Monday, October 15, 2018

90's Underground Hip Hop Mix - Rare and Old School

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; I told some to act like they know me!!

...That's based on these menus as the music will play, plus dropping this good word;  telling the truth based on what reality will show me!!

The Truth Game? truth or reality as we know it? please!! I heard some want to see us in bankruptcy like Sears..

The ruthless blame the latest scapegoat while we fight the corrupt with a beat tape and a quote!! purging irrational fears...

Been that way throughout the years, even reflecting on the 90's while listening to this 90's Underground Hip Hop Mix - Rare and Old School..

It's courtesy of Nicola Armellin, as we get back into that 90's feeling!! check out the playlist and the mix as class is in session / we take some back to school!

S.T.E.E.L - Realism
Double Life - Regiments
Trüz - Routes To Hell
Dark Skinned Assassin - Unholy
Zigg Zagg - In Ya Mind
B.M.X. - Microphone Microphone
Tha Alkaholiks - The Next Level (HDZ Remix)
Scientifik - Lawtown
E.C. Illa - On Ill
Mobb Deep - Street Life
6th Floor - Project Logic
Lo Down - Mad Fright Night
Walkin' large - Reachin'
Hidden Track

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