Thursday, November 20, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT. 5

A brotha slips through the cracks; but I wasn't over on Glenwood Road in Decatur!! I didn't slip through with loose rocks / cracks!! I don't do that!!!

Scattered thoughts are collected!! now a brotha slips through portals!! but I had to admit like SpaceShipTwo I crash landed!!  but I had parachutes!! act like you knew that!!

No golden parachutes like corporate execs!!  even though the economy is bad some crooks still get them!! corporations blew that!!

...Profits listed as down; the money is parked offshore!! parking lot pimping?   or it's like Beatnuts!! money off the books!! damn!! now the pension funds gone after they loot that!!

It's bigger than an Adrian Peterson suspension!! they got cute with that!! I did the knowledge per business school so I'm hip to those crooks and their creative / high technical accounting principles!!

Soon some will crash and burn; what did they learn?  they thought they were the invincibles!! .

Meanwhile due to collection activities that have escalated we're following sonic principles established by Dr. James Brown!!!!

We *Make It Funky* that's how me and 0-Dog get down!! get down!!

Sounds blast from the  O-Dog Podcast as we blast on the enemy position like bombs dropping on ISIS during the ongoing crisis; this is how we get down!! get down!!!!

*All The Way Live Like Lakeside* but we're in survival mode because we know how the fake ride due these collection activities that have escalated!!  as we bring the good word and the sound!!

Local, National, International and Intergalactic after scattered thoughts are collected!! we get around per Tupac /Digital Underground!!

Whatcha know? some act irrational!! fanatics disrespected but we hit them up per this digital crate digging!! check how we get down!! 

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