Monday, March 12, 2018

DJ Premier - The Premier Tape VOl.03

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; earlier I was  Sunday Jazzing it...

Of course the saga / struggle continues!! let the music play!! it'll prevent me from spazzing about it...

What? the madness,  some are about it!! we hit them up with this Sonic Assault, but we're not trying to poison anybody like the Russians do!!

Back with this!! going all out for it!! like PE we'll bring the noise in, cold crushing / acting like we knew...

So what it do? we're listening to DJ Premier - The Premier Tape VOl.03 courtesy of Nas Kingston

Check out the playlist and the mix!! Premier is hip hopping, jazz-hopping and funking it up!! legendary!!  he's the king son!!

01. Ain't Nuttin Changed 

02. You Should Know

03. Skillz 

04. Suspended In time 

05. Kick in the door

06. Peace Of Mine 

07. Legendary 

08. Deadly Habitz

09. Crush 

10. Put Up Or Shut Up 

11. Real Hip-hop '95 

12. What's The Deal

13. Gettin' closer to god 

14. Werds From The Ghetto Child 

15. Rappaz r n danja 

16. Never Goodbye 

17. Watch what you say

18. Zonin' 19. In This Life   

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