Saturday, September 28, 2019


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; we're broadcasting live from the City of Atlanta..

The saga / struggle continues as September comes to a close; we'll hit you up with the beats and this prose after cruising down I-20 in Atlanta..

...caught in traffic behind the Hummer down on Peachtree street in Buckhead; gas is high,  my peeps still drive those? meanwhile under the underpass on Lenox Road derelicts created a subdivision, chilling under the bridge...

Mathematics are dropped plus the funky drummer O-Dizzle lets you know what's up with it concerning the sound; dropping breakbeat scientific knowledge...

Fanatics dropped out of the fray like Kurt Volker, caught up in the Trump Ukraine scandal, meanwhile we try to handle business before it handles us..

Mathematics dropped as we work this West Coast hip hop into the mix; beats bump man!! from the ATL to Louisville to out in Oakland, a couple of summers ago dipping down I-880 / 980;  from  Castro Valley to Berkley and Richmond,  somebody will understand us..

Mathematics dropped, O-Dog Day Partying!! courtesy of this HIP HOP WEST COAST RAPPERS 90's OO's RAP UNDERGROUND

Fanatics dropped that "damn here he goes again"  knowledge!! talking about a dude is stuck in the 90's / 00's; yes I am!! check the playlist and the sound..

Raw Soul - Are U Wid Me 
Peanut Butter Wolf, Rasco - Run The Line Lootpack - Whenimondamic Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - No More Worries The Pharcyde - Technical Difficulties Aceyalone - The Greatest Show On Earth Styles of Beyond - Styles of Beyond (Style Warz) The Alkaholics - Only When Im Drunk Jurassic 5 - Verbal Gunfight The Nonce - Mix Tapes Myka 9 - First Things Last Zion I -innerlight icy remix Blackalicious - Side To Side (feat. Lateef & Pigeon John) Souls Of Mischief - Never No More

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