Monday, September 30, 2019

Underground Hip Hop - 10 Classic Tracks

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; it's also the last day of September as we roll into October...

The saga / struggle continues, we'll play on even though we had our ups and down!! the game's not over!!

It's a blessing to be here, taking it there!! opposition is met, it's expected as  ideologies clash like this Trump Impeachment..

A lot of stress out here!! O-Dog Day Partying earlier providing the medicine, we keep riding!! y'all should know by now we're "alley or street"  with it!!

Listening to this Underground Hip Hop - 10 Classic Tracks mix courtesy of Nicola Armellin, check out the playlist and the mix..

Heard the naysayers talking about damn here we go again!! a dude is boom bapping? of course, it's all about getting breakbeat scientific..

Frankenstein - The Rain Is Gone Coops - That Jazz Wio-K - We Nah Easy Black Josh - Know About It The Boulevard Connection - Haagen-Daz Ephin - Cousins Flying Pupa - Werdz Black Spade - Smoke On Jon Doe - Champagne Melanin 9 - Cold (Instrumental)

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