Saturday, October 19, 2019

HIP-HOP rap jazz influence

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; I usually have an Afternoon Jazz thing going.....

The saga / struggle continues, holla at me if you know what I'm saying / knowing how it's going...

Out here flowing down the mainstream trying to keep our heads above water making a way if we can..

Going for what we're knowing, of course meeting opposition like the CIA vs Bill Barr and the DOJ concerning the 2016 election...

....meanwhile we're in your section using discernment, underground railroad riding listening to some underground hip hop / jazz hop courtesy of Lou Dav..

Afternoon Jazzing in another way check the playlist and the good music that'll play; how did they expect this dude to behave?

Guts, Dillon Cooper - It's Like That 
Y Society (Damu The Fudgemunk and Insight) - This Advice
Superstar Quamallah - 1993 Shit
Superscientifiku - Recall Match
String Theory, Halfcut - Art of Rap 
Pete Rock - Collector's Item
Lone Catalysts - 3 Years Ago 
Cyne - 400 Years Revisited
Jazz Liberatorz, Fat Lip - My Style Is Fly 
DJ Krush, Black Thought - Zen Approach 
Dafuniks, El Blacc - Non Similar
Jazz Addixx - Hip Hop
Kankick, Declaime and Kazi- Thankful 
Lewis Parker - Two Blazing Eyes In The Sun (Instru)

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