Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We Were On A Different Page PT.8

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way we were peeping game like the Hubble Telescope; soon we were jumping / recognizing, now we're on a different page..

How will we play? not sleeping in the game, coping strategies were developed!! beats are bumping plus we're sizing things up with this good word; minds? we engage..

Who's creeping up in the game? everybody was on some "other other";  what's up with another? per the Temptations?  they were throwing rocks when they lived in glass houses, meanwhile I was chilling..

I was on a different page while others said the situation was vice versa;  they said I acted like I was out of pocket like Trump apologizing to Brett Kavanaugh so what's up with it / what's up yall? they said I was through dealing..

I was on a different page / I wasn't wheeling and dealing!! but I'm not out here in the Tuesday morning Atlanta rush hour riding through in a Nissan Versa or a Ford Focus;  please!! those vehicles are too small!!

On a different page? Mitch McConnell types were slick with it /  wheeling and dealing,  that's how they blocked Merrick Garland and got Brett Kavanaugh in!!  so what's up y'all?

Feelng a different rage as Brett Kavanaugh hits the ground running ruling on cases affecting people of color;  dealing with the drama that goes down? so what's up y'all?

Feeling a different rage y'all?  who'll ride with you / who'll hide you?  like Trump and the GOP going postal on women, like a letter,  they're folding on y'all!!

Feeling a different rage  per the increase in racism / sexism  and other isms; the activist said somebody's holding y'all back!!  invisible forces suddenly appear  like the Federalist Society. the Council For National Policy and others;  were they calling the shots?

On a different page some mentioned the Illuminati; the new world order? others mentioned skull and bones? I mean really!! who's calling the shots?

We were on a different page, still out here rolling down Reading Road in Cincinnati to down I-71, soon on Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville!! relating to my peeps over in Yemen and Somalia where you'll dodge a drone!!  international with it from from London to Rome;  even to Brazil where the politics / climate has changed, so how hot is it?

We were on a different page, still rolling down "Old Natti" out  in College Park Georgia outside of Atlanta listening to the  some old school even though it's Terrible / Terrific Tuesday and not Throwback Thursday; Midnight Star is  up in the spot with it!!

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