Friday, December 9, 2016

The Soul of House Vol. 41 (Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Friday Night Fever!! We're listening to The Soul of House Vol. 41 (Soulful House Mix) courtesy of  eXogroove . Check out the playlist and the mix.

 RedSoul - Neo Wine

Sheree Hicks, Bennett Holland, David Anthony - Let Love in

Fanatix, Dionne Mitchell, Sterling Ensemble - Open Your Eyes

The Rhythm Sessions, Portia Monique - The Cure (Adam Rios Main Vox)

Rhemi, Hanlei - I Can't Wait (Original Mix)

Hot Wind - You Got Me (Original Mix)

Sahib Muhammad, Lea - It's A Man's World (Muzikman Edition Remix)

Stephanie Cooke - You Bring Me Joy (The Deepsole Syndicate Remix)

Kia Stewart - Winner (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

Louie Vega, Caron Wheeler - A New Day (Louie Vega Caron Wheeler Mix)

Etta James - All The Way Down - Etta James (Jak Bklyn & Ziz Bk Retouch)

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right (Doc Diesel Re-Edit)

Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles PT.7 (The Response To These and Those)

The saga / struggle continues!! what's on these menus? you'll be under siege like Aleppo,  damn!!  so who's responsible?  

The Brotha O-Zone will wax poetic concerning this!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to War's The World Is A Ghetto!! check out these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles. 

Danger zone business? from the get go,  I respond to these and those with these scriptures and mixtures.

Bass / treble and tone is adjusted!!  due to buying toner for the printer the budget is busted!!  now I just visualize these pictures. 

Visualizing the sequence!!  I see it's all game as I peep this like Trump tricking White Nationalists.

Getting breakbeat scientific? oh yes,  reality to blame so I remix it!!  but per thought and fashion police I face charges!!  I'm accused of being irrational with this. 

Some fake it to make it,  but the drama is local national international and intergalactic. 

A beat?  I'll break it!!  plus, per these Ebonics I damage the English language per the pain and anguish!!  acting erratic? 

The beat?  Jeru The Damaja type per DJ Premier!!  mathematics dropped are similar. 

We meet? who'll understand a brotha that'll  have another breakbeat scientific deal for ya? 

The streets?  they'll blow up, catching fire like the Ghost Ship out  in Oakland in District 5; that warehouse hadn't been inspected in 30 years!!

The sheets? filled with black and blue ink then transmitted by HP keyboards to this blog!! ghost with it when gunships fire on Hunger Games District 12; who's alive? these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles are a by-product of the fears..

Thursday, December 8, 2016

DJ Nature- No Gimmicks

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We're checking out some soul jazz / house music from  DJ Nature with a track called No Gimmicks. Check it out!! 


Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles PT.6 (Straight Out Of The Lab)

Check out these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles!!  Straight out of the lab with this!! oh no!!  it's not from the Little Shop of Horrors.

Sonic rehab takes place!! oh yes!! the healing process for those with drab looks on their face due to ongoing terrors /  horrors.

Maybe Tomorrow was the jam from the Jacksons!!  it played in the background while I conduct these actions.

Pain and sorrow?  like raw data it's processed!!  the sister over in Decatur Georgia  mentioned being highly favored and blessed during her interactions.

Pain and sorrow? it's not stopping me, true indeed!! per these  Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles we're peeping game..but I had a lot of questions.

...Noticed that a lot of them answered themselves after I took old dude's advice from Newburg;  I kept living.

What it do? I Keep that Same old feeling per Side Effects version of The Crusaders song as it plays in the background,  but something's wrong;  I  noticed some were dancing with themselves at the disco.

I guess that's better than dancing with the devil, but some are sleep in the game, they can't advance themselves!!  that's word from the I-75 in the A-Town to out on 101 in Frisco. 

Advancements to the next level are delayed by the next devil, they mentioned chasing a dollar but it's like the wind per Ecclesiastes 4:6 ;  but they said bread like Nabisco needed to be made..

Circumstances are debatable; being built or torn down? old dude down here in Atlanta said choose your poison during the charade...

Advancements? they're made,  as we pay the cost to be the boss!! might even surprise ourselves and get elected president like Trump..

Dance to it!! what? the beat!!  reflect on it!! what? this word on the curb, from the street!! check out these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles as this good word is dropped and the beats thump!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Detroit Emeralds - Feel The Need In Me (Moulton Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We're checking out some classic  disco / soul  from Detroit Emeralds with Feel The Need In Me. This is the Tom Moulton Mix!! Get into it and get involved!! Let's Go!!


Catch Phrases And Cliches PT.10 (The HumpDay Extravaganza)

 It's all about catch phrase and cliches; who knows!! you might even win an election like Trump...

Take me to the next phase like Isley Brothers!! per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we're trying to get over the hump...

Next level business is going down, but ear shattering gunshots exploded!! the situation is out of control!!  haters knew we were trying to roll / getting over the hump!!  so you know they'll  blast on us like it's Aleppo!

The next devil stays busy!! they're shattering dreams, devoted with their plots and schemes!! they wanted to see The Brotha O-Dog eating Alpo..

Catch phrases / cliches / stereotypes? they said me and my types are criminals / drug dealers like Alpo Martinez and Rich Porter, per Keith Lamont Scott or even Walter Scott they'll even issue the shoot to kill order!!

Catch phrases / cliches / stereotypes? O-Zone drops these breakbeat scientific sublimnals, but this is not fake news!! so why was I banned from Facebook and Blogster? I wasn't out of order!!

Catch phrases / cliches?  I typed them on this HP keyboard after I wrote them in blue ink on back of a so called official document.

Whats good? that's what some ask!!   per lab work on Roland and Yamaha keyboards  I told them the business is spiritual instead of material; I told them who's  rocking this..

What's hood some ask, per the catch phrases / cliches?  some said they're humping like the middle of the week, locking this and that down, like security!! now some spots need backup!!  damn!! I heard they even spotted you.

Security cameras captured images / spotted srimmages!! even if  your out in the galaxy the Hubble Telescope will spot you so what it do?  its about to get hot for you!

Curiosity?  per the Holiday season is stamina shown? you were bombarded with catch phrases and cliches!! oh!! that's not you captured during scrimmages with the enemy?

High velocity? to avoid the treason that's the speed you need!!  soon avoiding capture by the enemy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bernie Worrell - Don't Piss Me Off

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; what's the perspective, positive or negative? 

Maybe Bernie Worrell saying Don't Piss Me Off will help you get your mind right!! He's not playing!! Check out the players and the track...

Drums – Dennis Chambers / Organ – Jerry Harrison / Synthesizer, Sampler – Bernie Worrell / Vocals – Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, Phoebe Snow