Sunday, May 28, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Six)

 The atmosphere shifted after the arch nemesis entered the premises; it soon became an attack zone.

Irrational fears emphasized? back in the day when the episode transpired Pops said somebody lied, the essence of the whole situation so once again its on!

Don't get me wrong! besides dropping this good word when trying to repel the attack  Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! besides soul food what else is supposed to be on these menus?

Sunday? besides gospel or praise and worship music what else are we supposed to listen to? check these venues..

What it do? it’s a nice day in Atlanta, as we take a break from it all on this Memorial Day Holiday weekend!

What it do? here in Atlanta on Saturday a lot of college and high school parties  / celebrations also took place plus the Atlanta Jazz Festival is taking place! what a weekend! 

What it do? “holla at me”!! staying strong refusing to fold, chilling out as lab techniques are enhanced before we go back into these attack zones!

No surrender no defeat, not negotiating with terrorists like these debt ceiling talks plus that pitcher Brotha O never balks! the ultimate sound selector operating in chill mode; check the good music playing as he adjusted bass, treble and tones!

But "ain't nothing nice / sweet" about these attack zones out here dealing with these shady / shifty characters / clones;  in this sport that's complex who'll be fair with us?

But it's nice how we come through like tip ins by Derrick White for the Boston Celtics  because Miami Heat type of players didn't block out! well continue to rock out not much these naysayers can tell us!!

Don't get us wrong, coping strategies can fail us out here in these attack zones but we're moving like God got us!!

Staying strong exercising supreme courage and maximum strength as the devil and his advocates scheme and plot on us!

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