Monday, February 7, 2022

Staying Strong (Supreme Courage And Maximum Strength) Part Four

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us!  actually it’s a bonus / it’s a blessing to be here!

Being built or torn down per debatable circumstances is the question asked by some of us who are struggling / caught out there. 

Trying to stay strong while caught up in the system / matrix, some strategize; they said they’ll fake it until they make it. 

Trying to stay strong, we determined that supreme courage and maximum strength is needed as we make a break for it!

Trying to stay strong, while doing the knowledge I even spotted the man in the mirror per Michael Jackson.

Trying to stay strong, but paranoid? mind playing tricks like the Geto Boys, behind the mirror a negative reaction? Naysayers say we’re wrong, now a dark sider’s lament of negativity? the solution? it’s simple. Stay strong per the narrator! supreme courage and maximum strength needed to be exhibited! told to ignore a hater; faith? soon the complex is made simple.

Satisfying those that wish it was simple? until the manifestation they’ll have to stay strong!

Situations in life have my people waiting in the dark, vehicles in park but they shouldn’t stay long.

Like I said, they’ll have to stay strong; supreme courage and maximum strength will need to be utilized!

Realizing that we didn’t stay long, especially after we make it to the other side.

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