Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hi Tek - The Hi Tek Tape VOl 01

Sunday Jazz Continues, as a dude blends genres and crosses boundaries and borders!!

Trying to cross the border before Trump gets the wall built, discussed by the Senate after they were given marching orders...

Out of order when these beats thump?  from Yahama keyboards to  four track recorders and Roland drum machines this ways and means committee has respect for the hip hop producers..

What's up with it? street committees mentioned the  jazz / funk / soul samples  blended with that boom bap will seduce us...

A prime example?  producer Hi Tek and  The Hi Tek Tape VOl 01 courtesy of Nas Kingdom plays in the background...

Check out the playlist and the tape as your mind makes the escape from a hostile territory / kingdom!! per Black History month? we're listening to that black sound!! 

01. Best Friend

02. 1999

03. Continously

04. Snakebacks 

05. The Blast 

06. Book Of Life 

07. Flawless 

08. Train Of Thought 

09. Karma 

10. High Drama 

11. Respiration 

12. Memories Live 

13. 2000 Seasons 

14. Shines 

15. Secrets Of The Sand

 16. Down For The Count 

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