Tuesday, February 4, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying...

It's going down on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way..

We're claiming the terrific outcome, once again it's on!!  some will "see what we're saying"; we'll drop this good word and the good music will play..

Check us out, we didn't balk on the mound with this!! we didn't pump brakes tires didn't screech,  as we're all up in the spot!! these naysayers might say it's the scene of the crime. 

Check us out!! no confusion like the Iowa caucuses we're hip to the scheme or plot, per GOP senators and the Trump Impeachment; what can be said besides lies at the State Of The Union address? Prince said its a Sign Of The Times. 

Check us out!! no confusion, in 2020 and beyond we won't pause with this!! we didn't pump brakes, tires didn't screech kid!!  beats and rhymes are the essence of this discipline as we get breakbeat scientific.

 Check us out!!  in these streets?  some will "see what we're saying"  per the breaking news from these breakbeat scientists. 

"Alt shift deletes" per the coronavirus? homie said he could "see what we're saying" per the Chinese "purge"  conspiracy theory from the Wuhan Institute Of Virology;  implemented by those demented following instructions from those corrupted? 

O-Zone can "see what their saying";  a fresh view /  fresh vision is exhibited.

Frozone type heroics needed per the Incredibles after I visualized the sequence? 

Danger zone stoics impeded progress,  they didn't stop the madness but we're dealing with it..

Methods to the madness we're developed after we "see what they're saying" 

Methods to the madness utilized!!  they may even spot us praying.

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