Friday, February 26, 2021

Natural Progression (Part Seven)

 Bearing witness as the Polar Vortex  transitions into spring like weather here in Atlanta; part of the natural progression?

Per power outages Texas residents found out how complex the sport is; meanwhile on another front naysayers won’t us to abort this mission. 

We’re showing Perseverance like the Mars Rover putting work in until the game is over! we’re putting it down like this!

Ignoring the interference like the GOP opposition to the Covid 19 Relief Bill but we already knew the deal / how they would play this! 

No benevolence is shown as the devil and his advocates show us what they’re on!

Next Level business  is conducted check out the natural progression as we ignore those that corrupted; once again it’s on!

Check out the natural progression as we drop this breakbeat scientific session on this Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday; a naysayer is heard saying “whatever”

Dropping this good word and The Sound after peeping game, Al Roker didn't have to tell us about the weather.... 

Dropping knowledge on those Waiting For Answers, not at the disco inferno waiting on a dancer; that coronavirus is still out here some have the story twisted!

Who will work with a bro? some didn’t want us to advance with this, they even knew my number even though its unlisted!

But check the natural progression as we drop the beats and the lingo, we didn’t merge with gringos!! they're rolling with the thought and fashion police!

Check out the session as we put it down from the streets of Atlanta to Louisville / Newburg and beyond as we bear witness to what’s going down asking the question; when will the madness cease?

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