Monday, April 27, 2020


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; breakbeat scientific? excuse us but it's done this way.. trying to find a vaccine or treatment for coronavirus, meanwhile the pursuit of the prize is resumed around the way. these states like down here in Georgia plot and scheme on a reopening, at the same time exercising an abundance of caution? 

Society still hates as my constituents bear the brunt of this; some claimed they had a hunch about this soon waiting in the dark / misled..;  didn't read the signs that said proceed with caution?

Society skates on thin ice due to global warming; we'll still gather / hunt per this digital crate digging as we proceed and continue launching this sonic assault; once again it's on!!

Lying during these debates? naw! but spanning the globe brainstorming / dropping knowledge plus these sounds!! once again it's on!!

We're listening to this 2010's HIP HOP SELECTION RAP courtesy of Lou Dav, check the playlist and the mix..

Moved up a few years out of the 90's but thought and fashion police will find that these violating their rules saying this Louisville dude will misbehave; just still getting breakbeat scientific...

Benny The Butcher - '97 Hov DJ Low Cut,Masta Ace,Torae - All Alone 
Ivy Sole - Cloud Kickin' Anti Lilly,Phoniks,Mariel - Sunshine Black Milk - Blame Coops,Elz - Odyssey 
Joey Bada$$ - Righteous Minds Awon,Dephlow,Phoniks - Street Jazz CJay - Jazzy Huey Briss,Nikobeats,DJ Babu - Gil Scott Never Lied Dark Time Sunshine - Take My Hand 
Kyo Itachi,Raelio Sparkzwell - Zero Point Rapsody - Cleo Elzhi - Talking in My Sleep Bluestaeb,Berlin Zoo,JuJu Rogers - Where You Goin

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