Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still Visualizing!!

Visualizing the sequence!! peeped that and this!!what's up? Al-Qaida leaders find out.. haters bring drama to your doorsteps.In the hood? whose riding up in the Buick Regal? listening to the Isley Brothers
..in The Dark They Heard Footsteps.

Whose waiting in the dark? vehicles in park..listening to the Eagle!! soon taking steps to check into the Hotel California.

.....Checking in!! but can't leave!! who deceives? from Hunters Point to Fillmore in Frisco!! there's more drama for ya.

...From Atlanta to Somalia to the Gaza Strip....other hunter gatherers didn't warn ya!! big homies baked pies like Nabisco!! the theme song? Kool Moe Dee's Wild Wild West
Global Warming? I thought Al Gore told ya!! now at disco infernos patrons wear the bulletproof vest.

Hustlers and players thought they were immune!! bulletproof!! but Elliott Ness was thinking another way.

The minister was saying prayers!! hoping my folk can make it to another day.

The brotha O ran another play....a veteran now coaching ....word from Kobe Bryant!! mentioned it before.

Private and public domains? ESPN won't always have the score.

As I bring more!! to settlements, ghettos, suburbs and townships.

O-Dog was a funky child from the get go!! bear witness to how funky the sound gets.

O-Zone is going around this!! over this!! under this!! I'm on a Rendezvous With Destiny.

In this or that zone!! it's time to get down!! cant let the apparatus get the best of me.

No rest for me and my kind!! North, South..plus East and West Coast.

Light shines in the darkness...we didn't brag or boast.

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