Monday, May 19, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT 10 (That's What's Up )

Those supposedly calling the shots like Donald Sterling find out that the sport is complex. 

Adam Silver types issue reprimands...the drama is intergalactic plus in foreign or domestic lands;  contestants are needed..who's next? 

Sterling silver and other contraband was stolen out of the apartment complex..the burglar / passenger was in the back of my cab up in Louisville trying to sell it to me!! 

 I picked him up in the Portland area..drove him to Okolona..while people in Georgia try to act brand new with me.

It's going down...dude was smoking those Thai sticks...but martial law was declared in I'm asking the question per my blog; What's Really Going On? 

I felt the pressure;  it seems my mind is going through them changes per Buddy Miles because I refused to be a clone.

The sport is complex..some were confused in this zone!! muddy files were found that should have been shredded. 

The sport is complex...that's what's up!! the Chinese People's Liberation Army was hacking the system used drones to delete flagrant styles...based on snitches that were embedded. 

The sport is complex...that's what's up!! please!! Liberation was mentioned by O-Zone...but history repeated itself;  jokers hit record and play. 

Plus I heard the story;  an entity defeated itself!!  an armchair quarterback called the play.

The sport is complex..that's what's up!! but  I enjoyed the small victory until the tool or instrument role was played. 

Haters tried to get with me;  safe havens / safe harbors were raided.

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