Friday, October 4, 2019

Jazzy Deep House Mix 2019

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; some will call it a New Music Friday, it's all good..

The saga / struggle continues, let the music play is the motto / movement; mood improvement? it's all good..

Excuse me for being "all hood" as I play this thing on default settings / the Lord is blessing when we be ourselves!! we're just breakbeat scientific representatives..

Lose me with the chaos and confusion, "it ain't my fault"; not on one accord with those texting trying to apply pressure like Trump administration representatives..

...concerning Ukraine; losing me as I stay in my lane in the Ford Fusion using this Jazzy Deep House Mix 2019 by Stay See to chill out..

We're taking it down a thousand, O-Dog Day Partying in another way!! check the playlist and the good music will play as we purge the negativity; per this Friday Feeling? we'll get it out!!

Tracklist 1. Georges - Honestly 2. Kenneth Cruz - Crying (Original Mix) 3. Max Telaer - Disease 4. Dontknower - Sometimes 5. Dimitris Athanasiou - Simple Things 6. Mark Laird - Huis (Original Mix) 7. Andi Vasilos - Love From West 8. Deepkeen - Shock (Original Mix)

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