitch at Lenox Mall in Atlanta? naw!!  understand a bruh? I know why society gets foul with me.

...and my kind;  done with me and mine?  Dred Scott decisions revealed the wisdom. 

Some will get what's coming to them as they scheme and plot!! I see them by using a fresh view / fresh vision

No need for high definition as I bear witness to the definition of a hot mess!!

 Ghetto / barrio / trailer park-hillbilly madness!! but religions,  corporations and governments don't impress!!

I let go!! that's how I'm dealing with the madness!! that's how I'm kicking it!! 

I let go!! no need for The Interview per North Korea!! Sony was wasting money with that mess anyway, I saw the trailer!! authorities need to be ticketing!!

...knew it from the *get go* some need to act like they knew!!  they'll be caught up in hysteria like Bill Cosby at the Playboy Mansion!!

What did they know? I'm just chilling out / kicking it / knowing what the cost will be!! others are on a Death Wish per Charles Bronson!!

Bingo Players Feat. Far East Movement Get Up (Rattle)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; still on this house music / electro kick. We're checking out Bingo Players Feat. Far East Movement  with Get Up (Rattle)...Let's Go!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Deep House Mix #55 2014 HD Mixed by Luca dot DJ

Digital Crate Digging Continues; still checking out this house music  courtesy of  the  DeepMixNation  with the  Deep House Mix #55 2014 HD Mixed by Luca dot DJ !!!   Check out the playlist and the mix!!

        △ Tracklist by Luca dot DJ

1. Deepjack, Mr.Nu - Let Me Say (Haze-M Remix)
2. Corey Gibbons - Tell Me (In.Deed Remix)
3. Rene, Matvey Emerson, Rockaforte - Dreams (Mark Lower Remix)
4. Kellerkind - Absinth Fairy (Original Mix)
5. Lessovsky - Moving Shadows (Original Mix)
6. Phonique, Acumen - The Moment (Mihai Popviciu Remix)
7. Mark Jackus & Marcus Sur Feat. Golden Parazyth - In The Night (Original Mix)
8. Sabbuka - Forget The Mistakes (Original Mix)
9. Yves Murasca, Silvia, Rockaforte - Heartless Beatings (Tosel & Hale Remix)
10. Mahmut Orhan & Meliksah Beken - Hold You (Aytac Kart Remix)
11. Chris Karpas, Mass Digital - Don't Stop (Cassimm Remix)
12. Adam Stacks, Luis Baltes - Waterfall (Original Mix)
13. Redford, Kyrill, Ted Dade - Green & Colors Like It (Original Mix)
14. Prosis - No More (5Prite Remix)
15. Dance Bridge - True Or Lie (Sean Garnier Remix)
16. Husky, Yogi - Into The Future (Original Mix)
17. Raw Underground - Get Your Mind Out (Original Mix)
18. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Pete Bellis Remix)
19. Tinjonic Ft Leelu - Rapture (Havanah Remix)
20. Marco Lys - What I Like (Original Mix)
21. Sebb Aston - Time To Let Go (Original Mix)
22. Vanilla Ace, Saccao - Vibe (Original Mix)
23. Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup - Sugar Man (Vanilla Ace Remix)
24. Freedomb - Seduction (Original Mix)
25. Lessovsky - Moving Shadows (Mart Remix)
26. Lilly Wood & The Pick - Player In C (Dj Stuff, Dj Matuya Remix)
27. Andrey Exx, Diva Vocal, Troitski - Get Up Stand Up (Eyup Celik & Ivan Deyanov Remix)
28. Piemont - Spindrift (Original Mix)
29. Steve Hope & Herr Vogel - Take (Original Mix)
30. Syke 'n' Sugarstarr - Ticket 2 Ride (Deepjack & Mr