Sunday, January 31, 2021

Shadow Boxing (Part Six)

 Reference is still being made to the shadow boxing that’s still taking place! 

Still boxing with our shadows emphasized more on this Sunday morning where confrontations with souls faking is taking place. 

Like confrontations with Trump insurgents who will emerge out of this unscathed? 

This good word and beats that bump is how we’ll work this while we’re out here shadow boxing realizing bruises and bumps will be the collateral damage!

Temptations await us, a voice in the wind asking wanna play? the chorus / refrain will beguile us. .Mamby Pamby Land ads are received along with postcards from the beach! but foul was... ..the aroma from the cold as the polar vortex of the Sport is complex ; the pungentThe odor from this cold world caused sniffing..

I mentioned the temperature was rising but it’s a cold world; eyes are teary per the flames from the ice; this is trifling!

While we’re out shadow boxing we enjoyed the the view! peeping out the window at what was the Wolf / Leo Full Moon

Shadow boxing! Old self vs New Self? Acting like I knew! right time right place? old self? gone, soon! Acting Brand New? moonlight shining? transformation taking place? After shadow boxing? Took the cue; soon transporting to another time / place!

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