Friday, April 13, 2018

Note to Self - A Deep Progressive House Mix

Per this Flashback Friday / New Music Friday / Friday The 13th? digital crate digging will continue...

I lash back at the apparatus as the music plays!! not liking what's on the Hell's Kitchen menu...

Crashed back into the venue when lights started blinking on the instrument panel..

Broadcasting live from the ATL planet, similar to the Lion's Den like Daniel? 

A sonic vandal, trying to put a handle on things!! I wrote a note to self while listening to Note to Self - A Deep Progressive House Mix

It's courtesy of a  Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture ; go on with your bad self!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

Tracklist -

0:00 - Federico Monachesi - Steaming Forests (Nicolas Rada Remix)

08:42 - Lucefora - Dusk Till Dawn (Hraach Remix)

13:59 - Nicholas Van Orton - Otro Martes 

20:18 - Jori Hulkkonen - Waiting Is All We Have (Musumeci & Lehar Remix)

26:48 - Robert R. Hardy - Last Indos (Nicolas Rada Remix)

32:58 - Christos Fourkis - Late At Night (Rogier Remix)

38:52 - Robert R. Hardy - Aestas 

44:13 - Difstate - Moments With You (Cream & Deep Fog Remix)

51:30 - Guhus - Beachside Ocean (Sunset Mix)

59:38 - Lucas Rossi - A Part Of Myself  

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