Thursday, July 25, 2019

90's Underground Hip Hop - Rare & Underrated (12 Tracks)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on that Throwback Thursday tip; to the game? we're hip..

The saga / struggle continues as we go back to the future; through the galaxy? we'll dip!!

The saga / struggle continues; Throwback Thursday? the Trump Freudian Slip concerning go back to where you came from per The Squad is very revealing..

The saga / struggle continues; getting my flow back after the I-85 trip; I'm not out here in Fortnite Squad Mode; a dude is just chilling..

Mueller enlightening the masses / was the truth told?  Trump claims victory but per Throwback Thursday / back in the day  beats bump like we dipped past Victory Park in Louisville...

Riding down memory lane like I was in the 90's listening to 90's Underground Hip Hop - Rare & Underrated (12 Tracks) that's the deal..

It's courtesy of Nicola Armellin; check the playlist and the mix!! stuck in those 90's again,  like the episode at my satellite station? 

It'll work for me, I was telling the homies the 90's were the golden age of this hip hop music, for getting your mind right it was conducive; know what I'm saying?

00:02 Kamaflaj - When
03:58 God Sunz - Burn U (Unreleased Version) 06:45 The High & The Mighty - It's All For You
11:17 Kavasci C.I. - Isreal 14:58 Beyond Infinity - Decipher
20:10 Blahzay Blahzay - Good Cop Bad Cop (HDZ Remix) 25:23 Destry - Lookin Back 29:17 D.O.D. - Price Of Fame 33:13 Jamani - Ya'll Know My Steló 37:38 Skavengaz - Watch Them 40:30 Ghetto Concept - E-Z On Tha Motion 44:30 Hipnotics - No R & B

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